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Mary Rose, 18
LearnsGerman, Chinese
My exchange partner isSimilar interests, recommend books and music, slang and culture
My learning goalsImprove reading Chinese characters, expand vocabulary, practice and retain my German, get better at conversations and grammar in Chinese
My favorite topicsDaily activities, school 学习/学校, TV shows 看电视, cooking/food 烹饪
Hannah, 17
My conversation partner isSomeone my age who can help me learn Italian
My learning goalsFluent in Italian
My favorite topicsMusic Photography Tv shows
Robert, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
LearnsIndonesian, Japanese
My language exchange partner is🕴️
My learning goalsMake traveling easier
My favorite topicsCats
Jonathan, 25
My exchange partner isA french speaker.. C’est tout!
My learning goalsTo become fluent eventually.. been picking up and dropping French too often
My favorite topicsFood, travel, news, culture, history, politics, sport
Ritesh, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
My conversation partner isTalkative and funny
My learning goalsBe the best in 20 days ;)
My favorite topicsScience
Scott, 25
My language exchange partner isAnyone who wants help with English! 日本語を教えてください!
My learning goalsOne day, I want to travel to Japan!
My favorite topicsFood, travel, martial arts, video games and movies.
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Theo, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
LearnsJapanese, Sign language
My exchange partner isI like people who are funny and kind. I'd like to talk to someone who is engaging and interested in whatever we're talking about.
My learning goalsI hope to further develop my language skills
My favorite topicsI like talking about music, movies, food and my cat!
justin, 32
My conversation partner isI am open to talk to everyone
My learning goalsTo become more comfortable and less afraid speaking dutch
My favorite topicsSports, travel, movies, life, science
Melissa, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
My language exchange partner isFunny, kind and most of all patient
My learning goalsSpeak Spanish by spring 2020
My favorite topicsSports, swimming, surfing Music, travel, politics, environment
Krystian, 26
SpeaksEnglish, Polish
Learnsexx, Dutch
My exchange partner isFunny, video gamer, open minded
My learning goalsI would like to learn Dutch and Spanish a bit better then I do now
My favorite topicsVideo games, life, social discussion, small talk, food
Roze, 21
My conversation partner isI’d like to talk to someone who is kind and understanding of the fact that there may be times where we struggle with each other but we’ll figure it out!
My learning goalsMy goal is to be fluent in Korean as I’ve already visited once before but I plan on visiting more often now as I really enjoyed my last stay.
My favorite topicsMy hobbies include gaming, dancing, drawing, poetry and watching movies.
Otto, 15
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
LearnsAfrikaans, German, Spanish
My language exchange partner isSomeone that speaks Dutch or English and German
My learning goalsGerman
My favorite topicsAbout languages like German Dutch and English
Frankie, 24
My exchange partner isA person who likes to stay in contact and wants to learn from eachother
My learning goalsJust learn the basics, i would like to talk in spanish if im in spain etc
My favorite topicsSports, games, movies, vacation, almost everything
Nikolaas, 23
LearnsEsperanto, Dutch
My conversation partner isSomeone who is passionate about language, like me 😊
My learning goalsI want to improve my conversational Dutch and get a kickstart on Mandarin Chinese
My favorite topicsI love to travel, especially within the EU to see everywhere Europe has to offer
Jay, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
My language exchange partner isHelpful
My learning goalsHelp me conduct my research
My favorite topicsConducting a research for the Vietnamese market. I need of people to help me fill in a online survey.
Kate, 31
LearnsSpanish, Italian
My exchange partner isOpen- minded, easy- going, intelligent, and fun.
My learning goalsI studied Spanish in university but now that I also speak Italian, I confuse the 2 when I speak Spanish. I would like to practice more so I can change between them more easily. I also enjoy practicing Italian so that I can continue to improve.
My favorite topicsTravel, books, life stories and experiences.
Martijn, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
My conversation partner ispillow fighters, Social, proactive, same interests, sportive, funny, dancer etc
My learning goalsSpeaking Spanish fluently
My favorite topicsPillow fighting pro, sports, travelling, exploring, self development, different cultures, salsa, dancing, interesting ideas about everything.
Arifa, 19
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
Learnsils, Japanese, Korean
My language exchange partner isA very helpful and kind person.
My learning goalsTo become fluent
My favorite topicsMusic, Shows, Cultures
Carlo, 32
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
My exchange partner isNot really just people who dont mind to teach and learn
My learning goalsA new language
My favorite topicsRanrutinasnoleeennoyanonoversational t7hings to learn
Ritesh, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Kannada
LearnsSpanish, Dutch
My conversation partner isSomeone friendly
My learning goalsAbility to converse in a new language
My favorite topicsCulture, music, heritage