About us

Our app is crafted by an international team of language hackers based in Berlin. Our mission? To build a global, mobile-first language learning community that empowers everyone, everywhere to speak any language.

Our story

Language learners have used the “Tandem” language learning method since the 70s. When you do something “in tandem”, you try together to reach a common goal – for example, riding a Tandem bike or doing a skydive with a partner.

While many learners have already benefitted from language exchange, it is not always easy to find a partner to practice with. Too many learners give up after struggling to find a convenient and cheap way to talk to a native speaker.

Our app is designed to give everyone the opportunity to practice languages for free. Today, millions of people from all around the world use our app to help each other learn new languages via text, audio and video chat.

With speaking practice made easy on mobile, we can all learn new languages together, anytime, anywhere. Join the Tandem community, and you can speak any language too!