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Whether you’re starting a new language from scratch, or just need a refresher course, we’ll help you find a professional language Tutor in minutes. Just find someone who matches your style, and book a lesson.

Find a Tutor

Scroll through the list of Tutors on the Tandem app for the language you want to learn. Browse their profile, read their reviews, and find someone who matches your personal learning style.

Book a lesson

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to try, view their available time slots. Choose a 20, 40, or 60 minute block, and book a time. Lessons must be prepaid, but your first 15 minutes are free!

Take your lesson

Connect with your language Tutor at the specified time. These fun, informative and stress-free lessons will quickly improve your skills. Afterwards you can leave a review for others to read.

Why learn with one of our Tutors?

Our tutors are fun

All of our Tutors are handpicked by us for their professionalism, knowledge, and, well… fun factor. We don’t like learning from dried-up old dictionaries either, so when we look at prospective Tutor, we look for people who we’d actually want to spend an hour chatting to, not someone who makes even our phones go to sleep.

Tandem Tutors fit language learning into your schedule

If you’ve taken a language course, or private lesson, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded “lessening lessons” where everything starts out great, but week by week you find yourself attending fewer and fewer classes. It’s just too hard to keep up, especially with all the other stuff you have to fit into your day. With our Tutors, you can schedule your lessons whenever you have a free moment, AND you don’t have to make an extra effort to go anywhere. It’s right on your phone!

Lots of Tutors to choose from

You can try out a Tutor in the Tandem app with no obligation to continue. If it’s not for you, then simply don’t book another appointment. But we’re secretly (maybe not so secretly) hoping you’ll stick around, because we think that you’ll enjoy your lesson so much that you’ll be doubly excited for round two.

Speaking is the fastest way to fluency

Practice listening, improve your pronunciation, and learn to speak a foreign language with native speakers – no matter where you are.