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20 falantes de português em Enschede querem aprender idiomas

Savitri, 32
EstudaGerman, French
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaSomeone with a good sense of humour
Minhas metas de aprendizadoImprove my fluidity in german and help someone else with their own language goals
Meus tópicos favoritosComedy shows, Science documentaries and Electronics
Johanna, 22
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éI would love to write with kind and open minded people
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI would like to improve my Dutch speaking and writing skills.
Meus tópicos favoritosReisen, Filme und Serien, Sport
noa, 27
FalaEnglish, Hebrew
Parceiro ideal de conversasOpen, chill, curious. Willing to discover new things.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoFeeling comfortable with speaking a new language and being able to use it
Meus tópicos favoritosDaily life, cinema, food & music
Chris, 38
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoA friendly, nice lady
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo learn more spanish
Meus tópicos favoritosSports, restaurant, shopping
Sebastien, 38
Meu parceiro de conversaIdk
Minhas metas de aprendizadoLearn Dutch
Meus tópicos favoritosAnything
Jenny, 24
EstudaSpanish, Japanese
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaFunny and interesting
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to learn Japanese because I think its a beautiful language and Japan is amezing. And Spanish because I want to be able to speak to people next time I go to Panama
Meus tópicos favoritosEverythinggg
Brad, 34
EstudaGerman, Chinese
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaFriendly, understanding, patient
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo become fluent in Mandarin and German
Meus tópicos favoritosNews, Movies, Science, Books, Politics, Philosophy, Technology
Biagio Pietro, 26
EstudaEnglish, Dutch
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éInteresting people 😉
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to speak English fluently
Meus tópicos favoritosDaily stuff, music, people, movies, technology and programming
Mayanna, 26
Parceiro ideal de conversasAn English speaker preferably worker
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI’m a student and I want to practice English and learn thing about South Korea
Meus tópicos favoritosThought of work Job satisfaction
Aleksandra, 24
EstudaFinnish, Dutch
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoFriendly
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to pass the Dutch language exam at least for B2 level. For Suomi I want to be able to support a conversation
Meus tópicos favoritosGame Design, Traveling,Makeup, Living in the Netherlands
Luigi, 34
Meu parceiro de conversaSomeone who shares any passions or hobbies, with whom I could talk about almost any topic in a friendly and respectful manner.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBecoming fluent in Dutch and also practicing my Portuguese.
Meus tópicos favoritosTravel, food, movies, music, social media, style, history, books, various topics.
Ekin, 31
FalaEnglish, Turkish
EstudaGerman, Spanish, French
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaA book lover and a music junkie
Minhas metas de aprendizadoLearn words from other languages
Meus tópicos favoritosTv series, books
Jesus Jimenez, 28
EstudaFrench, Swedish, Ukrainian
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éA person i can ask for recomendations about series, books or anything related to the language and that likes to share about their culture :) insta @jesusjmzp
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBeing mid to advance fluency, enough to have a decent conversation to visit these countries or to understand series and books in these languages
Meus tópicos favoritosVideo games, food culture, history, language, movies and series
Yoshiko, 37
EstudaKorean, Dutch, Turkish
Parceiro ideal de conversasSomeone who is interested in the other cultures and people.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoMy language goals are being able to conversate and understand TV programs in those languages.
Meus tópicos favoritosBen sinema ve pişirme severim. Movies, news, gourmet, cooking and leaning languagees.
Sean, 33
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoSomebody who can help me a bit in English when I don't know what to say. Somebody who doesn't focus on small mistakes but helps when I have recurring mistakes.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTalking to my Polish wife's family.
Meus tópicos favoritosPoland, the Netherlands, photography, Krakow, dogs, family, personal stories, work.
Muhittin, 53
FalaGerman, English, Dutch, Turkish
EstudaArabic, Chinese
Meu parceiro de conversaEntrepreneur, teachers
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to be able to have coversations
Meus tópicos favoritosBusiness, religion, politics
Daniel, 28
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaPersona simpática, abierta y con paciencia.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoMejorar mi nivel de Holandes y Inglés
Meus tópicos favoritosDeporte, cine y viajes
Xiao-Jing, 23
EstudaGerman, English, Dutch
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éNice :)
Minhas metas de aprendizadoImprove my English
Meus tópicos favoritosAnything (e.g. Food, YouTube, Travel, Education, Culture)
Dante, 19
Parceiro ideal de conversasThat we just have a great time together and learn languages at the same time. Also that we don’t laugh at each other if we make a mistake in our learning language
Minhas metas de aprendizadoFor now I would like to be able to just read and write basic Mandarin (like conversational stuff).
Meus tópicos favoritos嘿,我是学汉语. 你要学荷兰和英语给我发短信而我们有对话以便我们可以联系Even if you don’t speak Chinese you can still message me if you want to practice English or Dutch. Ook als je geen Chinees spreekt mag je mij altijd een berichtje sturen als je met mij Nederlands of Engels wil oefenen.
Soumaya, 21
FalaEnglish, Dutch
EstudaJapanese, Korean, Chinese
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoI like to talk to people with openminds and have conversations about anything ✌😜😉
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to learn Korean, Chinese and japanese 😊✌
Meus tópicos favoritosi enjoy talking about any topics i have so many hobbies i'm really passionate about music/singing and dancing and watching alot of tv shows and i love eating haha 💪😜😎✌