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Bartosz, 27
LearnsFrench, Korean
My exchange partner is친절하고 관심이 많은 분
My learning goals한국어 및 불어를 유칭하게 하고 싶어용
My favorite topics다 좋아요
Martyna, 18
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isI can't describe my future friend, I will try to talk with anyone and we'll see
My learning goalsSpeak well in Japanese, get better in talking in English, maybe start learning Korean...
My favorite topicslove taking photos, reading books&watching movies, singing very loud when I'm alone or in the shower haha
Weronika, 25
LearnsGerman, Korean
My language exchange partner isBoth those who desire to improve their language skills and those who just want to talk about something that's interesting for them (maybe we share same interests! 😊)
My learning goalsLearning about cultures, improving language skills, having foreign friends, broadening horizons :)
My favorite topicsLanguages, cultural differences, food, music, drawing in pencil, reading books, chatting with friends
Alex, 19
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Norwegian
My exchange partner isI just want someone to teach me their language, that's all
My learning goalsKnow how to pronounce syllables and basic grammar and writing stuff.
My favorite topicsFood, memes and cute animals. Dont mind that kpop idol on my profile pic, I just dont like showing my face.
Patrick, 20
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isAnyone who wants to learn English
My learning goalsI want to improve my English.
My favorite topicsGames, Technology, Traveling
Tamara, 20
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Korean
My language exchange partner isSomeone who has as weird sense of humor as mine, is ambitious, talkative and kind to other people!
My learning goalsI want to learn Korean and German, also speak more in English, because my first language is Polish ☺️
My favorite topicsArt in general, especially music, photography and literature, politics, travelling 🤔
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Julia, 19
LearnsFrench, Korean
My exchange partner isKind, funny, talkative, patient
My learning goalsI just want to improve my english, I guess and learn some new languages
My favorite topicsI can talk about everything, I guess
Patrycja, 22
LearnsGerman, French, Korean
My conversation partner isSomeone who will be a great talker. I'm more of a listener. Someone who likes to talk and has a good personality. Of course someone who'll be patient with me
My learning goalsI want to learn two new languages in 2020. It's my new year's resolution so I hope I can do it
My favorite topicsI enjoy taking about everyday things, gossiping(but only harmlessly). Music and books are a big thing for me, as well as fashion. I love computer games and I adore talking about more difficult and challenging topics
Anastasiia 顧安凌, 18
LearnsKorean, Chinese, Cantonese
My language exchange partner isSociable, fun,and travel-loving people
My learning goalsI want to learn Chinese, because I'm going to be a Sinologist,and in the future I want to go to China
My favorite topicsTravel,fashion,daily life
Grzegorz, 19
LearnsGerman, Italian, Korean
My exchange partner isPeople willing to explore, positive
My learning goalsFor now I want to become more comfortable with my languages and have fun from learning them. In the future I may be thinking of making them my qualifications.
My favorite topicsArts, sports, ideas, life
Natalia, 20
LearnsGerman, English, Korean
My conversation partner isIf you passed TOEFL or FCE exam, I would be grateful for the exam tips :)
My learning goals🔥My main goal is FCE. If you passed TOEFL or FCE exam, I would be grateful for the exam tips :)
My favorite topicsI interested in korean culture, Netflix series and math. I feel like teaching english or polish. Anyway If you want to chat with my, just write to me :)
Aville, 21
SpeaksEnglish, Polish
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Russian
My language exchange partner isFriendly Open minded Nice and funny
My learning goalsFind friend!
My favorite topicsMusic Art Style
Kasia, 27
LearnsDanish, Icelandic, Norwegian
My exchange partner isInterested in same stuff, funny
My learning goalsI wanna be able to speak Norwegian on level that will allow me to read Norwegian books and watch Norwegian tv without looking words up every 5 minutes
My favorite topicsMusic, travels, history, books
Paweł, 21
My conversation partner isCommunicative person, the one who will be ably to form opinions and defends them
My learning goalsAbility to communicate without much struggling with it
My favorite topicsGames, anime, quantum physics, philosophy, roleplaying games
ewa, 23
My language exchange partner isIch mochte, dass er geduldig, freundlich und hilfsbereit ist und ähnliche Interessen hat.
My learning goalsIch möchte meinen Wortschatz erweitern und mich ohne Probleme verständigen können.
My favorite topicsSport wie Skifahren, Windsurfen , Surfen, Segeln. Auch Sprachen lernen , interessante Bücher , Reisen
сергей, 33
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My exchange partner isДевушка
My learning goalsАнглийскому языку
My favorite topicsБез разницы я многогранен
Alessandro, 26
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, French
My conversation partner isPeople who want to learn languages
My learning goalsImprovo my skills
My favorite topicsArt, History, Cinema
Даша, 20
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My language exchange partner isГрамотный и начитанный
My learning goalsОвладеть базой разговорной лексики
My favorite topicsЛюбые
Marcin, 34
My exchange partner isEveryone who wants talk
My learning goalsCreat intresting conversation, learn new words, improve skill of grama
My favorite topicssport, film, computer, IT, music, hobby, tea, coffee
Piotr, 24
LearnsCzech, German, English
My conversation partner isEnjoyable, talkactive, positive, amusing
My learning goalsI want to communicate better in a another language
My favorite topicsSports, travels, norse mythology, fantasy, science fiction