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20 français interlocuteurs à Palo Alto cherchant à apprendre des langues

Matthew Iver, 21
Palo Alto
ApprendsEspanol, Français, Norvégien
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueOutgoing, interested in books and literature, politics, religion, or simply living life to the fullest. Also, anyone nice and willing to practice and bear with my mistakes.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to practice daily to become fully conversational in Spanish and French.
Mes sujets favorisBooks, literature, language study, tv shows, science. I am currently studying Spanish and French.
Sofoklis, 31
Palo Alto
ApprendsFrançais, Italien
Mon partenaire d'échange estEducated, interested in cultural exchange
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageBecome fluent in French and Italian
Mes sujets favorisCulture, Movies, philosophy, news, economics, arts, psychology, travel
Slava, 24
Palo Alto
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalA French buddy! I want to learn how to pronounce French sounds and speak French fluently.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to read poetry and Victor Hugo in French. Also, I’m interested in French musicals! I want to talk a lot to interesting people and share ideas :)
Mes sujets favorisI am a PhD math student at Stanford University. I like science, music, sports, and culture :) I recently started to play a guitar, I like playing bongo drums :) I like reading fiction books, the last one I read was Anna Karenina in Russian ;)
Clara, 18
Palo Alto
ApprendsFrançais, Chinois
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitSomeone who is interested in languages, and all their little quirks.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI would like to expand my French vocabulary and better my Mandarin sentence structure
Mes sujets favorisI enjoy discussing video games, theatre, movies, books and school related things.
Chris, 21
Palo Alto
ApprendsFrançais, Portugais, Chinois
Mon partenaire d'échangeReciprocal, funny, flexible, spontaneous
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageMaintain languages that I have been immersed in previously
Mes sujets favorisTravel, tech, athletics, exercise
Alexandra, 23
Palo Alto
ParleAnglais, Chinois
ApprendsFrançais, Latin, Néerlandais
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueFriendly and supportive, non-judgemental
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageComplete mastery
Mes sujets favorisHistory, cooking, math, books, travel, life, school
Izzy, 21
Palo Alto
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueanyone w common interests who doesn
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageaiming to be conversational in French for now — ultimately hoping to be able to read poetry & literature and study abroad there
Mes sujets favorisart & writing & all things outdoors
Kevin, 20
Palo Alto
ApprendsEspéranto, Espanol, Français
Mon partenaire d'échange estFriendly
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageGain fluency in languages
Mes sujets favorisAnything
Julianna, 21
Palo Alto
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalIl mio tandem ideale parla italiano bene e vuole imparare inglese. Lui/lei è simpatico/a, paziente, e divertente! My ideal tandem partner speaks Italian well and wants to learn English. He/she is nice, patient, and fun!
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageVoglio parlare italiano bene, incontrare molte persone in Italia, e conoscere la città. I want to speak Italian well (fluently), meet many people in Italy, and get to know the city.
Mes sujets favorisMi piace parlare dell’arte, la musica, il teatro, i libri, il cibo (ovviamente) e la cultura e storia di Italia! I like talking about art, music, theatre, books, food (obviously), and Italian culture and history.
Yiying, 30
Palo Alto
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitSomeone whos open-minded!
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageImprove my German speaking and making friends!
Mes sujets favorisAnything
Taige, 34
Palo Alto
ParleAnglais, Chinois
Mon partenaire d'échangeNice ones.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageBe good at German because I live in Germany.
Mes sujets favorisWater sports, traveling, technology, health, cultures and science.
Slava, 25
Palo Alto
ParleAnglais, Russe
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langue문제 메시지로 연습, 말하기 연습, 한국에서 놀기
Mes objectifs d'apprentissage목표는 쉽게 이야기 하고 싶어요. 드라마를 이해하고 한국 사람과 같이 화에 대해서 이야기 할 수가 있으면 좋겠어요
Mes sujets favoris인사, 취미, 운동, 미국, 대학 생활, IT, 암벽 등반, 한국에서 관광, Dota2 게임
Persi, 50
Palo Alto
ParleAnglais, Persan
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueFemale and adventurous
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageSpeaking
Mes sujets favorisCultural. Travel. Nature. Technology. Relationship.
Noel, 34
Palo Alto
Mon partenaire d'échange estA patient, understanding open-minded and humble individuals
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo improve my second language of German, to be able to speak with my german mother, cousin, and coworkers
Mes sujets favorisCulture, travel, fitness, crafting, movies
Anne, 25
Palo Alto
ApprendsEspanol, Chinois
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalFriendly Helps me correct my grammar and spelling and teaches me colloquial language
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageImprove my language skills and meet interesting people
Mes sujets favorisTravel/Places to Visit Outdoor activities (hiking, going to the beach, snowboarding, etc) Environment Health/medicine
Mo Fei, 29
Palo Alto
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaita passionate learner,who like to talk about anything
Mes objectifs d'apprentissagei want to speak English fluently
Mes sujets favorislife around us,we usually do,study,research
Chris, 33
Palo Alto
Mon partenaire d'échangeA person passionate about to learn a new language.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo improve my pronounce
Mes sujets favorisMusic, films and tv shows
Tia, 29
Palo Alto
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueFriendly, love to talk, love to make friends.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageSpeak English fluently
Mes sujets favorisTravel, work, life, love, movie
Ashley, 26
Palo Alto
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la languePatient, since I'm a beginner, but interested in learning, like I am.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI hope to become fluent in Japanese and one day, visit Japan.
Mes sujets favorisFantasy books, anime, science, cultures, I'm open to pretty much anything
Edgar, 33
Palo Alto
ApprendsJaponais, Portugais
Mon partenaire d'échange estPeople who knows a lot of stuff and likes to speak, but also is a good listener 🙄
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI'll be in Tokio this year and I want to learn Japanese basics and practice!
Mes sujets favorisTechnology, music, piano, guitar, singing, Mexico, Japan.