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20 пользователей, знающих немецкий язык, из города Остин готовы тебе помочь!

Yvonne, 28
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуOffen und freundlich
Учебные целиFließend spanisch zu sprechen
Темы для разговораReisen, Mode, Lifestyle
Burhanuddin, 20
Изучаетарабский, хинди
Мой языковой партнерAnyone who likes to talk about random stuff
Учебные целиIncreased fluency and vocab
Темы для разговораDaily life including school, work, and family
Juella Cayt, 18
Знаетанглийский, тагальский
Идеальный партнер для общенияNative German speaker who’s relatively fluent in or learning English
Учебные целиBe able to converse fluently in German 🇩🇪
Темы для разговораSinging, graphic design, plants, traveling, picnics, cats, etc.
Connor, 22
Изучаетфранцузский, турецкий
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуCommitted, reliable and patient! Open to fun ideas and interesting conversation. I’m open to regular Skype calls! Speaking is most important to me.
Учебные целиI’d like to be able to converse comfortably and freely in French. Find out what my common mistakes are and tackle them. Eventually to achieve fluency. I’d like to keep my Turkish in use so I can continue talking to my former host family.
Темы для разговораLinguistics, Food, culture, politics, travel, books, movies
Cara, 38
Изучаетиспанский, французский, итальянский
Мой собеседникOpen minded, friendly
Учебные целиTo better myself in the languages and not forget what I've learned
Темы для разговораNature, music, travel, festivals
Duckkyun, 33
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуDedicated learner
Учебные целиBecome fluent in English
Темы для разговораBooks, movies, philosophy, history, workout and everything.
Alexander, 99
Изучаетиспанский, gsw
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуWell, I am looking forward to meeting up with a diverse group of people, because it is always interesting to know the cultures and traditions of people.
Учебные целиI am willing to know the Spanish and Italian languages.
Темы для разговораI am so excited about teaching English and Russian as a Second Language, and I have been educating for 20 years at the university level. My Bonnie is a workout, swimming, and hiking.
Michael, 28
Изучаетиспанский, русский
Мой языковой партнерExtrovert would be good!
Учебные целиTrying to practice Russian and become a lot more conversationally confident.
Темы для разговораMovies, politics, art, music, nature
Susi, 32
Идеальный партнер для общенияSomeone fluent in Japanese who is interested in practicing either German or English and likes talking about video games and traveling.
Учебные целиI’d like to eventually move to Japan, so I’m trying to become fluent.
Темы для разговораVideo games Travel Books
Brandon, 27
Изучаетголландский, норвежский, шведский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуSomeone who is patient and excited to meet people who are wanting to learn their language, and who want to be a part of helping bridge communities and cultures through language
Учебные целиI want to through practice, gain an eventual working understanding of German that I can use to hopefully find work abroad in either DE, Austria, or Switzerland
Темы для разговораTV, History, Food, Traveling, Movies, Music, Animals, Fitness, CrossFit, U.S., Europe
Мой собеседникHe/she wants to learn Portuguese
Учебные целиPronunciation
Темы для разговораMovies travel music
Matthew Aufiero, 22
Знаетанглийский, испанский
Изучаетнемецкий, французский, итальянский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуJust fun to talk to and reliably consistent in their responses, although I am neither so maybe I shouldn't judge
Учебные целиI want to be able to read and write well in these languages, enough to appreciate and understand native literature
Темы для разговораLiterature, poetry, philosophy, history, film, jokes
Mason, 25
Изучаетнемецкий, испанский, итальянский
Мой языковой партнерAnybody, preferably someone knowledgeable about the language I’m learning
Учебные целиI would like to improve my Spanish even more, although I’m pretty much fluent. Also, I’d like to learn enough German and Italian to travel to each country respectively and be able to communicate properly with people.
Темы для разговораMusic, history, watching and reviewing films, skateboarding, art, nature, travel, scuba, rugby, video games
Deneen, 31
Изучаетнемецкий, испанский
Идеальный партнер для общенияI would like to speak with a native German speaker to improve my pronunciation and vocabulary.
Учебные целиIncrease my vocabulary, improve my pronunciation, and increase my overall fluency
Темы для разговораBooks, learning languages, spending time outdoors with my family, teaching, etc.
Paul, 33
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуSomeone who is patient, helpful, and who is genuinely interested in being a Tandem partner. I’ll help you become fluent in English and you can help me become fluent in German!
Учебные целиMy goal is to apply for University in Germany next Spring. I hope to be able to study medicine and become a physician, specializing in Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases.
Темы для разговораI enjoy discussing health, food, hobbies, and daily activities such as exercise, cooking, etc.
Karla, 37
Мой собеседникPatient Willing to discuss anything As a friend Can meet anytime for as little as an hour and as much as half day Watch foreign movies
Учебные целиGrammar Practice speaking Culture learning
Темы для разговораScience Medicine Entertainment Almost anything really
Violet, 31
Изучаетнемецкий, испанский, французский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуSomeone that loves me for who I am and can actually try new relationship goals with me
Учебные целиI wanna know how to speak 3different languages apart from English language
Темы для разговораLove,sports,fitness, relationship goals,pets,movies,climate and other countries relations
Emilio, 30
Знаетанглийский, испанский
Мой языковой партнерInteresado en aprender
Учебные целиHablar con muchas personas más
Темы для разговораPolítica, historia y arte
Diana, 28
Знаетанглийский, испанский
Изучаетнемецкий, итальянский
Идеальный партнер для общенияSomeone who thinks that every culture with its traditions it's perfect, someone who has the will to learn a new language and culture. No Tinder mode please ✌.
Учебные целиImprove my Italian and German, but also keep practicing my French.
Темы для разговораTraditions from differents cultures. *Food, *Movies, *Travel experiences *Languages, *Life experiences
Tiff, 22
Изучаетнемецкий, zh-hant
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуPatient and friendly!
Учебные целиI want to improve my basic German for fun and improve my Chinese so I can go to Taiwan and eventually work there.
Темы для разговораArts and crafts, baking, cooking, gardening, tiktok