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20 Korean speakers in Chisinau looking to learn Korean together

Jaewoo, 34
My exchange partner isit does not metter
My learning goalssommoth communication with someone
My favorite topicsi m traveling in europ
Alex, 48
SpeaksEnglish, Korean
My conversation partner isCan speak English
My learning goalsdaily conversations
My favorite topicsGrammar
Andreea, 16
SpeaksKorean, Romanian
My language exchange partner isFriendly, merry and sympathetic 🌈😄
My learning goalsI want to speak more languages ​​with new friends ☺️
My favorite topicsWe can talk about everything 🤭🦋
Алекандрина, 18
My exchange partner isДобрый и весёлый
My learning goalsХочу выучить корейский и увидеть корею
My favorite topicsТанцах и пении
Ana, 21
SpeaksKorean, Russian
My conversation partner isТот кто знает хорошо немецкое
My learning goalsВсему
My favorite topicsО традиции прктиковать языки
Ella, 29
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish, Korean, Romanian, Russian
My language exchange partner isA nice, friendly and helpful person, that loves to share and communicate..
My learning goalsI want to improve my french.
My favorite topicsTravelling, cultures, hobbies
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alexa, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Romanian
LearnsGerman, Korean
My exchange partner isI want them to be very talkative and helpful. I want them to be talkative and understanding and to help me learn the new languages that i want to speak. I want them to be like my friends.
My learning goalsLike everyone else I want to become fluent or at least I want to be able to speak it very well so I could hold a conversation with someone in that language.
My favorite topicsI like talking about anything. Any subject that I feel comfortable with. For me the most important is the communication itself and not really that much the subjects.
Adriana, 15
SpeaksRomanian, Russian
LearnsKorean, Ukrainian
My conversation partner isFun, understanding and comfy to talk with, my IG account : _not_yours_anyway_
My learning goalsI want to learn to speak fluently many languages, I find it interesting, captivating and useful as well.
My favorite topicsWrite me to find out😉
Mihaela, 14
SpeaksRomanian, Russian
My language exchange partner isЛучшая подруга которая будет со мной веселиться и смеяться -best friend who can smile and laugh with me 🤗
My learning goalsКорейский язык , speak korean
My favorite topicsПриключения, adventures
Mihaela, 19
LearnsEnglish, Korean
My exchange partner isA friendly person who will want to make new friends around the world.
My learning goalsI want to speak as fluent, as I could.
My favorite topicsAbout culture, people, studying, cats and a lot of things. I enjoy discussing every topic.
Luminitsa, 16
SpeaksRomanian, Russian
LearnsGerman, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isУмный, вежливый, уважающий
My learning goalsНачать хоть что-то понимать на этих языках
My favorite topicsНаука и искусство
Maria, 18
LearnsGerman, Korean
My language exchange partner isPeople from different countries.
My learning goalsI would like to improve my German (currently A2-B1 level)
My favorite topics Horse-rider🐎, classical pianist🎹, interested in Korean culture🇰🇷, travelling🚩, beginner guitarist🎸, interested in painting or sketching✏🎨, fencing🤺⚔,movies📽, I love any form of art🎭
Яна, 24
SpeaksBulgarian, Russian
LearnsEnglish, Korean
My exchange partner isВесёлый и общительный человек. Относящийся с пониманием к изучению языка и некоторым грамматическим ошибкам.
My learning goalsЯ бы хотела научиться свободно общаться на языке.
My favorite topicsАбсолютно любые
Sofia, 14
LearnsEnglish, Korean
My conversation partner isМне бы не хотелось, что бы человек был слишком навязчивым. Так - же, не хочу, что бы человек приставал.
My learning goalsХочу путешествовать. Жить в одной из этих стран. И просто саморазвитие
My favorite topicsОбсолютно разные темы, можно о фильмах, музыке, взглядах на жизнь, любое.
Dana, 21
SpeaksRomanian, Russian
LearnsKorean, Turkish
My language exchange partner isСпокойный ,интересный, смешной,умный
My learning goalsСвободно говорить и понимать других
My favorite topicsВсе темы.
Diana, 21
SpeaksEnglish, Romanian, Russian
LearnsKazakh, Korean
My exchange partner isКореец, разговорчивый и смешной
My learning goalsИзучить новые языки
My favorite topicsK-pop, Korea, foreign languages, k-drama, medicine
Sergey, 15
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
LearnsFrench, Italian, Korean
My conversation partner isДевушка, владеющая свободным Английским языком,
My learning goalsВыучить новые слова, и открыть для себя что то новое в области языка
My favorite topicsТворчество, О личной жизни
Iulia, 14
SpeaksRomanian, Russian
My language exchange partner isГлавное чтобы он был адекватным и не извращенцем.
My learning goalsЯ хотела бы выучить корейский язык до высшего уровня.
My favorite topicsЯ люблю разговаривать на любые темы.
Deniza, 15
SpeaksRomanian, Russian
My exchange partner isЯ хочу найти такого человека чтоб меня понимал и чтоб мы подружились
My learning goalsЯ хочу выучить на наизусть хангыль
My favorite topicsПривет , меня зовут Дениза , я хочу выучить корейский
Victoria, 19
SpeaksRomanian, Russian
LearnsGerman, Korean
My conversation partner isthe one with whom it will be fun and interesting )
My learning goalsI want to travel a lot, maybe in the future to move somewhere and make new friends.
My favorite topicsI can talk on any topic. I’m well be happy to learn something new.
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