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20 Russian speakers in Eugene looking to learn Russian together

Yulia, 22
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My exchange partner isКоторый много знает, умеет красиво и правильно преподнести информацию
My learning goalsI want to speak correctly
My favorite topicsTraveling, football, sport, cars, The Big Bang theory, poetry, books
Vlad, 19
My conversation partner isОбщительный
My learning goalsНоситель языка
My favorite topicsЛюбые
Roman, 25
My language exchange partner isA friendly and talkative person that has a variety of interests. Someone who is willing to engage in a thoughtful way. A person who likes to laugh and have fun. Someone who is open minded.
My learning goalsLearn more of how the French language is used in real world contexts as opposed to a class room environment. Learn the small nuances of the language in everyday conversation as well as slang. Learn more about the culture and how language reflects it.
My favorite topicsSports: soccer, basketball, hockey, music: hip hop, rap, instrumentals, art and design, movies, tv shows, food, culture, language, travel
Aruzhan, 23
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Japanese
My exchange partner isAnyone in English 😁
My learning goalsMaster English to become as a native speaker hereafter:)
My favorite topicsTravelings, learning languages, read books etc
Ryan, 34
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Russian
My conversation partner isPatient, helpful, enjoys teaching and learning
My learning goalsImprove conversational ability in Russian, German, Spanish
My favorite topicsFood, Music, Travel, Culture, Nature
Sharnelle, 27
LearnsSpanish, Italian, Russian
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is extremely patient. Willing to carry on a conversation to help both of us improve on our desired language. And last but not least someone friendly.
My learning goalsBecome proficient enough to carry a conversation at a coffee shop, learn enough vocabulary to talk about music comfortably, and learn basic vocabulary to flirt for fun.
My favorite topicsMusic, movies and cartoons, pets and animals, and Food
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Justin, 24
My exchange partner isFemale around 20s
My learning goalsI want to learn fluent russian
My favorite topicsMusic video games work casual chatting
David, 39
LearnsSpanish, Russian
My conversation partner isRespectful, patient, helpful.
My learning goalsSpanish and Russian
My favorite topicsAdventure, food, life, health
Turan, 21
LearnsFinnish, French, Russian
My language exchange partner isCreative, Outgoing, Positive :)
My learning goalsMeet with new people when I travel to other countries while being able to talk to them in their native language.
My favorite topicsI am 21 year-old student who works full-time and makes music, concert, travel videos. I am also working on producing music and building audience on social media. My biggest goal for this year is to get certified in Skydiving! :)
Shelby, 28
LearnsGerman, French, Dutch
My exchange partner isSomeone with a sense of humor ;)
My learning goalsTo be able to hold a conversation without using reference books.
My favorite topicsFilms, music and current events.
Ashley, 30
My conversation partner isFriendly and easy to talk to. ^^ My Cacaotalk Id: AshleyAhearn. ¡nsta__gram: ashley__ahearn
My learning goalsAnything! I’m learning from the beginning but I know how to read and speak Korean. 🤗 ♡
My favorite topicsI recently got interested in bouldering. I am also trying to explore the outdoors more and hiking. When i’m not doing that I work as a Medical Assistant in Internal medicine.^^ 🧗🏼‍♀️💪🏼💕🏥.
August, 28
My language exchange partner isSomeone with a sense of humor and diverse interests
My learning goalsNear-native fluency, genuine friendship
My favorite topicsPolitics/current events, food, pets, music, science, books
Megan, 20
My exchange partner isWould help me learn to speak better french
My learning goalsTo eventually become fluent
My favorite topicsSports music school studying and animals
Jacob, 18
LearnsJapanese, sgn-jp
My conversation partner isAnyone! ^-^
My learning goalsやり取り
My favorite topicsGetting to know people, helping others is a huge passion of mine. My hobbies are vast but my highlights are: Singing, music, animals, hang out with friends, and learning!
Amr, 31
SpeaksArabic, English
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is willing to speak and make mistakes, as well as point out my mistakes in their language.
My learning goalsGet in the habit of forming sentences quickly, learn more sentence forms and topical vocabulary.
My favorite topicsArt, culture, food, language, history, current affairs.
Noah, 20
My exchange partner isSomeone who is interested in learning English as well as someone who can also teach me their language, too.
My learning goalsI want to achieve good conversations with smooth pronunciation.
My favorite topicsAnything involving cultures and learning about the country using the language I'm learning.
Eduardo, 23
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
My conversation partner isHelpful
My learning goalsLearn Brazilian Portuguese
My favorite topicsEu quero falar da vida e interesses das pessoas.
Tahnee, 33
LearnsSpanish, French
My language exchange partner isPeople who want to improve their English or help me with my Spanish. Personas que quieran practicar su inglés o personas que hablen español conmigo.
My learning goalsI want to become more comfortable speaking the language and become better at listening comprehension. Quiero estar más cómodo hablando y mejorar a mi comprensión del español.
My favorite topicsMusic, culture, camping, traveling, movies, tv series, studio ghibli, video games, board games. Música, cultura, camping, viajes, películas, bailando, series de televisión, estudio ghibli, videojuegos, juegos de mesa.
amber, 19
My exchange partner issomeone with a meme stash 👀💞
My learning goalsto improve my japanese, and not forget it throughout summer
My favorite topicsmusic, kpop, art, philosophy, food
Wakara, 19
LearnsSpanish, French, Cantonese
My conversation partner isMy perfect Tandem partner is anyone open to have friendly conversations in different languages.
My learning goalsMy language learning goals are to be able to travel to different countries and get by. I want to brush up my Spanish, and learn French and Chinese at the moment.
My favorite topics travel, art, music, culture, food, dance, philosophy, and psychology.