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20 Korean speakers in Scottsdale looking to learn Korean together

Andy, 26
LearnsEnglish, Japanese
My exchange partner isSomeone who want to exchange languages
My learning goalsImproving spoken English and make friends
My favorite topicsFitness, Boardgames, Squash, Riding
Michael, 25
LearnsRussian, Chinese
My conversation partner isFriendly. Speaks Korean. Likes food.
My learning goalsContinue practicing Korean.
My favorite topicsSouth Korea, running, video games, Mormons, movies, world activities, different cultures.
Dang, 42
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isFun, honest and friendly person.
My learning goalsTo meet with new different individuals and for business purposes
My favorite topicsBusiness and relationships, food and lifestyles.
Maddy, 20
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My exchange partner isWechat : maddylee23 I'm sorry I don't log in often here and I don't reply quick add my Wechat no need to ask me for it 😊
My learning goalsMake new friends that can help me practice and learn more Chinese Korean and Japanese
My favorite topicsLanguage, Music, Dancing, and Piano
Dylan, 22
LearnsSpanish, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isSimilar interests, self improvement
My learning goalsConversational skills in languages other than my own, and learning about different cultures
My favorite topicsVideo Games, Sci fi, Technology, Fitness, Culture, EDM, eSports, Food, Positivity, Lifelong learning, Self improvement, Astronomy, Astrobiology, Theories
Luhnyae, 17
LearnsSpanish, Korean, Sign language
My language exchange partner isI’d like to talk with anyone who wants to be friends, wants to improve their English, or just talk in general :)
My learning goalsMy learning goal is to be able to have casual conversations and make connections and friends with people from around the world🌎❤️
My favorite topicsI enjoy talks about music, culture, and anything fun and funny! My hobbies and interests include music, dance, singing, learning languages and cultures, and trying new things 😊
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emma, 14
My exchange partner isSomeone who can help me learn Korean and who likes to talk about where they have travels too and where they want to travel to in the future.
My learning goalsI want to be fluent for travel and life style reasons, but learning a language also makes you smarter and helps with memory
My favorite topicsMusic Travel Culture School Dreams
Chandler, 25
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isI’m known for my humor and kindness, so as we help each other learn, I want us to have fun
My learning goalsI want to sing in Japanese during karaoke. I want to visit Japan again and be able to communicate better with friends I made. I dream of speaking to my big sister who was a foreign exchange student in her native language Korean
My favorite topicsTravel Eating Music I also enjoy hearing people stories!
Sepi, 31
My language exchange partner isI’d like to meet some new friends who help me to improve my Korean and learn more about Korean culture.
My learning goalsI want to improve my four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing)
My favorite topicsI’d to learn more about Korean culture.
Dawsyn, 20
My exchange partner isSomeone who is kind, patient, understanding
My learning goalsUse the vocabulary I learn confidently and comfortably in conversation.
My favorite topics방탄손년단, 학교, 음식, 텔레비전 프로그램
cheyenne, 20
LearnsSpanish, Icelandic, Korean
My conversation partner issomeone who is kind-hearted and funny.
My learning goalsi want to be more than trilingual.
My favorite topicsmusic, art, conspiracies, dreams, travelling and sports.
Vianca, 18
My language exchange partner is영어를 배우고 싶고 내가 한국어를 배우게 도와주는 한국 사람
My learning goals한국말 잘 하고 싶어요... 갓세븐의 뱀뱀이랑 잭슨처럼 ㅋㅋㅋ
My favorite topics한국말, 음악, 영화, 한국 드라마, 메이크업, 패션, 갓세븐, 방탄소년단, 한국 문화
Li, 54
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
LearnsKorean, Zhuang, Cantonese
My exchange partner isNo one is perfect
My learning goalsBetter communication
My favorite topicsLife, Business, Art, Family
Michael, 25
My conversation partner isReliable, patient with beginners
My learning goalsReinforce my German
My favorite topicsSchool, Gaming, Meaningful material, chatting
Jake, 23
My language exchange partner isI want to talk with a native Japanese speaker learning English who enjoys teaching about their country and learning about others.
My learning goalsMy goal is to have a basic conversation in Japanese and speak with locals in another country.
My favorite topicsLife and culture in other counties.
Max, 22
My exchange partner isOpen-minded, nice.
My learning goalsMaintain language and talk to cool people.
My favorite topicsSociety, philosophy, food, coffee, art, technology, meditation, traveling, music
John, 26
My conversation partner isFunny and light-hearted
My learning goalsTo practice Chinese, I ultimately want to be more comfortable having casual conversations
My favorite topicsHobbies, religion, daily activities
West, 30
LearnsSpanish, French
My language exchange partner isSomeone that is friendly and ok with a novice to foreign languages.
My learning goalsI don’t really have any goals just yet. This is my first time here so I am just getting a feel for what all there is
My favorite topicsI enjoy sports, art and food!
Niki, 22
My exchange partner isPatient and helpful
My learning goalsI want to practice my pronunciation and reading/ writing skills. Improve my Spanish with native speakers
My favorite topicsMovies, music and different cultures
Laura, 36
My conversation partner isSomeone close in age who is cool and has similar interests. I am not looking for a romantic relationship of any sort. I am strictly on here to make friends and learn the Italian language. I am married with a kid and happily plan on staying that way.
My learning goalsI’d like to be able to understand what I am hearing better. I am traveling to Italy in 8 months and would like to get around without the language barrier.
My favorite topicsDancing Children Entertainment/televisione