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HyeoSung, 16
LearnsCzech, Korean
My exchange partner is몰라요
My learning goals한국에서 가고 싶어요
My favorite topics영화, 음악, 동물, 사람
Kateřina, 17
SpeaksCzech, English
LearnsSpanish, Norwegian
Ideal language community partnerI wish someone nice, respectful, intelligent and polite.
My learning goalsI'd love to live in Norway one day. So I must speak Norwegian quite well. And Spanish is mainly for my studying needs.
My favorite topicsBooks, philosophy, art, music, nature, hiking, mental health
Helga, 28
SpeaksCzech, English
Ideal conversation exchange partnerPatient, openminded people (or?)
My learning goalsI'd love to be able to communicate fluently, and have fun along the way
My favorite topicsMusic, literature, arts, greens, lollipops
Tuğsan, 27
SpeaksEnglish, Turkish
Perfect language exchange partnerFriendly
My learning goalsLearning new language
My favorite topicsSports-daily-meeting
Samantha, 24
My conversation partnerPeople who is artistic, creative, open minded and want to learn or teach English
My learning goalsI would like to gain a better understanding of a few languages around the world and connect with some interesting people
My favorite topicsI like to talk about different cultures and traditions from around the world. I'm always interested in learning new things about people's native languages and why they have decided to start learning English.
Lucie, 18
SpeaksCzech, English
LearnsSpanish, French
My exchange partner isSomebody who is positive, loves life and likes meeting new people!
My learning goalsI don't have any specific goals. I just want to improve my speaking in any way. On the other hand i can help you withanything in Czech language)
My favorite topicsI'm a real life lover! I love my life, friends and simply being alive. I love meeting new people and get inspired myself by the others.✨ "We're all pretty bizare but just some of us are better in hiding it, that's all" - The Breakfast Club
Francesco, 41
My exchange partner isProbably some open minded, easygoing person, who has some experience with foreign languages.
My learning goalsI would like to practice and possibly learn new words to extend my vocabulary.
My favorite topicsA bit of everything i guess, but no politics. Big fan of Juventus football club. Love watching movies, tv series and playing videogames.
Federico, 29
SpeaksSpanish, Italian
LearnsCzech, Slovak
Ideal language community partnerEveyone but no complainers
My learning goalsBecame more fluent in Czech
My favorite topicsTravels, sport, culture
Nikos, 47
LearnsCzech, German, Spanish
Ideal conversation exchange partnerA person who thinks in an inter-national way
My learning goalsMake new friends and improve some of my language skills
My favorite topicsReflexology, communication, languages
Екатерина, 19
LearnsCzech, German
Perfect language exchange partnerFunny, talkative and easygoing
My learning goalsWant to improve my language skills and to meet some interesting people
My favorite topicsI like traveling and learning different languages
Pavla, 29
SpeaksCzech, English
LearnsFinnish, French
My conversation partnerSomeone open, interested in the world around them, tolerant, who likes culture
My learning goalsImprove my fluency and learn something new
My favorite topicsLiterature, music, film but also politics and world news, history, practically anything
Stevan, 18
My exchange partner isAnyone who's also passionate about learning or practising another language
My learning goalsMy goal is to learn Czech language in a year so that I can study IT on Czech language in Brno. But first of all I would like to learn how to order a drink in Czech :)
My favorite topicsMusic, Sports, Movies, Traveling, Programming
Ai, 31
LearnsFaroese, Icelandic, Norwegian
Ideal language community partnerSomeone who is open-minded and not afraid to challenge oneself and me...
My learning goalsI am interested in Scandinavian and Slavic languages...
My favorite topicsNature, philosophy, anime, art, music, cooking.
Karina, 20
SpeaksKazakh, Russian
LearnsCzech, French
Ideal conversation exchange partnerCalm and well-mannered person
My learning goalsI'd like to practice English, French , Czech languages
My favorite topicsBooks, films, pets, travelling, art
Dita, 25
LearnsGerman, French
Perfect language exchange partnerPositive and open minded person who would like to share not just the language but also its culture and experiences.
My learning goalsI do not suppose to gain perfect grammar skills but I would like to improve myself on the conversation level and learn new vocabulary and so.
My favorite topicsEspecially travelling! That’s my passion. Exploring new places, taking pictures, creating memories.
Klára, 20
My conversation partnerPositive, talkative, clever, funny idk
My learning goalsBetter talking and writing in english and german and also finding new friends 😊
My favorite topicsPhysics, school, philosophy, music, travel, books, movies, food, healthy life, games
Jan, 20
My exchange partner issomeone who speaks German and has time to chat with me, / jemandem, wer Deutsch spricht und hat die Zeit mit mir ab und zu schreiben :)
My learning goalsimprove my German, verbessern meines Deutsch
My favorite topicsLiterature, games, clothes / Literatur, Spiele, Kleidung
Nitin, 30
Ideal language community partnerI expect my Tandem partner to be patient with me, I am very slow language learner :-)
My learning goalsI want to be able to speak Czech language up to a daily life communication level
My favorite topicsInformation Technology Animals Food Movies
Petra, 24
SpeaksCzech, Slovak
LearnsGerman, French
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSome sarcastic Funny person
My learning goalsI want to know some traditions of various countries.
My favorite topicsIm open to everything. I love travelling and I will be happy to hear some experience with travelling everywhere. 😄
Tereza, 20
Perfect language exchange partnerPatient!! :D and empathic
My learning goalsBasic conversation about daily topics
My favorite topicsIf you can help me with my german, i will be very grateful❤️ Im a cat lady. Dont speak about politics with me and that is everything you need to know so far:D
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