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Why you should practice speaking Spanish with a native speaker.

Spanish is the official language of 21 different countries and is spoken by over 470 million native speakers making it the second most spoken language in the world. It’s commonly regarded as one of the easiest languages to learn due to its relatively simple grammar and straightforward pronunciation. However, because it’s such a widespread language, there are considerable differences between the various countries and regions where it is spoken.

One of the biggest differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain, and the Spanish spoken in most of the Americas is the use of the informal 2nd person plural, vosotros. This form has largely died out in the Americas where they instead use the 3rd person plural, ustedes, to address more than one person. This can seem oddly formal in most of Spain. There are also many instances where indigenous vocabulary has become a part of the language in the Americas. The best way you can learn these differences is by practicing with a native speakers from different regions.

It used to be that you had to travel to a place to learn the local way of speaking, however, thanks to the Internet, you can connect with native Spanish speakers all over the world in an instant. There are many language exchange sites online, and you can even find conversation partners on Skype, however, many of these methods either cost money, or are not the most practical solutions for finding language partners who share your interests.

Why Tandem is the perfect way to practice Spanish.