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20 Portuguese speakers in Lund looking to learn Portuguese together

José, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Portuguese
My exchange partner isSomeone who is open minded, active and likes coffee
My learning goalsImprove my German!
My favorite topicsBooks, film, travel, food
Luán, 19
SpeaksEnglish, Portuguese
Learnsexx, Sign language
My conversation partner isA kind person with a lot of patience and a good sense of humor
My learning goalsTo be able to speak with others in the same language
My favorite topicsAviation, food, myself and you, and so on...
Katalin, 25
SpeaksHungarian, Swedish
My language exchange partner isAlguém que tem interesses semelhantes a mim, alguém aberto.
My learning goalsEstou me mudando para o Brasil
My favorite topicsViajens, arte, cultura, engenheiro, história, filosofia, comida, de tudo...
Randy, 26
LearnsGerman, Portuguese
My exchange partner isPeople who like to make new friends! People with a positive down to earth vibe. People that like to laugh about random socially awkward topics.
My learning goalsLearn more about other cultures, mostly Asian, African, and South American countries. I secretly would like to learn Japanese or Korean.
My favorite topicsI'm fluent in Dutch, English and Sranan Tongo (an English-based creole language). So hit me up! I like to talk about movies, music, dreadlocks, recipes , books, Mixed Martial Arts, our imaginary journeys around the world lol.
Julián, 49
LearnsPortuguese, Swedish
My conversation partner isSomeone friendly who easily engage in a conversation
My learning goalsI want to improve my Swedish skills to an advanced level
My favorite topicsTraveling, culture, movies, series, sports economics, politics. I’m no limited to these topics as I enjoy talking of random things
Magdalena, 26
SpeaksCzech, Swedish
LearnsGerman, Dutch, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isPeople who love to learn languages without being too pedantic! I would also like to meet over a coffee for conversation :)
My learning goalsI want to learn conversation about all kinds of topics
My favorite topicsMusic, philosophy, traveling, living abroad, psychology, social work
Looking for Tandem partners in other languages?
Nils, 24
LearnsGerman, English, Swedish
My exchange partner isOuverte sur le monde, humaniste, Caring
My learning goalsPratiquer une langue sans jugement ou appréhension
My favorite topicsArt, Danse, Ballet, Littérature, Sports, Culture, Law, Politics, Feminism,
Sofie, 29
My conversation partner isA nice person
My learning goalsI want to become fluent in greek.
My favorite topicsPolitics, Movies, music
Nammon, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Japanese, Thai
My language exchange partner isResponsive. Friendly.
My learning goalsBeing able to communicate in Swedish.
My favorite topicsLiving in Sweden. Takes photos. Goes to museum. Works in fashion. Listens to music. Watches movies.
Julia, 27
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
My exchange partner isSomeone who is nice, funny, sarcastic and also could help me with my assignements sometimes. Just have a read-through so I can get some valuable inputs.
My learning goalsGet better in french, talk and write fluently, learn and have fun
My favorite topicsNews, culture, ordinary happenings in a day, blogs, books, training etc
Jannik, 26
LearnsSpanish, Vietnamese
My conversation partner isI would like to chat with Spanish speaking people!
My learning goalsI would like to get more fluent. I have good basics in most languages.
My favorite topicsQuiero mejorar mi español porque lo necesitaré por mi trabajo.
Linnéa, 21
My language exchange partner isThe perfect tandem partner for me is someone who likes to try his or her best in order to have a conversation!
My learning goalsI want to learn more Japanese, and get better at using the Japanese I already know. I want to keep using it as often as I can.
My favorite topicsI like discussing most things! Every day life, culture differences, language differences, and much more. I am really interested in Japanese culture.
Carrie, 39
LearnsEnglish, Swedish
My exchange partner isPersons who like traveling around world and willing to share experience.
My learning goalsImproving communication in different languages
My favorite topicsTravel
Hugo, 19
LearnsCzech, Italian, Russian
My conversation partner isGood tutor, good at the language i want to learn
My learning goalsLastning the language
My favorite topicsPolitics and life, also food
Aram, 32
SpeaksArabic, Norwegian, Swedish
My language exchange partner isNice people and they whose want to give me a chance to develop in English.
My learning goalsTo speak English with people
My favorite topicsEnglish language
Leydi Yohana, 32
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
My exchange partner iseasygoing, playful, pedagogic, open minded
My learning goalsspeak fluently Spanish
My favorite topicsbrew beer food travel family
Andreas, 33
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish, Chinese
My conversation partner isgamer, teacher
My learning goalsbe a better speaker
My favorite topicsgames, education,
Donna, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
LearnsSpanish, Zhuang, Chinese
My language exchange partner isKind, funny, talkative, wanting to learn a language,
My learning goalsFluent in Spanish and improve Cantonese
My favorite topicsPhilosophy, life, health, sports, training, food
Diego, 25
My exchange partner isPersonas amigables
My learning goalsHablar más fluido ingles y perder el miedo a hablar
My favorite topicsMe gusta viajar, comer, disfrutar de la naturaleza
Zacharia, 20
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
LearnsArabic, Turkish, Chinese
My conversation partner isStable , calm , peaceful , polite , kind , modest , and humble.
My learning goalsMy goals are to learn many languages as i can and share ideas with people around the world .
My favorite topicsReading , Football, art, and traveling .