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Jimin, 20
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуI want to meet someone who is funny
Учебные целиI want to learn Spanish
Темы для разговора아무거나 상관없습니다 I don’t care what we talk about
Lucas, 21
Изучаетяпонский, корейский
Мой языковой партнер다양한 사람과 대화하기를 바랍니다! 色々な人と話をできるといいんですが!
Учебные цели한국어로 소식을 읽을 수 있고 볼 수 있게 되고 싶습니다. 日本語でニュースを読めで見られることになりたいです。
Темы для разговора요리, 여행, 만화, 공포 영화, 게임 (특히 닌텐도), 음악, 많은 것! 料理、旅行、漫画、ホーラー映画、ゲーム(特にニンテンドー)、音楽、たくさんのこと!
Brandi, 25
Изучаетяпонский, корейский
Идеальный партнер для общенияSomeone who shares the same interests as me and can teach me new things.
Учебные целиI want to be able to enjoy anime and K-dramas with out the subtitles and to be able to speak the language very well.
Темы для разговораAnime, K-pop, Different cultures, Culinary Arts, Photography.
Olívía, 20
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуSomeone who is funny, nice, kind, and loves to have a good conversation.
Учебные целиLearn to speak korean and spanish
Темы для разговораGetting to know a person, what different activities do you like to do, and what are their counties like
Porsche, 19
Изучаетяпонский, корейский
Мой собеседникSomeone who has similar interests as me and is open minded
Учебные целиI want my language and conversational skills to grow
Темы для разговораMusic , Fashion, Books, Makeup, Food, 日本語のべんきよします
Marissa, 23
Изучаетиспанский, корейский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуAnyone! Messages and voice messages are welcome! Between university, work, and sleep I usually don't have time to take calls, but I can usually message back very quickly!
Учебные целиI want to work towards better fluency in Korean and meet native speakers. I would also like people to practice Spanish with, I’m pretty fluent, but could use some practice!
Темы для разговораPsychology, neuroscience, science, books, movies, TV shows, Netflix, school, fashion, beauty, politics, philosophy, music, pretty much anything.
Alycia, 25
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуSomeone that is open and as curious as I am about other cultures and languages
Учебные целиI want to learn about other cultures and learn another language
Темы для разговораOther cultures, travel, sports, literature, psychology
Madison, 24
Мой языковой партнерEasy to talk to and willing to help with language learning
Учебные целиGet a better understanding of Korean
Темы для разговораEverything! I’ve travelled a bit and enjoy talking about that as well as books,movies, and hobbies!
Gin, 39
Идеальный партнер для общенияSomeone from Denmark or a native Dane
Учебные целиSpeak Danish
Темы для разговораMusic, Makeup, cosmetics, skin care, clothes, fashion
Ellie, 23
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуSomeone who is open minded, spiritual, and likes to share poetry
Учебные целиI'd like to learn Portuguese. I speak Spanish and English and am willing to help others learn
Темы для разговораPoetry, nature, art
Josh, 25
Мой собеседникSomeone who is patient, energetic, and wants to learn as much as I do!
Учебные целиMy goals are to be able to read and write new languages, to be able to communicate better, and to understand a different culture.
Темы для разговораI enjoy discussing movies, food, music, construction, work, art, and family.
Alex, 19
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуUnderstanding and Patient
Учебные целиI want to at least understand basic communication :)
Темы для разговораFoods, Animals, Art/Painting, Friends & Family, Nature
kyle, 19
Изучаетиспанский, русский
Мой языковой партнерSpeaks Russian or Spanish, enjoys technology related stuff, likes to try and learn languages verbally, likes making things
Учебные целиI'm hoping to learn more colloquial Spanish and make my accent less terrible. For Russian I am still trying to get a grasp of the basics. I'm also more then happy to learn any other languages.
Темы для разговораComputer science, electronics, circuits, technology, Dota 2, chemistry, language learning, pyrotechnics, Python, neuroscience, biology, psychology, narcolepsy
karlee, 15
Изучаетиспанский, французский, итальянский
Идеальный партнер для общенияnice, understanding, patient
Учебные целиi'm fluent i english but my goal is to be fluent in french and know some spanish, i also have interest in italian.
Темы для разговораmusic, animals, singing, art, astronomy, astrology, space, ocean
Katie, 23
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуA beginner/intermediate German learner
Учебные целиTo improve my grammar and become more fluent
Темы для разговораProgramming and music
Kyler, 20
Мой собеседникSomeone who is eager to talk a lot about their life and answer questions
Учебные целиI want to learn to speak Swahili
Темы для разговораSports, culture, life in general
Ying, 27
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуNothing but interesting
Учебные целиPractice Japanese with local speaker. I am an intermediate learner. Also I speak Mandarin Chinese and English, and am willing to help with those who want to practice the two languages.
Темы для разговораMusic, ACG, travel, cook
Ronnie, 27
Изучаетиспанский, французский, португальский
Мой языковой партнерA soccer player, fashion designer/ tailor or seamstress. Journalists and politicians
Учебные целиFrench and Portuguese. To be able to communicate in the kitchen and in daily activities with people who natively speak these languages
Темы для разговораI love discussing world history and current world events
Nikita, 19
Знаетанглийский, русский
Изучаетнемецкий, эстонский
Идеальный партнер для общенияWould love to meet a fellow college student to practice German with, also trying to get into Estonian! I'm a native speaker of Russian and have been speaking American English for the past 15 years (native fluency and knowing ins and outs of learning it).
Учебные целиI aspire to learn German because I love the language, history and culture. I have been studying German for the past year, but I really don't feel like I've made much progress so far. Also also at the very beginning of learning Estonian, so hmu!
Темы для разговораWe can talk about pretty much anything, I'd love to hear about what you do for a living or about your life as a student, and what you enjoy doing in your free time. I also love history, science and trying to get into cooking.
Crystal, 23
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуA good conversationalist
Учебные целиTo be able to speak Spanish and understand it.
Темы для разговораNursing, history, kids