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Which Language Should I Learn Next?

Avid language learners are often faced with the question, “which language should I learn next?” However, no stress, Tandem has got you! Take the quiz below and read our reasons for learning a new language to see what language chooses you.

Reasons for learning a new language

1. Personal Connection to the Language:

The more connected you are to a language or the country where they speak it, the better. Whether you have business connections, family or friends abroad, this would be a good reason for you to invest your time into learning the language with the goal of gaining proficiency.

2. Similarity to Your Own Language:

Deciding on a new language to learn can also be based on which language or languages are most similar to your own. Languages come in families and share the same origins as others, so picking a language that already builds on existing knowledge makes perfect sense. For example, if you are a native Italian speaker it might be easier for you to learn Spanish next. This will help you advance faster and motivate you to continue learning.

3. Practicality of the Language:

Choosing a language which is widely spoken and spoken in multiple countries will keep your options open for future travel and business opportunities. Knowing that a language is popular and widely spoken will, therefore, increase your motivation to learn it. A good example of such a language is English. Spanish is also another great option since it is spoken in many countries along with Chinese as it is spoken by over one billion people.

4. The Language Chose You:

This one is about falling in love with a language. Whether it be the sound of the language, the people who speak it or the culture, falling in love with one aspect of a language is a great reason to start learning it.

To conclude, pick whichever language you feel most passionate about, and if all else fails then pick a really practical option. Once you have decided on a language to learn, join the Tandem community and connect with native speakers to help you reach a level of fluency.

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