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Gina, 27
My exchange partner isNo one is perfect in this world, but I like polite people:))
My learning goalsBe fluent in French
My favorite topicsEducation, culture and etc
Sajan, 27
Ideal language community partnerOpen minded..friendly..talkative..i love to listen when people talk with me..carefree..supportive..comedy..good humour...thoughtful..energetic..
My learning goalsit has been 2 years in paris..still no progress in language..i m shy to talk to people .. may be this is the reason..i hate to listen "Quoi??" when i try to speak with someone..then i tell"parlez vous anglais??" then i shift to english😁 😂😂
My favorite topicsPhotography: i love to capture flying birds..sunset..rivers..i love nature..i love spending time sleeping in park looking at clouds and blue skies and birds..Music:i play piano n guitar..not perfectly but gives me pleasure 😉😉. i like to discover new place
Doreen, 26
LearnsItalian, Korean
Ideal conversation exchange partnerMmh If you want to talk, or you want to learn French or maybe someone to study Korean/Italian with...Yeaah go ahead, let’s speak !
My learning goalsEnglish- Be more comfortable in my speaking. Korean - Someone to talk to/ To teach me ( You have to speak at least some French or English.)
My favorite topicsI like fantastic books. Sushis is better with saké, and So do Korean foods if you order in the language. I enjoy watching tv shows, reading books on the week-ends and I also love to be outside with friends.
Alexandre, 36
SpeaksGreek, French
Perfect language exchange partnerEasy one: a native Irish speaker, ideally from Munster, so that I can practice whatever cúpla focal I’ve learnt while I lived in Cork. Love learning weird languages in general (sorry to the Gaeilgeoirí reading this), so any fellow language geek welcome!
My learning goalsI want to practice my Irish conversational skills, since I never had many chances to use Irish in real life. Longer term goal is to practice Japanese as soon as I feel confident enough.
My favorite topicsLanguages and language learning!
Raphaël, 19
My conversation partnerHere to improve his speaking skills. Indulgent with the mistakes of others. Respectful of others however different they may be. Besides, I'm looking for someone who would be ready to meet on a steady basis, on the week-ends, to practice for an hour or so.
My learning goalsBefore the end of year (short term), I need to express my thoughts fluently while speaking German. On a longer term, I would like to be able to read books and converse freely about most topics. On yet a longer term, I would like to learn a new language.
My favorite topicsAn interesting topic for me is a topic the other person is interested in. It makes the conversation more lively. That said, I am fond of music and languages, though I actually study maths and physics. (A mystery even for me!)
Victor, 27
My exchange partner is불어나 영어 배우신 분들이랑 일상생활이나 여행, 옛날노래, 음식에 대해서 얘기하고싶습니다. 파리에 계신 분들은 만납시다!
My learning goals한국어 자연스럽게 말하고싶습니다~ 한국어능력시험 고급
My favorite topics노래방 (이선희, 이소라, 트로트 같은 노래들 ㅎ), 여행, 요리, 미국~ 인디애나주에서 한국-영어 언어교환의 모임을 운영하고 있는데 파리에 비슷한 모임이 있나요?
Camille, 21
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My exchange partner isDaily conversation, i really wanna make friends to improve my skill’s language. I’m also really interested with other culture and i like people who are interested in french culture as well. I’m really into make up and food too so any advice is welcome~
My learning goalsHold a conversation
My favorite topicsFood/travel/county culture/animal/makeup/fashion/video games/anything
Samy, 24
LearnsItalian, Thai, Chinese
Ideal language community partnerKind and patient people
My learning goalsImproving languages
My favorite topicsInternational Business student, born and raised in Paris suburbs. I'd like to improve language levels and learn from everyone of you new tips for different countries.
