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20 Japanese speakers in Cape Town looking to learn Japanese together

Mikateko, 48
SpeaksJapanese, Tsonga
My exchange partner isConsiderate Funny Loving Passionate
My learning goalsLearn to speak another language Be fluent Make friends
My favorite topicsPolitics Fashion Health
Kitso, 27
SpeaksAfrikaans, English
My conversation partner isOutspoken, well travelled or willing to travel, willing to learn.
My learning goalsKnow how to use the local phrases when communicating. Learn about other cultures
My favorite topicsTravel, music, art, photography, design, adventure, finance.
Bakhita, 18
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isSomeone willing to talk about anything and everything
My learning goalsBeing able to have a face to face conversation with someone
My favorite topicsMusic, movie and tv show
خليل, 44
My exchange partner isfun bubbly open minded person
My learning goalsto understand u and crash all the walls between peoples to communicate
My favorite topicslearning languages making friends all over the world and love to know about culture for every country and the traditional and more
Tamara, 27
My conversation partner isSomeone who is patient, kind, eager to learn and smart.
My learning goalsI would like to able to speak Japanese fluently and make Japanese friends.
My favorite topicsMeditation, spirituality, books, anime.
Candice, 27
SpeaksAfrikaans, English
My language exchange partner isSomeone with a broad sense of humor, easy to chat with, not interested in talking about religion
My learning goalsI would like to learn more about various countries and the culture that surrounds them, plus the foundations of the German language
My favorite topicsMovies, series, animals, human behavior
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Awie, 28
SpeaksAfrikaans, English
My exchange partner isPatient, encouraging, native speaker
My learning goalsI want to learn Japanese through the natural approach - as a child learns a language - and focus on the writing and grammar after I’ve got a full conversational vocabulary.
My favorite topicsOutdoor activities Music Psychology
Wessel, 35
SpeaksAfrikaans, English
LearnsGerman, French, Dutch
My conversation partner isA like minded, fun person, that likes to have intellectual talks without being too serious.
My learning goalsTravelling quite a bit so would not mind being able to speak Deutsch, French or Spanish fluently.
My favorite topicsI enjoy travelling and sharing my experiences. General positive vibes and an optimist by heart, so anything goes really. I'm open minded and can relate to all sorts of people and personalities. Photography, business, good food, good wine and good music
Tumedi, 28
LearnsArabic, Japanese
My language exchange partner isPatient and enjoys learning new languages.
My learning goalsI want to be fluent and well informed about the language and culture.
My favorite topicsEverything Japanese and everything Arabic
Barbara, 46
LearnsGerman, French, Italian, zu
My exchange partner isOptimistic, down-to-earth
My learning goalsFluency, confidence
My favorite topicsCrochet, wildlife, teaching
Azahara, 18
SpeaksEnglish, French
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isKind, flirty, funny, interested
My learning goalsI want ti be fluent in Korean and learn a little Japanese for traveling
My favorite topicsMusic, Movies, Politics, People, Anything really
Milan, 29
SpeaksAfrikaans, English, French
LearnsDanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch
My language exchange partner isEasy going, funny.
My learning goalsLearning about different cultures and perhaps making some long-term friendships along the way.
My favorite topicsFilms, Culture, Food and Travel
Catarina, 24
LearnsAfrikaans, Japanese, Russian
My exchange partner isAlguém que goste de animais, natureza e que seja muito paciente
My learning goalsSou bem iniciante, queria ajuda para saber por onde começar a aprender o idioma e aprender a pronuncia
My favorite topicsCoisas do dia dia
Dillon, 26
My conversation partner isCheerfull and friendly
My learning goalsWant to understand and speak japenese fluently
My favorite topicsAnime, gaming, computers, life in general
Rohan, 29
SpeaksAfrikaans, English
LearnsGerman, Japanese
My language exchange partner isFun, friendly, and caring, with the possibility of friendship.
My learning goalsBeing able to have full and engaging conversations in the language
My favorite topicsSocial, friendship, culture, gaming, food, anime
Tumi, 26
My exchange partner isA One Piece lover would make my perfect Tandem buddy!
My learning goalsI want to learn Japanese so that I can watch Japanes shows without reading the subtitles.
My favorite topicsI love discussing the manga updates of On Piece!
Mandla, 26
My conversation partner isFriendly person... Actually anyone, lol
My learning goalsLearn Japanese cause I always watched the dubs and I heard reading subtitles while watching something of tv
My favorite topicsIT, Anime, music and any and everything
Lyle, 41
LearnsEnglish, French, Japanese
My language exchange partner isWith patient and can correct my mistake
My learning goalsAdvanced
My favorite topicsSports Political International events
Corrie, 22
SpeaksAfrikaans, English
LearnsGerman, Japanese
My exchange partner isEnergetic, understanding, helpfull and friendly
My learning goalsTo become fluent in the languages
My favorite topicsComputer programming, sports, music and travel
Werner, 28
SpeaksAfrikaans, English
My conversation partner isSomeone who is kind and friendly with lots of patience and willing to become friends
My learning goalsi want to be able to speak Japanese fluently with the goal to one day visit Japan and learn about the culture
My favorite topicsAnime, Music,Games
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