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20 Spanish speakers in Sarajevo looking to learn Spanish together

Ali, 24
LearnsArabic, Italian, Turkish
My exchange partner isPeople that want to handle a friendly conversation.
My learning goalsSpeak Bosnian almost as a native by the end of the year, be able to understand Arabic and improve my English pronunciation.
My favorite topicsMy passion is music, although I also love thinking. I studied physics and piano. I love both art and science. I'm also really into languages, understanding different cultures and learning from everything I could. I'd say that my main hobby is to observe.
Ali, 24
My conversation partner isOut of the box
My learning goalsPractice as much as possible
My favorite topicsScience and philosophy
Regina, 23
SpeaksSpanish, Italian
LearnsBosnian, Portuguese, Serbian
My language exchange partner isA joyful and kind person, eager to listen and learn
My learning goalsLearn as much as I can
My favorite topicsFood, travels, life, culture
Alex, 38
LearnsGerman, Dutch
My exchange partner isPositive person who enjoys making new friendships.
My learning goalsPractice German
My favorite topicsPhilosophy
Jade, 25
LearnsBosnian, Croatian, Serbian
My conversation partner isNatives of Bosnian - Croatian - Serbian // French or English learners
My learning goalsI want to learn conversation, sayings and everyday sentences in BCS
My favorite topicstravelling, reading, movies, visual arts
Ben, 20
LearnsBosnian, Croatian, Serbian
My language exchange partner isWant to learn languages
My learning goalsGreater conversational fluency
My favorite topicsLanguage, history, current events
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Erol, 21
LearnsSpanish, Turkish
My exchange partner isCool and calm, composed, smart, friendly, able to discuss anything, likes to read, to learn, maybe likes some kind of sports
My learning goalsGetting on that level that I can watch stuff w/o subs
My favorite topicsSports, music, books, gym, life
Mia, 36
My conversation partner isRelaxed funny respectful
My learning goalsFluent speaking
My favorite topicsMusic fashion travel cuisine
Indira, 32
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is open minded, thinkative ;) preferably introverted, same age or older, educated and very patient with beginners
My learning goalsFor now just to pick up the basics so that I could express myself. I'm planning to take baby steps, work on building up my vocabulary and at some point to be able to use correct grammar
My favorite topicsI think I can discuss any topic as long as I have a feeling that I'm learning something new, but pets, psychology, business, outdoors, spirituality, relationships, travel, meeting cultures and personal growth could be used as guidelines for a start
Kanita, 19
SpeaksBosnian, English
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My exchange partner isMostly those who are patient enough when I'm figuring out a sentence and patient enough to tell me my mistakes, and of course those who are open to talk about the most random stuff
My learning goalsI want to make sure I have my conversation skills developed and make sure I have to look for as little words as possible when talking to others
My favorite topicsGetting to know each other, maths, programming, writing, reading
Samet İnal, 22
LearnsSpanish, Italian
My conversation partner isOpen-minded, talkative
My learning goalsI learn as a hobby and getting to know people and cultures better.
My favorite topicsCulture, Language, Travel, TV Series, Music
Abdulhakim, 24
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Turkish
My language exchange partner isEveryone 😀
My learning goalsLanguages
My favorite topicsEnglish and Turkish language
M, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Urdu
My exchange partner isIt will be a charming person
My learning goalsNothing
My favorite topicsWork only
Edna, 23
SpeaksBosnian, English
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Turkish
My conversation partner isInteresting different
My learning goalsSpeak Spanish :)
My favorite topicsBooks movies relationships
Burak, 23
SpeaksEnglish, Turkish
My language exchange partner isbelieve,trust,respectfull and others ...
My learning goalsmore english and spanish
My favorite topicsım a football player and beside fitness coach thats why can be sports ;)
Enna, 20
SpeaksBosnian, English
LearnsSpanish, Russian, Sign language
My exchange partner isout going, kind, friendly, open minded
My learning goalsto be able to talk to ither people in that language
My favorite topicsculture, food, going out
Hamid, 23
SpeaksArabic, English
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese, Russian
My conversation partner isIdk
My learning goalsTo know people from around the world
My favorite topicsCulture and traditional and naughty question
Azur, 27
SpeaksBosnian, Croatian
LearnsSpanish, Italian
My language exchange partner isOpen-minded, respectful
My learning goalsInstagram profile: u.rde
My favorite topicsJob, love, daily life, high-thoughts
Edin, 32
SpeaksBosnian, Croatian
My exchange partner isPatient in teaching me Spanish :)
My learning goalsTo speak fluently
My favorite topicsFood, travel, parties
Amer, 25
SpeaksBosnian, English
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My conversation partner isCommunicative one
My learning goalsTo learn language
My favorite topicsAny topic
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