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Tandem tales

Tandem Tales: A Language Journey from Mexico to Russia

Tandem is all about bringing together language learners from different cultures. We love hearing from members who began their language journey on the Tandem app and managed to meet their language partner in person. Earlier this year, Joaquin traveled from his home country of Mexico and visited Ksenia in Russia. Here’s their Tandem Tale...

The Tandem app isn’t just about language exchange, it’s also about cultural exchange and fostering meaningful conversations with people from all over the world. Break down barriers and celebrate diversity by downloading our Tandem app now!


Last winter, Ksenia decided she wanted to improve her English. Offline courses and moving abroad to learn a language weren’t suitable options for her, so she started looking for alternatives. She came across Tandem and it quickly became a big part of her language learning routine.

Joaquin was also searching for a Tandem partner to practice his English with and paired up with Ksenia on the app. As it turns out, they both have a lot in common! Joaquin is interested in Russian culture, Russian mythology and Russian history, so being able to chat with Ksenia about her own culture was perfect. Joaquin could work on his Russian skills with Ksenia too. Ksenia and Joaquin continued their language exchange on Tandem for the months that followed.

In June, Joaquin was planning to visit his girlfriend in Russia and thought it would be a great opportunity to meet Ksenia in person. He booked his flights to Moscow and messaged Ksenia to arrange to meet up! When the day finally arrived, Ksenia and her boyfriend Anton met with Joaquin and his girlfriend Catherine.


Ksenia did not know what to expect from the meeting, “honestly, I was very worried before because I had no idea how Joaquin would be in real life. I didn’t know if he would enjoy our company or if we’d have things to talk about. But everything worked out perfectly! We talked with each other for hours and all wandered around Moscow together.”

Moscow definitely made a lasting impression on Joaquin, but he admits it would be difficult to live there without a good grasp of the Russian language. Ksenia is sure they’ll meet each other again, whether it be in Russia, Mexico or somewhere else in the world. “I’m really happy I downloaded Tandem,” Ksenia says. “And thank you, my friend, for coming from the other side of the world to visit my country! 🇲🇽🇷🇺 Muchas gracias por venir, jezbrako! ¡Nos vemos!"


We wish Ksenia and Joaquin all the best in their Tandem language journey! Are you looking to develop your language skills with a language exchange partner? Look no further - Tandem is the app for you! Download here — it's free ;)

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