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20 пользователей, знающих японский язык, из города Aархус готовы тебе помочь!

yuri, 23
Изучаетдатский, английский, норвежский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуI'm from Japan,and now I studying in Denmark. I learning English and Danish. 🐊 Jeg kommer fra japan,og jeg bor i Denmark nu. Jeg læne Englisk og Dansk.
Учебные целиI want to be able to speak English and Danish!🐊Jeg høber at jeg kan taler Englisk og Dansk godt!
Темы для разговораI like books,movie,and beer.🐊Jeg kan lide bog,film og øl.
Yuna, 20
Мой языковой партнерI hope I can speak many themes and things about each other. I want to do voice record chat, or calling:)
Учебные целиNow I'm staying at Aarhus. I'm interested in social welfare and gender equality.
Темы для разговораI like singing with acoustic guitar. My favorite singers are Taylor swift, Ed sheeran, Sam Smith, One direction, and the like. I love spending time on watching, Downton Abbey, Gree, Home land.
Chisa, 31
Идеальный партнер для общенияDanish native speakers who are kind, polite, and teach me Danish face to face in English or Japanese. If you're also eager to learn Japanese language or the culture, I will be glad to help you!!! :)
Учебные целиTo communicate with Danish people fluently in Danish
Темы для разговораTraveling, chatting, movies, cultural differences, and learning Danish and English hard :)
Ai, 34
Знаетанглийский, японский
Изучаетдатский, французский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуEnglish, French or Danish native speaker who is interested in Japan. 英語、デンマーク語、フランス語のネイティヴで日本に興味のある人
Учебные целиIncreasing vocabulary. 日常英会話の表現、発音
Темы для разговораWanna talk about music, skincare or cosmetics. ミュージカルや洋楽の話題、スキンケアやコスメ
Rasmus, 28
Мой собеседникLooking for native speakers to help improve my language skills in Japanese and Cantonese
Учебные целиImproving my various language skills so I can speak easier in daily conversations
Темы для разговораLove reading a good book and watching a good movie as well as a good game
Benjamin, 22
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуA patient and talkative person.
Учебные целиImprove my japanese as much as possible.
Темы для разговораFootball. Litterature. Music. Culture. Social differences. Japan. Video games.
Lars, 27
Знаетдатский, английский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуSomeone with similar interests would be nice, but as long as they're invested in something it's good.
Учебные целиTo become better at Japanese, and be able to follow a conversation better.
Темы для разговораGames, books, manga, anime cooking, I'm an educated baker now studying to become an English teacher.
Andreas, 29
Знаетдатский, английский
Мой языковой партнерOpen minded person
Учебные целиImprove my japanese and overall language skills.
Темы для разговораNature, litterature, computer games, politics, random stuff
Søren, 35
Изучаетфранцузский, японский, португальский
Идеальный партнер для общенияFun, open and intellectual, with a passion in their lives and broadminded in their worldview
Учебные целиSlowly improve to be able to have light conversations during travel and work before digging down to better get to grips with dialects and a more everyday pronunciation
Темы для разговораGeeky and nerdy culture, movies, books and games
Angela, 18
Знаетанглийский, монгольский
Изучаетяпонский, корейский, китайский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуSomeone I can be friends with, someone who’s a good listener and kind, and who can help me practice my languages well 😊
Учебные целиBe fluent in Korean and practice pronunciation, be at a conversational level in Chinese.
Темы для разговораMusic, languages, cultures... daily little things that make us happy!
Anton, 27
Мой собеседникI would like to talk to people with a sense of humor and sarcarsm/irony. Since I just cant help doing that, when I talk to people.
Учебные целиI want to improve my Japanese to an extent, where I can feel comfortable interpreting and also expressing myself more exact.
Темы для разговораI like to play music, enjoy good food and drinks, exercising as well as playing all types of games. Of course I also enjoy learning languages! :D
Shuli, 25
Знаетдатский, турецкий
Изучаетанглийский, японский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуSomeone kind and who replies quickly:)
Учебные целиImprove my English
Темы для разговораAnime, History, Music etc
Michelle, 25
Мой языковой партнерSomeone who is positive and interested in learning languages.
Учебные целиPractice and become better at speaking and writing in another language.
Темы для разговораCulture, traveling, YouTube, movies, food
Sandra, 28
Изучаетиспанский, французский
Идеальный партнер для общенияI would love to talk to someone who is patient enough with me getting fluent in Spanish.
Учебные целиFinally getting fluent in Spanish
Темы для разговораI'm interested in different cultures, traveling, yoga and many things more. I'm always curious to learn new things.
Christian Fredlev, 22
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуSomeone who's patient, understanding and pleasant.
Учебные цели1: Get over my "stage-fright"while speaking Portuguese. 2: Improve my grammatical understanding of the language. 3 meet new and interesting people.
Темы для разговораMusic, daily life, culture, gastronomy
Mathilde, 21
Мой собеседникSweet and kind people with a lot of patience😇🤞🏼 Someone who will try to understand my cultur and want to tell me about theirs🤩🌷
Учебные целиI have a lot of friends all around the world, I want to be better at communicating with them🧚🏼‍♀️
Темы для разговораBooks📚, politics🌈, science🧬🧪 cooking🥘, nailpolish💅🏼, outdoor life⛺️🌳 and animals🐈🐖🦆🦄
Inês, 23
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуAmiga que saiba falar dinamarquês
Учебные целиI want to learn Danish 🇩🇰
Темы для разговораFutebol, cinema, conhecer pessoas
Thea, 22
Мой языковой партнерopen-minded, communicative, likes to sit in a café or explore the city
Учебные целиI'd like to talk fluently in English about every topic and to do Smalltalk in Danish
Темы для разговораDaily life, friends, weather, what you like 😇
Abdel, 34
Изучаетдатский, немецкий, норвежский
Идеальный партнер для общенияSome body who might be interested in having converation about any thing
Учебные целиGet introduced to German.
Темы для разговораDo you want to learn Arabic?
Malou, 46
Знаетиспанский, русский
Изучаетарабский, датский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуEl miente abierto divirtido viajero Conocemiento de la Cultura y historia mundial
Учебные целиSaber y tengo miente abierto me interesa la cultura historia musica de otros paises
Темы для разговораPolitica
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