Cristina, 25
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomeone cheerful and talkative who's really interested in a language exchange and who enjoys learning about different cultures and also loves showing their own culture to others
My learning goalsI'd love to improve my Korean skills. I study a lot but I have no one to practice with and that's very important to get to speak the language fluently and in a more natural way, which is kinda my goal right now
My favorite topicsMusic, movies and TV shows, books... I actually love to talk about no matter what and learning new things 😊
Li, 25
Perfect language exchange partnerHelpful. Interesting. Easy going. And I hope the one can correct my mistakes while I am talking .
My learning goalsReach a quite good level of french. however, right now my french is almost 0. I also want to improve my English and Spanish speaking ability.
My favorite topicsCulture daily life literature movie music. I love pianos and I would like to talk about those artists and music with my friends . Also , I am a big fan of watercolor .
Jade, 23
SpeaksChinese, Cantonese
LearnsFrench, Italian
My conversation partnerpolite,interesting,got sense of humour can sharing new things wiz their culture
My learning goalsAble to master the language i’m learning in daily life ,also can use slangs to shock locals a bit😂
My favorite topicsi like travelling and learning new stuffs
Asad, 25
SpeaksHindi, Urdu
LearnsArabic, French, Turkish
My exchange partner isAnyone and Everyone who like to talk and share!
My learning goalsMeet different people, learn about cultures and languages and help others besides myself towards better self-growth.
My favorite topicsScience,History,Technology, Literature,TV Shows, Astronomy, and almost any topic! I also enjoy talking and listening about different cultures and life experiences.
Ania, 35
SpeaksFrench, Polish
Ideal language community partnerI would love to meet someone who knows a bit about the world, who is curious and dynamic!
My learning goalsI’m leaving to Mexico in January to shoot a documentary and I would like to speak Spanish (from central or South America) as much as possible!
My favorite topicsSociety issues, politics, movies, stories from around the world, travelling
AA, 26
Ideal conversation exchange partnerI am here to improve my French. I would like to find a buddy who has good knowledge of French grammar and does not hesitate to correct my mistakes. I can help you with your English and can teach you Persian.
My learning goalsC1 level in French by October!
My favorite topicsI am studying global politics, so there are a wide range of topics that I am interested in discussing. I also like to explore cultures other than mine and tell about my culture. Oh and football! I play it, I watch it and I play it on playstation.
Septime, 35
Perfect language exchange partnerNative english person
My learning goalsFluente
My favorite topicsGeneral culture
Murat, 24
My conversation partnerJ'aimerais rencontrer plusieurs personne avec qui je pourrais échanger sur divers sujet
My learning goalsJ'ai pour objectif d'apprendre l'anglais sur tandem
My favorite topicsJe suis ouvert à tout type de sujet, qui vont du sport, de music, de politique, de religion, au sujet d'actualité
Gaëlle, 41
My exchange partner isSomeone kind ! From 20 to 60, don’t care also. I’m very open mind, I just like generally to meet a lot of different people, and really want specifically to improve my English level. My goal is to be more confortable when I travel, which I really enjoy !
My learning goalsI want to extend my vocabulary and to improve my oral understanding
My favorite topicsTravels and adventure, sport (paragliding, trek, running), cooking, people !
Zak, 28
SpeaksArabic, French
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese
Ideal language community partnerFunny person
My learning goalsBeing able to have a conversation
My favorite topicsFood
Corentin, 19
Ideal conversation exchange partnerI don’t no. I I don’t thinks there is a perfect tandem
My learning goalsMy goals, it’s to learn English for finish my studies abroad like Canada or England. Later I would like leave in Quebec
My favorite topicsI like mangas, sport, any subject
Hazel, 14
LearnsEnglish, Japanese
Perfect language exchange partnerEVERYTHING there is an open mind in here
My learning goalsJe trop la flemme de réfléchir à une bonne tournure de phrase en anglais oooopsi
My favorite topicsSeries and mangas and series and mangas and a little bit of series and mangas and I hate vegetables and doing sports hurg too lazy for this