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Speaking is the fastest way to fluency

Our app helps you find native speakers of almost any language who want to learn your language in exchange.

Practice listening, improve your pronunciation, and learn to speak a foreign language like a local – no matter where you are.

Find an exchange partner

Finding a language learning partner couldn’t be easier. Just log in, find someone online who speaks your target language, and invite them to chat for free. It’s that simple – your personal language exchange meetup app. No need to schedule a time, sign into Skype, or go to a meeting.

Millions of members

The worldwide Tandem language partner community is made up of friendly, enthusiastic language learners from all across the globe. No matter what language you speak, or what language you’re trying to learn, there’s someone internationally who wants to help you learn their native language.

What our members say

"I have tried different types of language learning apps but Tandem is my favorite. It’s easy to use and works fast. It’s a huge community of people who are willing to teach and be taught. Everyone is here for learning languages."

Alexander, 20 – Georgia

"If you want to improve your language and make new friends, you are in the right app. Learning Spanish on Tandem is great because I always have a chance to talk to native speakers. Now I have many friends from all over the world who help me learn, tell me about their cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Now I am much better at speaking in Spanish, I can think faster and know many things about different countries."

Seray, 20 – Turkey

"Tandem is really easy to use. Not only can you learn a language, but also learn about other countries’ cultures, sports, news and much more … I appreciate the kindness and patience of everyone in the Tandem community."

Maleja, 24 – Spain

"Practicing can be difficult when you’re not surrounded by people who speak the language you’re trying to master. Tandem aims to solve the problem for you by connecting you with a native speaker."

"Tandem is onto something. It certainly feels like a pretty charming language practice community, with lots of polite and enthusiastic comments left on people’s profiles as user reviews."

"If you’re ready to move onto the next level with your language and want to speak to a native, then Tandem is worth checking out."