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Julius, 23
SpeaksEnglish, Swahili
My exchange partner isI don't care
My learning goalsTo speak Germany
My favorite topicsAny top
Chester, 29
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Italian
Ideal language community partnerLoves to talk about the small things in details and can bring new topics to the conversation
My learning goalsTo better my German and learn to speak Spanish and Italian
My favorite topicsFood, movies, science, industry, sports, tv series, psychology
Cristine Marie, 33
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
Ideal conversation exchange partnerPatient and eager to teach
My learning goalsC1
My favorite topicsAny
Sharik, 27
SpeaksEnglish, Thai
Perfect language exchange partnerOpen minded, International mentality, not afraid to initiate discussions, supportive
My learning goalsIch möchte guten gesproche und vershtehen sind
My favorite topicsMusik, Football, und Eneuerbane Energien - Solar 😁
Anna, 23
SpeaksEnglish, Malayalam
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partnerHe/she should be very patient and talkative
My learning goalsBy language learning i can meet some freinds
My favorite topicsabout german grammar
Bruno, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
My exchange partner isSomeone who can talk about various things and it's always up for something fun
My learning goalsI wanna improve my German because I'm living in Germany and my goal is to study at a university there
My favorite topicsAnything that comes up, but if I need to pick, mostly science, music, philosophy or history
Frank, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
My exchange partner isAdventurous, friendly, enthusiastic, patient
My learning goalsFluent in German
My favorite topicsSport (tennis, cycling), travel, life, culture, adventure
Neno, 30
Ideal language community partnerFriendly, patient, kind
My learning goalsTo be able to converse fluently in German
My favorite topicsMusic, art, culture, food, hiking, nature, outdoors, video games
Ayal, 45
Ideal conversation exchange partnerFreundlich, geduldig, gesprächig
My learning goalsUm ein angenehmes Gesprächsniveau zu erreichen.
My favorite topicsBücher, Wissenschaft, Technologie, Gesellschaft, Politik, Babys (ich habe ein neues), Südafrika (dort aufgewachsen), Deutschland, Israel (dort geboren)...
Jacob, 25
LearnsGerman, Hebrew
Perfect language exchange partnerUpbeat and patient and willing to let me work on speaking
My learning goalsI would like to be advanced conversational, particularly in German
My favorite topicsDaily life, history, sports, politics
Peiman, 29
SpeaksEnglish, Persian
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partnerare interesting to talk to and possibly, i can learn a lot from them
My learning goalsI would like to be fluent in German
My favorite topicsPolitics, cars, movies, cycling, animals etc
Matthew, 23
My exchange partner isSomeone who has similar interests and is easy to talk to
My learning goalsTo improve my colloquial everyday language skills
My favorite topicsMusik Sport Kultur Andere Länder Filmen
Rian, 30
SpeaksEnglish, kok
Ideal language community partnerFriendly and patient ;)
My learning goalsTo become a fluent speaker.
My favorite topicsDogs, wine & CBD
Chiara, 21
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
Ideal conversation exchange partnerI enjoy talking to someone who is very open and not afraid to correct my language skills
My learning goalsMy goal is to be able to communicate more confidently
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about daily life, university, history, music and a lot of other things
Karcy, 34
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
Perfect language exchange partnerBest would be someone my age range, and someone who would be very open and very patient 😊
My learning goalsWith my German skills, I'd like to be improve the grammar part and learn more vocabularies and use them correctly. With French, I know nothing about it yet but I'd love to learn it too.
My favorite topicsLife in Particular. Random. Probably about work, about dreams, plans in life, hobbies, social media, fashiin, motherhood, alcohol, movies, music.
Omar, 26
SpeaksArabic, English
LearnsItalian, Dutch
My conversation partnerCool, open, fun to hang out with
My learning goalsInteresting to learn new languages and to meet new people
My favorite topicsNature, energy, social
Cicero, 32
SpeaksEnglish, Portuguese
My exchange partner isI'm open to all kinds of people and I believe doesn't matter who, I will have something to learn from.
My learning goalsI want to live in Deutschland and I believe it's important to now the local language.
My favorite topicsNature, animals, fiction, photography, art, street art, technology, astronomy, life in general like sharing life experiences
Carmen, 29
LearnsGerman, French
Ideal language community partnerPatient and open minded
My learning goalsTo be able to communicate to live and thrive in Germany
My favorite topicsNature, sport, adventure, culture, language, love, friends... Anything :)
Christopher, 40
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomeone willing to learn and is patient.
My learning goalsTo slowly learn to speak the language so I can better integrate into Germany.
My favorite topicsPhilosophy, politics, history, music, news, culture, media. Anything really
Heidi, 35
Perfect language exchange partnerCasual and open minded. Has similar interests.
My learning goalsTo become better at conversation in German.
My favorite topicsMusic, movies, video games, superheroes, kids, photography, plants, dogs

Frequent city questions

How many people are available for language exchange in Freiburg?

There are 1,193 members in Freiburg on Tandem.

Which other locations in Germany other than Freiburg are available for language exchange on Tandem?

Tandem is also available in locations such as Detmold, Wiesbaden, and Rostock.

What is Tandem and what is language exchange?

Tandem is the language learning app where millions of people teach each other. More than 500,000 people visit Tandem each month and 1,193 do it in Freiburg.