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20 Portuguese speakers in Irving looking to learn Portuguese together

Monique, 35
LearnsGerman, French
My exchange partner isPatient, curious, positive
My learning goalsMaintain my German level at intermediate level as I stopped studying 5 years ago and bring it to advanced level. Increase exposure to French language - I am going to classes on Saturdays.
My favorite topicsI like to talk about hobbies, work and family topics. Running, sports, vacations; business trends, people development and leadership; day-to-day activities with family and friends
Davit, 21
SpeaksSpanish, exx
LearnsGerman, French, Chinese
My conversation partner isSimpátic, funny, interesting Guys around the world 🌎
My learning goalsKeep learning french, trying to learn Chinese 💯
My favorite topics🌎🏀⚽️🏈🎧✈️⛴⛺️🔮☘️ 🎉
Chelsey, 22
My language exchange partner isI love lighthearted, intelligent people who are willing to learn and teach.
My learning goalsLearn about books in Portuguese to read and casual phrases/slang and how to phrase my sentences casually and smoothly.
My favorite topicsI love love love traveling, poetry, pop culture, politics, music, and learning about the differences in culture within countries.
Angelo, 32
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsSpanish, Italian, Portuguese
My exchange partner isOne who interacts frequently, funny, knowledgable, and current.
My learning goalsAllow to communicate in small talk.
My favorite topicsSports, history, medicine, current events, tv shows, movies, music.
Daniel, 35
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
My conversation partner isNeed an understanding chat partner that can help to better my listening skills.
My learning goalsI want to be able to have fluent conversation in Spanish with native speakers.
My favorite topicsAnything and everything. Let's be friends.
Tenoch, 39
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsJapanese, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isAnyone willing to chat even for a few words.
My learning goalsI want to be able to communicate when traveling. ペラペラになりたいです。
My favorite topicsOutdoor activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, camping, hunting, hiking, etc. アウトドアこと

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Rhenese, 35
LearnsSpanish, French, Portuguese
My exchange partner isSome one from a different country that is excited to share their culture
My learning goalsTo become fluent in spanish
My favorite topicsI would like to discuss every day topics so as to immerse myself in the language
Olivia, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsArabic, French, Portuguese
My conversation partner isMy perfect tandem partner is one who can help me practice conversational skills, will teach me about culture, and correct me when I am not speaking/writing correctly
My learning goalsContinue to perfect my Portuguese and develop Arabic and French
My favorite topicsFood, culture, sports, current events
Noel, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsPortuguese, Russian, Ukrainian
My language exchange partner isSports, traveling, culture, food, music 😎😎
My learning goalsSpeak fluent lol 😅
My favorite topicsSpeak slowly 😅 Instagram: Noel_zr7
Natalia, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsJapanese, Portuguese
My exchange partner isPatient
My learning goalsTo be fluent in Portuguese and to begin learning Japanese a lot more
My favorite topicsVideo games, anime, music, crafts, horror Intagram: deku.taya
Jared, 30
LearnsEsperanto, Spanish, Portuguese
My conversation partner isSomeone who is funny, a little patient, and enjoys language learning just as much as me!
My learning goalsI want to keep improving my Portuguese and expand my vocabulary so I can express myself better. For Spanish I just need to practice and get used to it again. I really struggle with mixing these two!
My favorite topicsCurrent events, politics, gym, cooking, food, restaurants, technology, music
Rudy, 34
LearnsEnglish, Italian, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isI'm just want to practice with 1 or more person
My learning goalsLearn to talk with difererent person
My favorite topicsGeneral culture
Kricia, 20
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My exchange partner isPaciente, respetuoso y ocurrente.
My learning goals...
My favorite topicsNo tengo temas especificos.
Alfredo, 18
My conversation partner isAlguien que tenga muchos temas de conversacion y alguien que sea paciente con mi ingles.
My learning goalsHacer nuevos amigos, viajar y tener un trabajo.
My favorite topicsSolo quiero tener una combersacion de lo que sea, por ejemplo: viajes, musica, anime o puedes hablarme de la cultura de tu pais.
Alex, 28
LearnsSpanish, French, Sign language
My language exchange partner isSomeone with patience who can not only correct me when I’m saying something incorrectly, but can also teach me different regional ways to speak with common idioms and phrases.
My learning goalsTo be fluent enough to communicate and understand at an advanced level. I want to be able to visit the places where the language is spoken and be able to be fully connected with the people and culture.
My favorite topicsBooks, music, politics, food, culture, health
Brian, 37
My exchange partner isSomeone who will help me learn Spanish
My learning goalsSpeak and travel. Get to know new cultures and people
My favorite topicsMovies, music, food, travel
Maynor, 21
My conversation partner isAnyone that doesn’t laugh about me
My learning goalsSpeak with fluency
My favorite topicsIdk
Jose, 56
My language exchange partner is40 años o nas
My learning goalsMi neta es vusitar Russia en este año
My favorite topicsCultura , tecnología ,moda
Yu, 38
My exchange partner isMadam
My learning goalsGood in English
My favorite topicslife
Jade, 32
My conversation partner isPatient, helpful, good conversationalist
My learning goalsמי רוצה לעזור לי עם העברית שלי? ☺️ אני רוצה עזרה בדיבור
My favorite topicsReligion/G-d, music, singing, outdoor activities