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Pratique a audição, melhore sua pronúncia e aprenda a falar um idioma estrangeiro com falantes nativos - não importa onde você esteja.

20 falantes de português em Jersey City querem aprender idiomas

Aida, 28
Jersey City
FalaCatalan, Spanish
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaOpen, patient
Minhas metas de aprendizadoLearn some Italian
Meus tópicos favoritosBored on this quarantine, so let's practice some languages
Davicl, 31
Jersey City
FalaEnglish, Tagalog
EstudaSpanish, French, Japanese
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éfunny and easygoing
Minhas metas de aprendizadobasic knowledge is fine
Meus tópicos favoritosmovies, games, technologies
Derful, 33
Jersey City
Parceiro ideal de conversasTalkative and fun
Minhas metas de aprendizadoFrequent english
Meus tópicos favoritosCulture
Alex, 27
Jersey City
EstudaArabic, Spanish, Persian
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoSomeone who is patient and friendly
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo become conversational
Meus tópicos favoritosTravel, cooking, culture, literature
Robert, 35
Jersey City
Meu parceiro de conversaSomeone who enjoys helping with language learning and enjoys language exchanges in general
Minhas metas de aprendizadoImprove my speaking and comprehension abilities
Meus tópicos favoritosLiterature, history, music, film, art, books, languages, writing, poetry
Redvan, 33
Jersey City
FalaArabic, French
EstudaSpanish, Italian
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaAnybody who wants to practice Italian or Spanish with me
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo be fluent in the languages I’m learning
Meus tópicos favoritosAnything interesting especially if it’s tech related
Ida, 53
Jersey City
FalaDanish, English
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaSomeone kind and patient! Funny helps.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoImprove my vocabulary and pronunciation
Meus tópicos favoritosNature politics dance
Erica, 29
Jersey City
EstudaJapanese, Korean
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éSomeone motivating maybe a bit stern to keep me on track fun and down-to-earth.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to be able to speak fluently and be comfortable speaking to others
Meus tópicos favoritosPerforming arts anime tv and movies history and anything that makes me think!
Jacqueline, 37
Jersey City
Parceiro ideal de conversasFunny, patient, intelligent and informed
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBecome conversationally fluent in Hindi
Meus tópicos favoritosEverything
Lydia, 22
Jersey City
EstudaFrench, Korean
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoPatient and passionate
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBeing able to communicate with people in Franch and Korean
Meus tópicos favoritosSports|Food|R code
Gowa, 28
Jersey City
EstudaSpanish, Japanese
Meu parceiro de conversaSomeone patient who is willing to teach me a new language
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo become fluent enough to live in that country.
Meus tópicos favoritosFood, anime, travel
Jim, 31
Jersey City
EstudaSpanish, French
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaPeople that can teach me Latin American Spanish. I need a study buddy that i can teach English to and learn Spanish from.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBecome fluent in Spanish
Meus tópicos favoritosSports, cooking, traveling and general socializing about life. Moved from London to New York so I can help with both British and American English.
Marie, 31
Jersey City
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éare super patient and chill. I lowkey have a southern accent so I sound kid of ridiculous speaking anything other than English.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoEducation--going to be getting my Graduate degree and Doctorate in Art History and need to learn some new languages.
Meus tópicos favoritosI LOOOOOOVE film and art in general. I read quite a bit as well.
Jia, 35
Jersey City
FalaEnglish, Hindi
Parceiro ideal de conversasFun loving, outgoing, career oriented, has a goal in life, keen on learning new things
Minhas metas de aprendizadoFluent French
Meus tópicos favoritosTravel, Politics, Health
Thomas, 51
Jersey City
FalaEnglish, Armenian
EstudaGerman, Spanish, Slovene
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoFree and easy to get along with
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to learn and be perfect
Meus tópicos favoritosAbout life
Yang, 29
Jersey City
FalaEnglish, Chinese
EstudaEnglish, Korean
Meu parceiro de conversaOptimistic funny
Minhas metas de aprendizadoEnglish professional
Meus tópicos favoritosCulture art life food music
Asha Rae, 26
Jersey City
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaSomeone smart and funny and patient who likes traveling and learning as much as I do
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to become conversationally fluent in multiple languages including Spanish, French, and Portuguese
Meus tópicos favoritosFashion, parenting, food, music, television, books, Harry Potter, history
Jill, 51
Jersey City
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio é有耐心且能固定時間做語言交換,並對中文有興趣
Minhas metas de aprendizado為了能夠順利的說出完整的句子,並與人溝通
Meus tópicos favoritos文化、音樂、時事、旅遊、歷史、音樂
aja, 37
Jersey City
EstudaGerman, Spanish
Parceiro ideal de conversasPatient and funny
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo learn fluently
Meus tópicos favoritosCulture, travel, history
David, 35
Jersey City
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoIn Spanish and Hebrew, anyone is perfect for me. In English and German, someone who can express own culture aspects and has passion to improve my pronunciation and vocabulary. I have sense of humor ;-) Thank You:)
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBasics of Spanish and Hebrew Conversational American English and German to improve myself to a native level. I love to make fun and would like to learn how to use langauges in that regard. Word choice, sentence structure, pronunciation, cultural input...
Meus tópicos favoritosI like talking about anything my partner is interested to talk about. I like describing the details and little things and complicated ideas according to the flow of the conversation.