The Tandem community is built on three principles: trust, curiosity and respect.

However – we are aware that communities like ours are sometimes targeted by scammers looking to abuse these values and cheat people out of money.

Our moderators are working very hard to keep people like this out of Tandem. But we need your help too! Here’s what you can do to stay safe on Tandem:

Be wise

While it is good to keep an open mind, don’t get carried away by new friendships. If someone declares love for you very quickly then starts asking for favors, they probably don’t have the best of intentions!

Keep your conversations on Tandem

Most scammers ask to move the conversation to other messaging services (e.g. Line, WeChat, WhatsApp). If you keep your messages on Tandem, you will be able to send us the correspondence so we can quickly ban them.

Be wary of inconsistencies

Does your new partner’s story make sense? Do they have a good reason for being on the app? Are their requests strange? Remember that Tandem is a language learning platform, so anyone who is only interested in dating should raise a red flag for you.

ALWAYS keep your personal details secure

Don’t give anyone your home address, your full name or credit card details unless you have met them in person and completely trust them.

We are always here to help! If you suspect you have been contacted by a scammer, or have any questions, let us know straightaway on

And if you’re a scammer thinking of joining our community… we’re onto you, so don’t even try.

“We will find you…. And we will ban you”