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Alex, 21
LearnsGerman, Polish
My exchange partner isAntwortet auf meine Frage
My learning goalsDeutsch/ Polnisch lernen und Frende machen
My favorite topicsReise, Sprache, Grammatik, Europa, Bibel
Oksana, 22
LearnsJapanese, Polish, Chinese
My conversation partner isГотов помочь с изучением языка
My learning goalsЧто б стал словно родной
My favorite topicsОбо всем
Nicolas, 52
LearnsZhuang, Chinese, Cantonese
My language exchange partner isHonnête et curieuse de la vie
My learning goalsChangement de pays
My favorite topicsGénéral
Agnes, 21
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsEnglish, Polish, Chinese
My exchange partner isWith good English ( who can correct my speech ), interesting person
My learning goalsTo speak English really fluently
My favorite topicsBooks and films ( fantasy ), games.
Nicolas, 22
LearnsEnglish, French, Chinese
My conversation partner isJust polite.
My learning goalsI want to speak and read fluently.
My favorite topicsSport, food nad travels.
Vlad, 19
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsEnglish, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isКореянка или Китаянка которая изучает русский язык. Чтобы я помогал ей изучать русский, а она мне корейский или китайский. А также взаимообмен культурами и обычьями
My learning goalsПоступить учиться в другой стране
My favorite topicsФильмы, сериалы, музыка, автомобили, компьютерные игры, бизнес, творчество, промышленная торговля, модельные бизнес, способы маштабирования, способы заработка, образование, ночная жизнь, клубы и т. Д.
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Agata, 22
LearnsItalian, Korean, Chinese
My exchange partner isSomeone who can easy talk, so I don't be to much scary to talk back
My learning goalsI want to be more fluent in English and start learning something new and start to talk in other languages.
My favorite topicsBooks, Marvel, k-pop, musicals, writing, Netflix
Mari, 23
LearnsKorean, Chinese
My conversation partner isI'm going to NYC in June and to Seoul in December so I'm looking for some cool peeps 🤙🤙whom I'll be able to hang out with once I'm there 😂😂
My learning goalsI hope to learn as much Korean and Chinese as it's possible through this XD as well as just meeting new people and gaining experience.
My favorite topicsI can talk about pretty much anything as long as we're having fun 😁
Natalia, 18
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsEnglish, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isОбщительные , честные, позитивные))
My learning goalsВыезд в Корею (за границу) , получение новых возможностей
My favorite topicsО музыке и культурах стран, на разные темы
Natalia, 19
My exchange partner isFriendly, with positive attitude and willingness to have a nice conversation 😁
My learning goalsI want to practice my English as much as I can and I believe that's the best way to do this.
My favorite topicsI really love art. Especially music and theatre. But I also enjoy talking about movies or TV shows.
Szymon, 28
LearnsEstonian, Russian
My conversation partner isFinnish people who can help me with language
My learning goalsSpeak fluently in Finnish
My favorite topicsLanguages, cognitive psychology, maths, public transport
Robert, 18
LearnsSpanish, French, Italian
My language exchange partner isEveryone who has sth in common with me
My learning goalsI want to ptactise my grammary, vocabulary and get know some idioms and phrasal verbs. I’d really like to write so it is really important to me to know English and French fluently.
My favorite topicsI would like to talk about music, travelling, fashion and Netflix series, art and more. My favorite music genre is R&B. I also prefer rap and pop. I love watching Riverdale, Suits, Atypical, House of Cards, La Casa Del Papel et Dynasty.
Adrianna, 27
My exchange partner isI would like to meet person who is really outgoing and nice. I like taking not only about my hobbies, but also your things ;)
My learning goalsI want to learn german to speak, write and comunnicate fluenlty.
My favorite topicsAnimals, dogs, law, politic, behaviourism, travels
Oktawian, 21
LearnsGerman, English
My conversation partner isnice,handsome,pretty,kind,smart,lovely,friendly
My learning goalsi want learn english and germany.
My favorite topicsGames,tv series,movies,sexuality,planet,technology
Julita, 19
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Italian
My language exchange partner iskind and funny
My learning goalsI want to communicate with people around the world and travel a lot
My favorite topicsMusic, travels, books,
Carlos, 24
LearnsGerman, Polish, Turkish
My exchange partner isThey should be talkative
My learning goalsImproving my languages
My favorite topicsGeneral things History Culture
lukasz, 30
SpeaksSpanish, Polish
My conversation partner isAbierto, social y que corriga los fallos.
My learning goalshablar con fluidez.
My favorite topicsDeportes, viajes, series, en realidad de cualquier cosa.
Matryna, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Polish
My language exchange partner isPositive ones!! ?????
My learning goalsNeed to find out
My favorite topicsMusic, culture, lifestyle
Sylwia, 27
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Italian
My exchange partner isPatient :)
My learning goalsBe able to communicate in Spanish and improve English and Italian.
My favorite topicsAll
Maciek, 24
My conversation partner isThe person who understands mems and stupit jokes
My learning goalsI want tok about evrything without shame
My favorite topicsBooks, films, life, Biblie