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How does tutors work?

1. You Get Booked

2. Teach your lessons

3. You get paid

Why tutor with our app?

Our app lets you be a tutor again

When you become a Tutor, we take care of everything, so you can focus on what you do best – teaching. Everything from scheduling times, to payments, and even the lessons themselves are done right within the Tandem app. It’s the easiest way to earn extra money teaching languages.

Your payment is guaranteed

Tutors can set their own prices and are guaranteed to earn 80% of their price for every hour a student books with them. No-show? No problem. Students pre-pay for the lessons they book, so you get paid whether they show up or not.

Are you a certified language Tutor?

Simply fill out the form to apply to become a Tutor. We review all Tutor applications personally and due to the number of requests we can only get back to those who are a good fit.

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