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20 тандем-партнеров в городе Утрехт готовы к изучению языка

Matthijs, 23
Изучаетафрикаанс, русский, шведский
Идеальный собеседникFunny and helpful
Учебные целиTo be able to comfortably conversate
Темы для разговораTraveling, culture, science
Anne, 19
Знаетанглийский, голландский
Идеальный тандем-партнерWhoever!
Учебные целиImprove conversation skills
Темы для разговораI am really interested in reading, history (especially the history of the 20th century and the Soviet Union) and ballet
Tjarda, 37
Мой тандем-партнерSomeone with who you can laugh and talk about many different subjects. And someone who is patient with repeating things which are not clear. I still make a lot of mistakes in speaking Russian... :-)
Учебные целиI would like to learn to speak Russian in a way that I could really have a conversation with people about different ( life) topics. My dream is to bicycle through different Russian speaking countries. So that's why I really need to speak Russian. :-)
Темы для разговораAbout life, free time, traveling, work, social topics, hobbies, philosophical topics
Victoire, 23
Изучаетиспанский, русский
Партнер для языкового обменаEnthousiaste, heureux.se de partager ses connaissances et ses expériences
Учебные целиProgresser pour pouvoir parler couramment
Темы для разговораTennis, running, sciences, culture, music, nourriture, movies & TV shows
Sander, 33
Знаетанглийский, голландский
Изучаетиспанский, японский, русский
Идеальный собеседникA person with a keen and refreshing interest in people. Someone who loves to be around people and is not afraod to discuss a variety of topics
Учебные целиTo be able to held a conversation
Темы для разговораTravel, music, dance
Coco, 20
Идеальный тандем-партнерSomeone who is excited to learn a language and to have things in common with
Учебные целиI woul love to improve my French
Темы для разговораMusic, travelling, culture, food, anything random really :)
Rémy, 26
Знаетанглийский, французский
Идеальный собеседникWitty, Friendly and Enthusiastic
Учебные целиSpeak conversational level of Dutch regarding certain social topics.
Темы для разговораMusic, Games, Films
Nils, 27
Изучаетиспанский, французский
Идеальный тандем-партнерSomeone who loves learning languages
Учебные целиI would like to improve my french and spanish
Темы для разговораPolitics, language, culture, sci-fi, superhero movies, comics, anime, space, fantasy, history, tv shows, sit-coms, new technologies, documentaries, traveling etc
Sayed, 28
Мой тандем-партнерLet's have a laugh and learn something new 🎉🙏👏 can anyone here do a handstand? I'm on the 3rd week of learning haha any tips appreciated 🙏🙏✨
Учебные целиSeeing as I want to live here for as long as I can (got a perma contract I ain't leaving now yeww) so I'd like to be able to talk to people here like I did back home in Australia :) and know when there are cool specials! I can't read them online 😭😂
Темы для разговораThat's my neighbours cat Eddie he is super cute, friends from covid 😂 backpacked for around a year, found a job here in Netherlands (miracle) now living here permanently lucky for me as I do photography NL is mooi😍lots to say ~ so let's have a laugh 😝
Riëtte, 25
Партнер для языкового обменаKind, funny, speaks spanish
Учебные целиI already speak spanish, but I would like to become more fluent and eventually take the dele exam :)
Темы для разговораTv shows, music, travelling, global issues
David, 25
Знаетанглийский, голландский
Изучаетарабский, испанский, французский
Идеальный собеседникMy preference goes out to practicing Arabic.
Учебные целиBe able to use Arabic and French in a working environment.
Темы для разговораFood, travel, climate change, sports
Joao, 23
Идеальный тандем-партнерSomeone who are ready to help and have some patience to teach me some words in German
Учебные целиLearn german at the point I can keep a conversation
Темы для разговораSports, sucess, life, debates about future
Carola, 27
Мой тандем-партнерOpen-minded, curious and patient :)
Учебные целиSpeaking Dutch more fluently and expanding my vocabulary to be able to communicate with my family-in-law in a more casual way
Темы для разговораNature, food, sports, countries, cultures and many more
Wouter, 25
Партнер для языкового обменаAround the age 20-30, any type :-)
Учебные целиGet more used to Italian grammar, so that it becomes more automatic, and extend my vocabulary.
Темы для разговораListening to music, and playing it (on drums)! I like different kind of sports, and am also interested in different fields of science.
Lucas, 22
Знаетнемецкий, испанский
Изучаетголландский, китайский
Идеальный собеседникSomeone with similar interests as me.
Учебные целиFor Mandarin, I would like to know as much as I can and be as fluent as possible. As for Dutch, I'd like to know at least the basics.
Темы для разговораMusic (classical), movies, physics, foreign cultures, soccer
Thijs, 22
Идеальный тандем-партнерOpen, easygoing, patient
Учебные целиSpeaking basic spanish
Темы для разговораDaily life, sports, medicine
Simon, 30
Знаетнемецкий, голландский
Мой тандем-партнерSomeone to share a coffee and some thoughts
Учебные целиI want to become fluent in Spanish
Темы для разговораTraveling, food, technology, customs, politics
Ruveyda, 20
Изучаетнемецкий, английский
Партнер для языкового обменаLoyality.
Учебные целиTo better speaking English and Deutch.
Темы для разговораI enjoy learning and i like to know what other people are into, so, am open to most topics. Books, movies, sport, food, technology, just to name some subjects. 🍃🌼📈
Wesley, 31
Изучаетнемецкий, испанский
Идеальный собеседникOpen-minded friendly person, from whenever. No demands, let's learn from each other.
Учебные целиLearn Spanish, dust of my German and take better pictures ;)
Темы для разговораAnything geek / tech related. Like to travel, a lot! Cultural and historical minded.
Leo, 28
Идеальный тандем-партнерSomeone who speaks Dutch and likes to teach it :) If you are interested in learning German, just hit me up 👌🏼
Учебные целиTo learn Dutch and pass the NT2 II staatsexam
Темы для разговораTraveling, Technology and learning Dutch (at the moment).