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Grand Rapids

20 Deutsch sprechende in Grand Rapids wollen Sprachen lernen

George, 27
Grand Rapids
LerntDeutsch, Spanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityA funny and creative one
Meine LernzieleBetter understanding of another language
Meine InteresseMusic, politics, history
Tyy, 51
Grand Rapids
Mein Sprachpartner istSomeone who is easy going, clever, and can debate without resorting to insults
Meine LernzieleTo learn another language and hopefully make a friend or two :)
Meine InteresseMusic, books, sex work, politics, space
Benjamin, 28
Grand Rapids
LerntDeutsch, Italienisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerUna persona divertida, que sepa de temas diferentes, estudiando universidad o laborando actualmente. Que sea paciente y quizás este interesada en aprender español. Una chica de preferencia.
Meine LernzieleSeguir practicando Alemán e Italiano, ya que no tengo a nadie con quien hablarlo.
Meine InteresseCultura, viajes, películas, música, videojuegos, libros, etc.
Kait, 30
Grand Rapids
Perfekter SprachpartnerWho is willing to speak both German and English with me. I have very basic German skills that I'd like to grow. I welcome corrections.
Meine LernzieleMy goal is to be able to go back to Germany some day and go out to a restaurant without being asked if I'd like to have the English menu.
Meine InteresseRowing. Animals.
YoungJae, 26
Grand Rapids
SprichtEnglisch, Koreanisch
LerntDeutsch, Spanisch, Französisch
Mein GesprächspartnerAdventurous, open minded
Meine LernzieleLearn about new cultures and places; learn French and Spanish
Meine InteresseCooking, food, traveling, famous sites, cultures
Dallas, 27
Grand Rapids
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunitySomeone who would be willing to work with me as I make mistakes, while giving helpful corrections.
Meine LernzieleI would like to improve in my ability to speak Japanese
Meine InteresseI enjoy talking about anything, really. Religion, socio-political ideologies, the mechanisms of society, culture, history, etc.
Scott, 27
Grand Rapids
LerntSpanisch, Lao
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunitySomeone who is open to discussing their personal experiences as a way to learn. Be weird, cause weird is normal.
Meine LernzieleTo be able to speak Spanish conversationally and to reduce my need for dictionary help. For Lao, I mainly just talk in basic phrases for when I someday travel to the country.
Meine InteresseMusic, esports and the future of gaming, cryptocurrency, politics, psychedelics.
Giovanni, 25
Grand Rapids
SprichtEnglisch, Spanisch
LerntFranzösisch, Vietnamesisch
Mein Sprachpartner istSomeone who is nice and willing to work with me. Essentially someone very patient.lol
Meine LernzieleLearn a new language and be a little fluent.
Meine InteresseConversation on technology, history, video gaming, and exploring new things.
Tiana, 20
Grand Rapids
Idealer GesprächspartnerPatient, open-minded, fun to talk to
Meine LernzieleTo be fluent in Korean
Meine InteresseI love listening to music, reading, and working as a teacher at a daycare.
Jacob, 21
Grand Rapids
LerntSpanisch, Chinesisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerSomeone accepting and understanding :)
Meine LernzieleI hope I can become fluent in a language someday, but until that day comes, I love to learn about culture :)
Meine InteresseI play guitar (both acoustic and bass guitar), I love playing video games, doing stuff with computers, and listening to music (and I love languages)
Edith, 27
Grand Rapids
LerntArabisch, Englisch, Französisch
Mein GesprächspartnerMe gusta conocer personas sobre todo culturas y costumbres diferentes a la mía soy una persona muy amable y sonriente con muchas ganas de aprender otros idiomas.
Meine LernzieleEstablecer nuevas oportunidades de empleo
Meine InteresseTrabajo familia países cultura comida
Corey, 41
Grand Rapids
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityKind, patient, likes to learn new things and enjoys a wide variety of interest
Meine LernzieleTo become fluent in Russian speaking reading and writing.
Meine InteresseLiterature, Art, Computers, Food, Games, Motorcycles, Life
Leilani, 31
Grand Rapids
LerntSpanisch, Französisch, Portugiesisch
Mein Sprachpartner istPatient, kind, motivational and inspirational.
Meine LernzieleI want to be able to speak the basics of Portuguese in the next four weeks.
Meine InteresseLife, travel, business, interests or hobbies and other.
Stephanie, 51
Grand Rapids
LerntFranzösisch, Niederländisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerTalkative
Meine LernzieleJust retaining what I learn
Meine InteresseYoga, pole dancing, everyday life
Connor, 28
Grand Rapids
Perfekter SprachpartnerAnyone who likes to chat and explore the world
Meine LernzieleLooking to become more proficient in Mandarin
Meine InteresseCulture, movies, food, opinions, video games
Agnes, 24
Grand Rapids
SprichtEnglisch, Kirundi
Mein GesprächspartnerFunny, smart, kind
Meine LernzieleBecome comfortable speaking
Meine InteresseBooks, movies, YouTube
Kelly, 32
Grand Rapids
LerntSpanisch, Französisch, Chinesisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityFun
Meine LernzieleLearning new language
Meine InteresseEntertainment, history, science
DeQuisha, 36
Grand Rapids
LerntArabisch, Französisch
Mein Sprachpartner istPatient and easy to talk to.
Meine LernzieleTo speak and understand.
Meine InteresseTraveling Cooking Movies
Ricky, 24
Grand Rapids
Idealer GesprächspartnerTalkative & personable
Meine LernzieleClose to fluency in spanish as I can possibly get.
Meine InteresseLife, travel, politics, history, and food
Drew, 31
Grand Rapids
Perfekter SprachpartnerHappy and willing to learn from each other.
Meine LernzieleBecoming more fluent.
Meine InteresseA little bit of everything. Music, movies, and culture!