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20 Japanese speakers in Bridgewater looking to learn Japanese together

Lc, 42
LearnsEnglish, Spanish
My exchange partner isThe person with serious learning purpose would make my perfect TANDEM buddy.
My learning goalsMy goals is to improve my foreign language speaking. And know about different cultures.
My favorite topicsI would like to discuss something positive such as good habits, good attitude or good thinking!
Ray, 42
SpeaksEnglish, Cantonese
LearnsFrench, Korean, Zhuang
My conversation partner isPatient, Considerate to others
My learning goalsTo have basic conversation and to be able to read like a 5 year old.
My favorite topicsI’d appreciate to start the conversation with food.
Max, 20
My language exchange partner is誰でもいいですよ!
My learning goalsMake some progress in my grammar and vocabulary as well as speaking skills. もっと文法と言葉と喋りのスキルを学びたい! メッセージ送ってくださいね、話したいんです!
My favorite topics音楽について-食べ物/料理について-アニメやゲームについて-撮影めっちゃ好き!
Cammy, 29
My exchange partner isI'm looking for a conversation partner who is understanding, patient, and dedicated-- someone who enjoys daily conversations 😁
My learning goalsI'm looking to learn how to speak Japanese conversationally when I decide to travel to Japan.
My favorite topicsReading, writing, drawing
Rachel, 30
My conversation partner isSomeone who will let me run through Conjugation of verbs
My learning goalsTo get as fluent as possible。
My favorite topicsHobbies, books, dogs 日本画大好きです
Lauren, 41
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Korean
My language exchange partner isSomeone laid back and down to earth who likes learning new things.
My learning goalsGreater fluency & general vocab building. Reading/writing skills & grammar
My favorite topicsMusic, books, movies, food, anime, Koop, needle crafts

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Michael, 23
My exchange partner is喋るのが好きなパートナー
My learning goalsいろんな人の心が読めるようになれる。
My favorite topics音楽、楽器、言語、人間関係、文化、何気ない話
Samantha, 27
My conversation partner isSomeone around my age who is friendly, fun, and wants to talk regularly. I have my TEFL license so I am more than willing to teach English, as well.
My learning goalsI want to be able to speak Japanese on, at least, a conversational level before I move there.
My favorite topicsEveryday life, language, goals, and so on.
EmmaLee, 27
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My language exchange partner isLoves to travel and try new things, loves music and singing and dancing, loves dogs, loves hiking and exercising/working out.
My learning goalsBecome fluent in Korean and Japanese! But also to learn many more languages. To score level 5 or 6 on the TOPIK II exam!
My favorite topicsSinging, dancing, dogs, nature, travel, food, hiking, exercising
Kevin, 24
My exchange partner is面白い人、一緒に頑張ってくれる人。
My learning goals日本人らしく自然に話せるようになりたいです。
My favorite topics日本語で日常生活・興味・悩みなどについて話したいです。特に音楽・インテリアに興味があります。
Sarah, 18
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isSomeone who is understanding and well spoken!
My learning goals-to be fluent in Korean -to be able to have a conversation in all languages -to have fun while learning
My favorite topics-art -reading -sleep
Joe, 33
LearnsSpanish, Italian, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isI like people with an open mind, a good sense of humor, who share some of my hobbies and want to practice English seriously. People who respect my time and write more than 1-2 word responses
My learning goalsI want to reach B2 in Portuguese & Italian. I am more than happy to help with your English, and schedule language exchanges with you 1-2 times per week (30 min of English in exchange for 30 min of Portuguese or Italian)
My favorite topicsI am an American and a native English speaker. My hobbies are: learning languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian), trying new food, traveling, weightlifting, swimming, science, business, and programming.
Reed, 21
LearnsFrench, Italian, Polish
My exchange partner isSomeone who is patient with learning and making mistakes.
My learning goalsTo become fluent or at least be able to hold a conversation in many languages
My favorite topicsMusic, Eurovision, everyday life.
Constantino, 24
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My conversation partner isCualquiera, me encanta escuchar a las personas y aprender de los demás
My learning goalsAprender las diferentes formas de expresión de diferentes culturas alrededor del mundo. Un lenguaje puede ser complejo pero lo es aún más la forma en la que lo hacen y los diferentes significados que esto tiene
My favorite topics“Y arriba yo, mi apá y la chona”... gay dude looking for friends around the world, leaning more about cultures and languages.
Vikram, 18
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is fluent in French who can help me learn to listen and speak
My learning goalsTo listen and speak with more fluency
My favorite topicsPolitics Cars Anything else!
Gabe, 22
LearnsSpanish, Persian, Italian
My exchange partner isSomeone who is kind, understanding, passionate about language learning, and a patient person! Let’s talk about anything!
My learning goalsTo attain fluency in Japanese, Italian and French!
My favorite topicsMusic, culture, video games, science, linguistics, food/cooking, TV, movies.
Malik, 40
SpeaksEnglish, Urdu
LearnsSpanish, French
My conversation partner isA fun loving language learner
My learning goalsImprove speaking skills
My favorite topicsReading, Traveling, Culture, Food, Sports, Books, Movies, TV series
Sharrisse, 27
My language exchange partner isPatient, Encouraging, Funny
My learning goalsFluency and improving listening comprehension in another language
My favorite topicsCulture, books, T.V shows
Linguopia, 37
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
My exchange partner isDivertido/a, que le guste viajar y hacer amigos.
My learning goalsSolo quiero practicar y aprender por diversión. Me parece un idioma muy bonito.
My favorite topicsNaturaleza y Tiempo Libre, cocina, viajes.
Zakqary, 22
LearnsFrench, Latin, Russian
My conversation partner isSomeone who genuinely wants to learn and can provide helpful insight into their language.
My learning goalsI would like to learn from a native, as I feel that would make learning a language so much easier and more engaging.
My favorite topicsLanguage learning, historical linguistics, and study/revival of endangered languages.