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20 Russian speakers in Bengaluru looking to learn Russian together

Дурдона, 21
SpeaksRussian, Uzbek
My exchange partner isПока что нету такого собеседника
My learning goalsКитай
My favorite topicsЛюбое
Shugyla, 19
SpeaksRussian, Chinese
My conversation partner is女生,男生
My learning goals任何事情
My favorite topics爱情 ,学校,生活,社会,朋友,
Dasha, 16
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My language exchange partner isI'm looking for a good friend, who could always support the conversation.
My learning goalsI want to improve my english skills.
My favorite topicsI enjoy discussing different topics.
Viki, 17
LearnsGerman, English
My exchange partner isAlle
My learning goalsDeutsch C1
My favorite topicsDie Welt ist so unterschiedlich, wir können über alles sprechen
Miraziz, 26
My conversation partner isВеселая , дружебная
My learning goalsУчиться за границу
My favorite topicsО жизни, бизнес
Hari, 29
SpeaksEnglish, Kannada
LearnsGerman, Russian
My language exchange partner isGood humour, sensible, honest, funny, creative, kind hearted, open minded, fierce.
My learning goalsMeet new people, explore world and cultures, learn languages and be a polyglot, multi linguist.
My favorite topicsWorld, cooking, cultures, traditions, languages, history, technology, open minded, kind hearted, fierce.
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Ashik, 32
My exchange partner isWould like to talk with everyone
My learning goalsI want to learn Russian and can teach English
My favorite topicsSports , food , travel, music etc .. a bit of everything
Ravi, 32
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsSpanish, Russian, Chinese
My conversation partner isHis/Her have patience to teach me as I will always get them into deep thoughts of stories
My learning goalsCould have a lot of friends
My favorite topicsStories
Peng, 30
LearnsHindi, Russian
My language exchange partner islearn and improve together,live life with love together
My learning goalscommunication fluently
My favorite topicsmovies
Udayan, 33
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsFrench, Italian, Russian
My exchange partner isDoesn't get bored easily
My learning goalsModerate everyday fluency within a reasonable time
My favorite topicsBooks, Sports, Politics, Philosophy, Cartoons, TV, Movies, Gardening
Ajith, 26
SpeaksKannada, Sanskrit
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Russian
My conversation partner isA fun person who is also curious to learn new things
My learning goalsI would like to learn to speak the language fluently, also a little bit of reading at later stage if possible
My favorite topicsMovies, Music, Art, Culture, Ancient History, Architecture, Technology, Philosophy of Life, Physics, Psychology and other related topics
Mathin, 31
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
My language exchange partner isPeople with open mind, up for conversations and eager to teach and learn about travel, culture, creativity
My learning goalsI have plan to backpack around the world in the future. Hence I'd like to learn the most popular languages to be able to converse with the locals and native speakers
My favorite topicsArt, Design, Poetry, Travel, Philosophy, Spirituality, Dance, Performance arts, Music
kiran, 26
LearnsRussian, Chinese
My exchange partner isAny one who can converse and like to make new friends
My learning goalsTo become proficient in Russian and Mandarin
My favorite topicsTechnology,Economy,Science, etc
Sumit, 23
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
My conversation partner isAnybody who is interesting to talk to, can take sarcasm and comeback with a better one, and makes me feel comfortable to talk to.
My learning goalsI want to learn to have better conversations
My favorite topicsMusic, Technology, Stories, Science, TV Series, Movies, Life, and everything else.
Aniket, 20
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsArabic, Spanish, Russian
My language exchange partner isEveryone... Theirs Fun in Diversity...!!
My learning goalsTo learn about different cultures, religions, languages from around the world... Exploring the difference, uniqueness and similarities which binds Us All
My favorite topicsTraveling, technology, music,photography videography, editing, movies, cooking, motivational inspirational
Pranav, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Telugu
LearnsGerman, Kannada, Russian
My exchange partner isAs long as the conversation flows fluently, it's a good sign.
My learning goalsI want to start learning basic everyday Russian phrases and sentences so that I can start communicating with people around me without a translator.
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about books, current affairs, various cultures, history, theatre, chess, mathematics, tennis, and cricket.
Anush, 29
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Russian
My conversation partner isShe/he should be calm and polite and friendly
My learning goalsI want to learn new language because to understand new culture you should know new language
My favorite topicsScience and technology ,tv series ,music ,fun fact and politics
Prakshit, 24
LearnsFrench, Korean, Russian
My language exchange partner isI am looking for a female partner who is good at their native language. and She will teach me basic of their native language.
My learning goalsI wan to do study from out side of india.
My favorite topicsAbout Personal Life
Debjit, 26
SpeaksBengali, English
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
My exchange partner isOne who is a native French speaker who can teach me French. One who is interested in learning Bengali.
My learning goalsI am passionate about learning French and want to clear the DELF B2 certification exam.
My favorite topicsMusic, Sports, Politics, Food, History, Traveling, Films
KeShav, 24
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
My conversation partner isTraveler , free spirit, sweet and empathetic
My learning goalsI'll be able to travel to different countries and understand the language of their locals
My favorite topicsMovies, TV, Music, Travel
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