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20 тандем-партнеров в городе Парсипини-Трой Хиллз готовы к изучению языка

Galina, 28
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Идеальный собеседникEnjoys to learn the language in serious matter and helps out if partner needs it
Учебные целиTo be able to speak and understand the language when reading
Темы для разговораNutrition, books
Benjamin, 20
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Изучаетиспанский, русский
Идеальный тандем-партнерSomeone chill, because I don’t know how active I’ll be on here. But also someone who is willing to correct my mistakes.
Учебные целиI’d like to be conversationally fluent.
Темы для разговораReligion (Christianity), Literature, Hiking
Lainey, 33
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Изучаетиспанский, гаитянский
Мой тандем-партнерEasy going and patient
Учебные целиTo be able to comfortably communicate conversationally
Темы для разговораMakeup and Skincare Planning/Crafting
Noemi, 60
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Знаетанглийский, тагальский
Партнер для языкового обменаI am interested in improving my French in speaking/ listening and reading/ writing skills and hopefully my partner is also as enthusiastic as I am. I am willing to help improve his/her English skills as well.
Учебные целиMy goals are to be able to help someone learn English as much as my speaking French. To comfortably speak and understand French. To be able to tell a story cohesively.
Темы для разговора I would like to talk about some books, movies, food recipes, places I have visited and wants to visit, current events and crafts.
Foad, 27
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Идеальный собеседникA perfect one!
Учебные целиLearn as high as a native!
Темы для разговораEverything
Laura, 32
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Идеальный тандем-партнерWants to connect with someone to learn each other’s languages and interested to explain their culture to me, vise versa. Have social conversations, too.
Учебные целиI’d like to be confident I. Speaking fluently for job purposes
Темы для разговораEducation and social matters, daily life
Janset, 24
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Знаетарабский, английский
Изучаетяпонский, корейский
Идеальный собеседникSomeone who is social and expressive willing to be patient and help me learn the languages
Учебные целиI would like two be fluent
Темы для разговораMusic culture movies travel experiences
matt, 18
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Идеальный тандем-партнерOutgoing, and active
Учебные целиI would like to learn to speak and read Spanish in 1 year
Темы для разговораWhat to do for fun. What work people do. And stuff about life
Aarav, 20
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Мой тандем-партнерGirl who is very cute
Учебные целиI want to be advanced
Темы для разговораIntoduction in hindi.
Pauline, 23
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Партнер для языкового обменаNationalité américaine, qui aime voyager
Учебные целиWanted to improve my English with native people 🇺🇸🇬🇧 Can teach French
Темы для разговораVoyage, culture américaine
Tyler, 19
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Изучаетиспанский, китайский
Идеальный собеседникHas impeccable grammar
Учебные целиI want to develop my reading and writing abilities, expand vocabulary, learn more complicated sentence structure, and begin to understand native speakers speaking at normal pace
Темы для разговораTechnology, games, history, future, philosophy, terms that I will need when traveling
Caren, 58
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Идеальный тандем-партнерSomeone with a good sense of humor and a lot of patience
Учебные целиWould like to be able to understand Spanish for traveling
Темы для разговораBicycling, travel, family, current events
Matthew, 20
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Мой тандем-партнерSomeone open to helping one another along the journey of learning another language.
Учебные целиI want to become fluent in Spanish because I gets one people who I want to talk to at my job but they have a hard time speaking English.
Темы для разговораI like to talk about anything and everything. If I had to pick one cultural differences from what it’s like in America compared to other parts of the world. I like to learn about other cultures.
Isis, 27
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Партнер для языкового обменаSome one who is active and responds with interesting topics if need be. Also kind and helpful!
Учебные целиTo speak fluently. These days I would like to practice with voice messages. To be able to express my ideas or opinions really well.
Темы для разговораTravel, dramas, food, studying, sports, fitness.
Ana, 25
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Изучаетиспанский, французский, итальянский
Идеальный собеседникSomeone who talks a lot to me. Someone who has many of my same interests & show enthusiasm for them. Someone who can help me learn their language better & will accept help from me about my language. Someone i can potentially be close friends with one day.
Учебные целиTo learn, remember, and communicate with the language.
Темы для разговораHistory, literature, sociology, psychology, art, music, film, tv shows, actors, writers, books, stories, poetry, travel, accents, linguistics
Ira, 20
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Идеальный тандем-партнерSomeone willing to talk so we can both learn a new language
Учебные целиMy goal is to become fluent in German
Темы для разговораSports Anything Outdoors Food
Jessica, 29
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Изучаетанглийский, испанский, французский
Мой тандем-партнерTalkative, friendly, respectful, easy going.
Учебные целиImprove my English skills, learn French and Spanish and make some friends around the world. :)
Темы для разговораTravel, hiking, culture, Jesus, theater, tv shows, pets, books, movies, food
Joon, 21
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Изучаетдатский, немецкий, английский
Партнер для языкового обменаActive learners
Учебные целиSpeaking and listening
Темы для разговораMovies, architecture, art, travel
Savier, 21
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Знаетанглийский, испанский
Идеальный собеседникRespectful
Учебные целиTo be a fluent speaker.
Темы для разговораAlmost everything
Danny, 32
Парсипини-Трой Хиллз
Изучаетиспанский, французский, португальский
Идеальный тандем-партнер.
Учебные целиTo be able to communicate with others
Темы для разговораMusic, cars, outdoors, camping