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caitie, 28
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Italian
My exchange partner isAnyone with similar interests
My learning goalsTo become fluent in Spanish, and conversational in Italian and German. I want to use these skills in travel and work. I would love to be able to watch international movies without subtitles!
My favorite topicsMovies, TV, politics, business, culture, food, travel, exercise
Bradley, 26
LearnsChinese, Cantonese
Ideal language community partnerPatient, talkative, interesting
My learning goalsAchieve fluency in different languages, and meet people from around the world.
My favorite topicsHealthcare and medicine, world politics and economics, self-betterment and meditation, exercise
Sasha, 18
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerfriendly and sociable
My learning goalsto gain new vocabulary and perfect my accent
My favorite topicssports, music, global news
Michael, 21
Perfect language exchange partnerfun to chat with, humorous, chill, not too sensitive/offended, attractive, flirty, looking for some fun, intelligent, flexible, can speak moderate english.
My learning goalsKorean, fun, spark conversations, basic conversation skills, slang, talk with friends, flirt, interests in english and korean
My favorite topicsKpop, hiphop, fashion, tech, business, marijuana, travel, food, drinks
Lindsay, 26
My conversation partnerSomeone who is willing to put up with some mistakes and help each other learn!
My learning goalsConversational Spanish. I work with majority Spanish speaking students and I’m looking to learn Spanish!
My favorite topicsMovies, Music, Culture, Sports, Travel
Quincy, 25
My exchange partner isSomeone who is kind and understanding, and who's willing to adapt to my speed, is okay with repeating things a lot.
My learning goals我女朋友是中国人,我想为她的家人学中文
My favorite topicsEveryday things, music, meeting new people!
Dillon, 25
LearnsSpanish, Italian, Japanese
My exchange partner isFriendly, persistent
My learning goalsI just want to improve
My favorite topicsPiano, Video Games, Culture
Sydney, 25
Ideal language community partnerWorldly! Funny and socially aware
My learning goalsBuild close to fluent proficiency
My favorite topicsMusic, social issues, race, education
Jude, 26
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomeone who is willing to be patient while I learn Korean and who has an interest in practicing their English.
My learning goalsI want to have a sizable vocabulary and a decent understanding of Korean grammar. I would like to be able to speak casually with native speakers.
My favorite topicsVideo games, music, fashion, cats, writing
Siobhan, 24
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
Perfect language exchange partnerFriendly and energetic!
My learning goalsI would love to be able to fluently speak Spanish and/or Portuguese
My favorite topicsSports, fashion, dance, music, anything really!
Yuri, 52
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
LearnsSpanish, Persian, Uzbek
My conversation partnerPerson with positive attitude who loves to teach others
My learning goalsBe fluent
My favorite topicsHealthy life style
Chris, 27
My exchange partner isポジティブな人で、冗談言ったりよくわらったりする人です。外国語を学ぶことは大変ですが、相手がポジティブだったら、すごく楽しくなると思います。
My learning goals新しい単語学ぶことは目的です。それに、相手が話すときに、ちゃんと理解できるようになりたいです。
My favorite topicsビデオゲームVideo games うんどうLifting/Gym アニメAnime 生物学Biology りょうりCooking 心理的についての話Mental Health LGBT issues りょこうTravel
Leo, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsFrench, Hebrew
Ideal language community partnerFluent in french and commited
My learning goalsBecome fluent in french and hebrew
My favorite topicsAnything but politics please.
Adam, 41
LearnsItalian, Norwegian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerA native italian speaker trying to learn English
My learning goalsNone
My favorite topicsAny topic in Italian: work, politics, family life
Kelsie, 29
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
Perfect language exchange partnerThoughtful and empathetic
My learning goalsI want to improve my language skills and vocabulary. I also want to learn more about different countries and make friends from around the world :)
My favorite topicsBooks, Netflix shows, figure skating, and global issues
Emily, 21
LearnsSpanish, French
My conversation partnerCasual conversations that is tolerant of lots of mistakes :). Likes to joke around and is very time flexible.
My learning goalsI want to be more conversational in French. I would appreciate learning other skills, but I mostly want to be confident in my ability to talk to people.
My favorite topicsPolitics, sports, books. I’m down to talk about lots of different topics, whether I’m learning about it for the first time or know a lot already.
Emma, 28
My exchange partner isOpen, honest and funny
My learning goalsFluency and someone to correct my skills
My favorite topicsCulture, entertainment and food
Vincent, 18
LearnsSpanish, French, Italian
Ideal language community partnerUnderstanding, willing to work with me, and able to keep up a conversation.
My learning goalsI want to become fluent in Italian and learn enough Spanish and French to be able to get by in a Spanish or French speaking country
My favorite topicsI like books, TV shows, and movies. I also enjoy history and politics. I absolutely love traveling and different cultures.
Den, 27
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomeone to push my korean usage.
My learning goalsTo be a better speaker amd writer
My favorite topicsMusic , News and Dramas
Jim, 26
SpeaksEnglish, Korean
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone who likes to chat and is fluent in both English and Spanish, preferably European Spanish, but not required. Would be great if he/she can explain some grammars and patterns or just teach me expressions.
My learning goalsBeing fluent in Spanish :)
My favorite topicsCultures/Culturas, Life in general/La vida en general

Frequent city questions

How many people are available for language exchange in Brookline?

There are 311 members in Brookline on Tandem.

Which other locations in United States other than Brookline are available for language exchange on Tandem?

Tandem is also available in locations such as Oakland, Jacksonville, and Bellevue.

What is Tandem and what is language exchange?

Tandem is the language learning app where millions of people teach each other. More than 500,000 people visit Tandem each month and 311 do it in Brookline.