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Yuval, 33
Знаетанглийский, иврит
Изучаетитальянский, румынский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуOpen minded, explorer and eager to study new things.
Учебные целиTo advance my language skills to a fluent level speaker.
Темы для разговораSports-related, nature, trips, music, philosophy and science.
Thomas, 25
Знаетанглийский, французский
Мой языковой партнерSomeone who speaks Italian
Учебные целиI want to discover how young Italian people talk and I want to sound Italian.
Темы для разговораTravel, photography, cinema, music, sciences
Navid, 27
Знаетанглийский, персидский
Изучаетнемецкий, французский, итальянский
Идеальный партнер для общенияA person who likes to learn English. A person who likes to travel and discuss different topics. I'd like a person who is a bit patient and have positive attitude for our communication.
Учебные целиLearning a new language helps me to expand my friend network since I can then positively communicate with a huge number of people. Learn from their culture, traditions and be in their festivals.
Темы для разговораTraveling, Entertainment, Sport, Culture, Food, Traditions, Education
Jemima, 26
Изучаетиспанский, итальянский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуFunny and loves locally
Учебные целиImprove my vocabulary
Темы для разговораArt, politics and travel
Joanna, 28
Мой собеседникThey are fun, easy going, patient and motivated to learn English
Учебные целиLearn enough Italian to be able to converse with a server at a restaurant or someone at a grocery store
Темы для разговораPsychology, art, volleyball, culture
Raymond, 33
Знаетанглийский, Чжуан
Изучаетфранцузский, итальянский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуSomeone interested in exchanging Italian for English
Учебные целиCurrently A1 Italian, would like to achieve B level Italian
Темы для разговораBadminton, hiking, anime, manga
Jessica, 25
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуIf you’re confident and funny, we’ll get along fine
Учебные целиI’m spending seven weeks in Amsterdam, and working on a Dutch theatre production - so I’ll be translating a script and observing the rehearsals in Dutch
Темы для разговораTheatre, literature, films, the World Cup, and travel. I also love Marvel & DC films if you want to discuss those!
Jessica, 20
Мой языковой партнер-Funny -Outgoing -Interesting
Учебные целиBeing able to have conversation with natives while traveling through Italy.
Темы для разговора-Travel -Music -Activities -Fashion -Sports
Will, 24
Идеальный партнер для общенияA person who is interested in English culture
Учебные целиI would like to learn some common Italian phrases
Темы для разговораMusic, culture, politics, history
Rusa, 18
Знаетанглийский, грузинский
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуMy tandem buddy would be joyful kind
Учебные целиIntermediate level
Темы для разговораI enjoy discussing Fashion, movies and stuff like these
Jessica, 23
Знаетанглийский, итальянский
Мой собеседникKind, patient and easy going
Учебные целиI’d like to learn how to speak korean well and make new friends, I can help you improve your English or italian
Темы для разговораI like music, drawing, animation, traveling, food and video games
Ian, 19
Знаетбоснийский, английский
Изучаетитальянский, русский
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуAnyone that’s happy to text like a friend!
Учебные целиTo understand some basic and conversational words
Темы для разговораMusic, Travel, Politics, Current Affairs, History, Fashion
Louis-Phillipe, 29
Изучаетарабский, итальянский
Мой языковой партнерSomeone with an open mind, who likes to learn.
Учебные целиVorrei parlare la bella lingua come un vero Italiano.
Темы для разговораWith enough coffee, and with the right person, I will gladly dicuss just about anything :-)
Helya, 33
Знаетанглийский, персидский
Изучаетарабский, итальянский
Идеальный партнер для общенияGood at teaching words and explaining grammar, Fun, Patient, highly-motivated
Учебные целиTo hold a conversation in Italian. To understand arabic grammar and learn vocabulary
Темы для разговораI love cinema, reading, psychology, cats and gardening. I’m a professional teacher. I’d love to talk about Culture, Politics, Food, Books, Cinema. World affairs.
Philip, 39
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуProbably someone with a lot of patience! Ideally someone that can encourage me to speak Italian and have a bit of confidence in do so. Also someone who is happy to hang out
Учебные целиI’d like to practice and hopefully learn to speak Italian. If I make friends on the way that would be cool too!
Темы для разговораI like to talk about Travel, my interests which are food, cooking, sports. I also like to discuss current affairs and like to learn about other people and their experiences.
Mike, 25
Знаетанглийский, румынский
ИзучаетЧжуан, китайский, zh-hant
Мой собеседникEveryone around the world is welcome
Учебные целиTo improve my chinese skills. 欢迎我是MIKE, 这里你们可以找我的WeChat 我也找中国朋友和我一起聊天
Темы для разговораI am Bot , better than Siri , ask me anything I am from Moldova here is the link) : https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?ll=47.71436382908782%2C28.98054312964348&spn=0.336566%2C0.885773&hl=en&t=h&msa=0&z=6&ie=UTF8&mid=1MpMq5RjVwzx8fK0-tAy3YC0uBMc
Lucy, 35
Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществуSomeone relaxed!
Учебные целиI need to improve my conversational Italian and the speed I can speak / write it at. I would prefer to write not speak or use video
Темы для разговораSports Food Books Culture Family Exercise
Praveen, 26
Знаетанглийский, тамил
Мой языковой партнерTraveller, photographer,
Учебные целиLanguage, new culture, personality development
Темы для разговораTravelling, photography, culture, books, science
Diala, 25
Идеальный партнер для общенияA talkative Italian speaker (with some patience, I'm a little new at this)
Учебные целиLearn the language well enough to be able to make Italian friends and converse during these few years I have in Italy
Темы для разговораI love basketball, animals, cars, music, and a lot of other different topics! Not too fond of politics though.
Danny, 24
Идеальный партнер по языковому обменуSomeone who will help me with improving my language skills
Учебные целиTo be fluent in Italian
Темы для разговораAnything depand on the person