Your new year’s resolution might feel like a long time ago already, but that doesn’t mean it is time to give up on your language goals! Instead, try some of these new ideas with your Tandem partner this month. Take a break from the usual language learning topics you used at school or in your language class and be creative.

Here are five ideas for when you need some Tandem inspiration to keep you motivated:

1. Send a postcard

Sometimes it’s really nice to step outside the smartphone and send something by snail mail. It is always exciting to get something in the post! A postcard is a great way to remind your partner about the place you live – but make sure you send one with an interesting picture so you have lots to discuss.

2. Share a recipe

What better way to learn about another culture than through cooking and eating? Think of a special dish from your country and region and teach the recipe to your partner on the app. You can even both attempt to cook it together through video chat! Your partner will be pleased to have learnt a new skill and more about your country, and you both get to eat some delicious food.

3. Plan a holiday

It is the middle of winter for many of us and inevitably this makes us keen to think about our next vacation. Sometimes partners on Tandem are able to plan a holiday together and meet in person, but even if this is unrealistic for you it’s fun to share your own experiences and future plans. You might get some great inspiration for your next trip!

4. Introduce them to your friends

The best thing about video chat on your mobile is that you can speak to your Tandem partner any place, anywhere! So why don’t you get some of your friends involved? Arrange to speak to your partner when your friends are around (warning your partner first, of course). It will be another chance for your partner to find out more about your culture!

5. Play a tune

Music is one of the most popular topics to talk about on Tandem – but how much do you really know about music in the country your partner is from? Initiate a new discussion by sending them your favourite song in your language. Send the lyrics as well, as it can sometimes very difficult to understand sung lyrics (even for very advanced learners)! If you can play or sing them a song… even better!

Have you tried any of these ideas? Got any of your own? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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