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Lienchen, 23
Знаетнемецкий, английский, русский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуMit allen
Учебные целиSpanische Sprache erlernen und erwietern
Темы для разговораStad Land Leben Alles drum und dran
Andrew, 57
Изучаетарабский, китайский
Мой языковой партнерCurious, sociable and non-prejudiced
Учебные целиBetter command of my languages and friendship and communication leading to better understanding
Темы для разговораLanguages, travel, international politics, food
ash, 15
Идеальный партнер для общенияsomeone who likes talking!:)
Учебные целиi want to improve my german. i also want to apply my existing learning to normal conversations:)
Темы для разговораi like art, majority of mediums i enjoy music, lots of genres i am also interested in health
Jake, 20
Изучаетнемецкий, японский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуLet's be friends and help each other learn!
Учебные целиTo be able to have conversations and visit other countries to learn about different cultures.
Темы для разговораI like to talk about movies, travel, books and whatever other people want to talk about :)
Hannah, 30
Изучаетнемецкий, японский
Мой собеседникRespect, open mind , fun
Учебные целиMake new friend and community skill
Темы для разговораCulture , food, travel
Chen, 23
Изучаетнемецкий, французский, корейский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуCasual, open minded
Учебные цели可以適當的應用語言
Темы для разговораAnything
Nicole, 28
Изучаетнемецкий, французский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуSomeone who is friendly and wants to communicate somewhat regularly. I would really like someone who will correct my mistakes.
Учебные целиI want to become comfortable speaking in German. I would like to be able to say what I want without thinking too long.
Темы для разговораI am studying science (chemistry and biology) and planning to do medicine so that takes up most of my time. I also like films, reading, sport (Australian football or soccer), and swimming.
Rasha, 35
Мой языковой партнерHappy, social, intelligent, kind, respectful.
Учебные целиGerman language
Темы для разговораEnvironmental issues, love, society, people, religion, jobs, politics.
Oinra, 24
Идеальный партнер для общенияFriendly, patient and open-minded. :))
Учебные целиBe fluent in daily German, be able to read texts of intermediate level.
Темы для разговораWorld news, food, psychology, sci-fiction, music, movies. Love exploring weirdly funny German words:p. Die wortbildung never ceases to delight me. Innerer Schweinehund is my recent darling. What is your favourite German word? Part-time Mandarin tutor.
Caitlin, 22
Изучаетнемецкий, французский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуInterested in languages Funny
Учебные целиFluent in speaking German Have a good pronunciation
Темы для разговораLanguages Films Sports Music
, 29
Знаетexx, zh-hant
Изучаетнемецкий, sgn, sgn-gb
Мой собеседникNo racism, no pervert, talkative... Might be great if someone has great sense of humor
Учебные целиEnglish
Темы для разговораNews, lifestyle, movies, music
Vivian, 23
Знаетанглийский, zh-hant
Изучаетнемецкий, французский, японский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуKind, funny and creative
Учебные целиSpeak a new language fluently
Темы для разговораListening to music, traveling, random things idk lmao
Crystiania, 26
Изучаетнемецкий, японский, корейский
Мой языковой партнерAnybody who is willing to talk about random things whenever they have time. I love getting to know people and their culture!
Учебные целиI would love to learn about other cultures and societal norms and learn about other languages aas well. I love learning new things, languages included.
Темы для разговораMusic, Writing, Culture
Brady, 24
Изучаетнемецкий, итальянский
Идеальный партнер для общенияSomeone who is patient with my lack of skills and are down to chat about interesting things
Учебные целиI want to be able to put any German skills I learn into conversation with ease
Темы для разговораI enjoy music, philosophy, film, culture, psychology among others!
Josh, 26
Знаетанглийский, хинди
Изучаетнемецкий, французский, японский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуTalkative person
Учебные целиBecome proficient
Темы для разговораSports and tourist places
Monrat, 28
Изучаетнемецкий, английский, японский
Мой собеседникEasy going Good attitude Open minded
Учебные целиSelf improvement
Темы для разговораFilm Art Food Meaning of life
Cecilia, 21
Изучаетнемецкий, французский, японский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуSomeone who is open to talking about a wide range of things - tell me about space! Or dinosaurs! Or ice cream hahahah whatever you want. Ideally, someone who speaks fluent French/German.
Учебные целиMein Deutsch ist so schlecht. Kann mir jemand helfen? 😂😂😂
Темы для разговораCoding, learning new languages, making really bad puns and binge watching the occasional tv show 😂
Jesse, 25
Изучаетнемецкий, шведский
Мой языковой партнерHard question! I'd say someone who is outgoing and loves to talk :)
Учебные целиI'd like to learn how to learn how to speak and understand some basic German for my travels in Europe in a few months
Темы для разговораTravel, different cultures, photography, international relations, journalism
Melissa, 40
Идеальный партнер для общенияSomeone who doesn't mind holding basic conversations in German. Happy to help check your English (I have worked as an English as a Second Language teacher for 10 years)
Учебные целиPractice what I know and keep learning.
Темы для разговораFamily life, society and culture, travel, food, environmental issues, movies.
Helen, 17
Знаетанглийский, китайский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуTo meet everyone
Учебные целиTo continue languages as a subject in my life
Темы для разговораDaily routine, sports, food, relationships, travel, tourism, Landmarks, history, culture, music, creativity, personal goals, literature, psychology, health,