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20 Russian speakers in Manaus looking to learn Russian together

Yoichi, 60
SpeaksEnglish, Japanese
LearnsGerman, Portuguese
My exchange partner isLike to talk. But I cannot follow literature, beaux arts, entertaining artists.
My learning goalsCommunication. I started to learn 7th language, the Portuguese. But probably also Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean are needed.
My favorite topicsScience, politics, history of politics, biology, medicine, human behavior (but not psychology), travel and exploration, adventure.
Lucas, 29
LearnsGerman, French, Dutch
My conversation partner isPessoas alegres, comunicativas, abertas a ensinar e aprender
My learning goalsSempre fui fascinado por idiomas.
My favorite topicsCultura, viagem, momentos.
Antonieta, 30
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Russian
My language exchange partner isUma pessoa boa de conversa
My learning goalsAprender a se comunicar melhor com outros indiomas
My favorite topicsAmizades , conversas e outros
Barbara, 23
LearnsHebrew, Norwegian, Russian
My exchange partner isFunny, friendly, cute and nice to know.
My learning goalsI want learn different language, I can teach brazilian portugueses and if you want, we can be a friends
My favorite topicsWatch movies and listen music
Romulo, 29
LearnsGerman, English, Russian
My conversation partner isAlguém que não tenha medo ou vergonha de conversar, mesmo que não saiba pronunciar direito as palavras
My learning goalsConhecer melhor o mundo
My favorite topicsOs mais variados possíveis
Rita De Cássia, 35
LearnsEnglish, French, Russian
My language exchange partner isPaciente, educado e que bons custume.
My learning goalsQuero conhecer outros países
My favorite topicsSobre cultura.
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Ezequiasbas, 20
My exchange partner isUma pessoa que esteja disposta a ensinar sobre a língua russa
My learning goalsFluência na língua russa
My favorite topicsMúsica, cultura, esporte.
Andrey, 19
LearnsEnglish, Russian, Chinese
My conversation partner isLegal
My learning goalsConhecer nova culturas,novas pessoas
My favorite topicsTecnologia,filmes, séries,jogos
Adrion Rogério, 27
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Russian
My language exchange partner isQ queira conversar ahhahaa
My learning goalsMínimo de russo para poder viajar até lá.
My favorite topicsEsportes, filmes, viagens, amor e games.
Tobias, 26
LearnsFrench, Russian
My exchange partner isuma pessoa prestativa
My learning goalsaprender russo e praticar fancês
My favorite topicssports, health, film.
Ruthelene, 18
LearnsKorean, Russian
My conversation partner issomeone with a lot of patience and fun
My learning goalsI want to meet several people and talk for myself, traveling to different places.
My favorite topicsI Like to talk about movie, about the day, anime, food (I love food), games, and comics.
Inara, 17
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Russian
My language exchange partner isLegal, que queira conversar sobre cultura e arte, músicas e afins.
My learning goalsQuero viajar o mundo sozinha, conhecer culturas diferentes e estudar em outro país.
My favorite topicsFilmes e séries, lugares, história, desenhos e pinturas, música, etc.
Antonio, 20
LearnsGerman, Russian
My exchange partner isJust be friendly
My learning goalsPractice New languages
My favorite topicsI talk pretty much about everything
Paula, 17
LearnsEnglish, French, Russian
My conversation partner isLegal, estrovestido, bastante conversativo e amigo.
My learning goalsTer o domínio dos idiomas.
My favorite topicsFilmes, Músicas, Arte, Academia, lutas, canto, desenhos, viagens. Entre outros.
Denize, 30
LearnsEnglish, Italian, Russian
My language exchange partner isAlegre, descontraído e que saiba conversar sobre tudo
My learning goalsO máximo possivel, conversas, como se expressar sem travar e ouvir bem e entender
My favorite topicsMe manter atualizada, aprender um pouco sobre tudo e compartilhar o que sei 😊 fazer novos amigos
Déborah, 17
LearnsItalian, Russian
My exchange partner isQue goste de conversar, que tenha tempo pra conversar comigo, que seja gentil e que tenha paciência comigo
My learning goalsAprender o idioma e aprender sobre costumes do país
My favorite topicsSou apaixonada por répteis. Amo o Godzilla. Gosto muito de ajudar os outros também. Me ajuda que eu te ajudo!
Daniel, 24
LearnsRussian, Swedish
My conversation partner isAnyone! I've got no special requirements.
My learning goalsI'd like to practice Russian mostly. We can also practice Portuguese, French, English, Spanish and Japanese.
My favorite topicsCinema, literature, music, Netflix, cats, staying home, anime, games.
Bernardo, 18
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
My language exchange partner isUma pessoa que goste de ler, saiba conversar e seja curiosa
My learning goalsPoder ler, falar fluentemente e dominar a gramática de cada um
My favorite topicsArtes, livros e ciências humanas
Lucas, 23
LearnsGerman, French, Russian
My exchange partner isEveryone, since you be cool to me, I will do the same.
My learning goalsMy goal is to learn and improve my vocabulary in Russian and German, also French.
My favorite topicsArt, Games, Comics, anime, manga and animations.
Sam, 24
LearnsArabic, Russian
My conversation partner isI kindly ask you to be a little patient with me cause I dont understand anything in russian yet but I really wanna learn. Dont tell me that Russian is difficult, 'cause I do speak Portuguese and THAT'S a fuckind tough language tho!!! WELCOME!😁
My learning goalsTravelling around the world looking for my babe❤
My favorite topicsTravelling, Culture,Arts, Ballet, Typical food, the Romanov Family (I Cosplay Duchess Anastasia from Russia), English Authors and Learning new Languages, always making new friends, also Learning Arabic. Im fluent in Portuguese and English😁