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20 Russian speakers in Cinisello Balsamo looking to learn Russian together

Diana, 23
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My exchange partner isOptimistic, intelligent
My learning goalslearn English for communication and learning different cultures
My favorite topicsFilms, music, traditions and customs, dancing
Roza, 44
Cinisello Balsamo
My conversation partner isЖенщина или мужчина носители немецкого языка. Люди, которые могут помочь в практике разговорной речи на немецком языке. Я в свою очередь могу предложить уроки русского языка. Важный момент, Я ЗАМУЖЕМ и Меня не интересуют знакомства для близких отношений!
My learning goalsЗнания, а именно практика разговорной речи на немецком языка мне нужны для путешествия и работы.
My favorite topicsТемы могут быть любые. Для меня важна практика разговорной речи. Какая бы хорош я не знала грамматику, без разговорной практики ты как немой.
Alexandra, 32
Cinisello Balsamo
My language exchange partner isBusy with other stuff, easy in understanding I had to stop conversation because of something happening on this side
My learning goalsImprove communication language, stop being scared of speaking foreign language
My favorite topicsArt, design, books, architecture
Andrea, 26
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsEnglish, Russian
My exchange partner isВсе
My learning goalsЯ хочу говорить лучше по-русски. Мне надо практиковать!
My favorite topicsРусский язык, тренироваться, плавать, путешествия.
Gabriele, 41
Cinisello Balsamo
My conversation partner isUna persona con cui condividere esperienze di studio
My learning goalsMigliorare il mio livello di conoscenza
My favorite topicsPolitica, lavoro, cultura, viaggi, studio
Maira, 23
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsEnglish, French, Russian
My language exchange partner isSolare Intelligente Curioso
My learning goalsPraticare meglio l'inglese Francese Spagnolo
My favorite topicsFotografia Paesi Culture Attualita
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Ion, 25
Cinisello Balsamo
SpeaksItalian, Romanian
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
My exchange partner isSociale
My learning goalsHobbi
My favorite topicsNotizie, mondo, viaggi, giocchi, sport
Andrea, 26
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsEnglish, Polish, Russian
My conversation partner isEasy going and funny people are welcome 🙏🏻
My learning goalsI would like to improve my speaking and writing skills in english and also my vocabulary.
My favorite topicsFood 🥘 Music 🎶 Fitness 🏃 DJing 🎧 Cars 🚘 Poker 🃏 Ideas 💭
Alessandro, 26
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsGerman, Russian, Slovak
My language exchange partner isWant to discover the world, to learn the original carbonara and the italian way
My learning goalsAlways learn from the world
My favorite topicsFood, travel, photography
jim, 33
Cinisello Balsamo
My exchange partner isMe gusta la aventura los viajes una buena conversación
My learning goalsAprender y conocer la cultura Rusa
My favorite topicsSport cine musica politica
Mishel, 25
Cinisello Balsamo
SpeaksSpanish, Italian
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partner isGood vibes Patient Crazy
My learning goalsIntermiediate level
My favorite topicsMusic Travel Food Dance Fashion
Marco, 45
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isSocievole, paziente, disponibile,
My learning goalsImparare una nuova lingua, sia per il lavoro e per viaggiare
My favorite topicsUn pó di tutto, come si vive nelle loro città, posti da visitare, consigli come imparare la lingua,
harika, 26
Cinisello Balsamo
SpeaksEnglish, Telugu
My exchange partner isSome one who is patient while I look for words in Italian
My learning goalsNeed to learn the language for work, I guess that's my goal?
My favorite topicsFood, books and work
Alberto, 28
Cinisello Balsamo
My conversation partner isChi conosce bene le lingue
My learning goalsIl massimo
My favorite topicsPolitics, Economics, Science, Geo-politics, Sport, Holiday
Fabio, 41
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsArabic, Chinese, Cantonese
My language exchange partner isEclettico, chiaro, paziente, di mente aperta
My learning goalsMigliorare l’utilizzo sociale della lingua e imparare nuove cose
My favorite topicsPsicologia, cultura, libri, viaggi, scienza, natura, mediazione linguistica e culturale, migrazioni, antropologia, sociolinguistica, sesso, cinema, acrobatica
Megan, 20
Cinisello Balsamo
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
My exchange partner isSomeone who is willing to teach me, make me practice and engage in phonecalls to test my pronunciation and encourage me to talk.
My learning goalsI want to be able to write a letter and have a fluent conversation.
My favorite topicsMemes (mostly cursed), Netflix series and whatever comes to my mind in the moment.
Marco, 29
Cinisello Balsamo
My conversation partner isPersonas qué hablan español y que quieren aprender italiano.
My learning goalsQuiero mejorar mi español porque estoy haciendo un curso y quiero hacer el examen de español A1.
My favorite topicsOrdenador, cocina, gimnasio, viajes y política.
Maurizio, 50
Cinisello Balsamo
My language exchange partner isDonna
My learning goalsDiscreta conoscenza inglese
My favorite topicsSport
Daniela, 19
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My exchange partner isuna ragazza alla mano,socievole e che mi aiuti anche sulla grammatica
My learning goalsampliare il mio vocabolario
My favorite topicsdel tempo libero,delle giornate, insomma della mia vita
matteo, 36
Cinisello Balsamo
LearnsEnglish, Norwegian
My conversation partner isColto, interessato
My learning goalsMigliore norvegese e inglese
My favorite topicsViaggi, bicicletta, giochi