Practice Speaking English

Let this be the year you master English

Speaking is the fastest way to fluency

Why you should practice speaking English with a native speaker.

While English can be a little easier than other languages to learn the basics of, for instance, there are no genders, no tenses, and very little verb conjugation, it can be a bit more difficult if you want to speak like a native. The best way to master the more difficult aspects of English is by practicing with people from all over the English-speaking world.

When you learn English, you’ll most likely either learn British or American English depending on where you study, or who you study with. While there are some differences between the way the two are pronounced and written, most people have no problem understanding each other no matter which English-speaking country they come from. So if you prefer to speak the Queen’s English, practice with a Brit. If you’d prefer to talk like a cowboy, practice with a Yank. Or if you want to speak like a kangaroo, practice with an Aussie.

Thankfully, it’s increasingly easy to find native speakers from all over the world to help you practice speaking English thanks to the Internet. Skype is a good option for talking to a conversation partner, however it doesn’t give you many ways to actually find these partners. If you’re looking for a language exchange, there are a lot of sites you can check out online, however many of them unfortunately cost money, and aren’t so easy to use. And even then you still have to set a time with your new partner, and remember to actually be there.

Tandem is the perfect way to practice your English.