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We’re Looking for New Talent to Join Tandem

Last week we announced a new investment round, which means the start of an exciting chapter for the whole Tandem team. Our global community is already making a big impact on the world of language learning and now, with the help of new teammates, we can’t wait to get stuck in, continue to grow our community, and watch Tandem go from strength to strength.

If you’re searching for new job opportunities and want to be part of a team shaping the way people learn languages, here are some insights into what it’s like to work at Tandem!

It takes a team to Tandem

We’re a team of 24 digital innovators and language enthusiasts based in Berlin. We hail from 15 different countries and speak 20 languages fluently between us. We are driven by a shared passion for languages, technology, and culture. Together, we are on a mission to build a product that not only teaches a new skill but also encourages cross-cultural conversations.

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Tandem’s Company Culture

Cultivating a great company culture, or the shared values, goals, and attitudes that characterize our company, is always top of mind. Defining who we are and what we stand for is fundamental in not just creating a fun and open working environment, but also in coming together to create a great product. We’re excited to welcome new members to the team who live by the same values that we do.

The concept of learning from each other is not only an integral part of the Tandem community but it is also at the heart of our everyday lives at Tandem. We’re collaborators and take the time out to share knowledge and mentor our teammates. This shared connection through learning, between us and our community, helps us to grow and enhances the language journeys of our members.

Tandem Team Culture

Here are the five core values that shape our company culture:

  1. Commitment to learning
    We value our teammates above all else. Our commitment to cultivating a culture of personal growth and development helps us reach our long term vision.

  2. Care & Community
    Care builds community. We appreciate the work of our teammates and support each other both inside and outside of work.

  3. Expertise & Growth
    We foster collaboration across teams, exchange knowledge, and go all out to be brilliant at what we do.

  4. Transparency & Autonomy
    We communicate information freely and are trusted to take ownership of our own work.

  5. Cultural Diversity
    We share a global mindset. Our team members from all over the world add fresh perspectives and new ideas.

What you can expect from working at Tandem

Our genuine passion for languages makes us stand out. Some of us are bilingual, others third culture kids, and many of us ex-pats who have relocated to Berlin. But one thing unites us; we have all struggled to learn a new language, just like our community members. We’re so lucky to have a team that gets it, a team that believes in the power of our product to change and positively impact the lives of our members.

Even though we’re mostly working from home right now, we’re still always in touch with our teammates, with daily stand-ups, Zoom coffee happy hours, and group huddles twice a week. Our job at Tandem is all about keeping people all over the world connected, so by nature, we’re pretty good at it already. Our office is also open for those of us in need of some real-life interaction with familiar faces.

Tandem Home Office

You can also expect some great perks when working at Tandem:

  • We give every team member budget for up to 6 “Deep Dive Days.” This allows you to choose a topic you’ve always wanted to explore for your professional development and take some time to do some in-depth research and planning.

  • To keep our minds and body healthy, we offer each team member an Urban Sports gym membership. If you’d rather a contribution to your monthly public transport ticket, we can offer that too.

  • We plan many team events - big and small - throughout the year. 2020 has been a bit of an exception, but normally, you can expect weekly team lunches, summer BBQs, Christmas events, and Friday beers and board games. We’re always up for spending time with our teammates outside of our normal working routine.

  • We understand the importance of balance. We’re a flexible, family-friendly company, who knows when it’s time to snooze slack notifications and enjoy everything else life has to offer.

  • If you’re looking to relocate to Berlin, we’re ready to assist you with the infamous German bureaucracy. Many of us have been through it before, so we have plenty of tips to share. You’ll feel settled in no time.

  • We have a bright, open office based in Berlin-Mitte. It’s right in the middle of Berlin’s startup hub and designed to help you get things done. Our kitchen is always fully stocked - that means free drinks, healthy (and non-healthy) snacks, as well as fresh fruit. We also offer a free choice of IT setup and whatever tech you require.

Come and join Team Tandem

Have we sparked your interest in working for Tandem? We hope so! You can find more information about the team and our current job openings in marketing and engineering on our Careers page. We look forward to reading your application!

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Tandem is hiring!

We're looking for new teammates in marketing and engineering. Come and shape the future of language learning with us.