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Virginia Beach

30 falantes de português em Virginia Beach querem aprender idiomas

Jose, 44
Virginia Beach
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaInterested, positive, lover of art, travel, sport, curious about the world and its many diversities; devoted to personal well-being but also to interest and respect for others
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBecome fluent in English
Meus tópicos favoritosSport (running, tennis, basketball), art (writing, reading, cinema, manga), fitness, osteopathy, massage, music (bass guitar, concerts), traveling, relationships, peace, health, personal growth, training, ecology, space exploration, nature.
Will, 21
Virginia Beach
EstudaAlemão, Francês, Italiano
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éuna persona qui vuole dire di qualcosa e tutto
Minhas metas de aprendizadomegliorare il mio italiano e aiutare gli altri con il loro inglese (anche parlo un po' francese)
Meus tópicos favoritosmusica, arte, politica, letteratura, animali domestici 🐶
RJ, 28
Virginia Beach
EstudaAlemão, Francês
Parceiro ideal de conversasLaid back, helpful, funny
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBe able to communicate in French and German, and work on my Italian
Meus tópicos favoritosSports, traveling, food, movies, tv, languages
Amanda, 34
Virginia Beach
FalaInglês, Espanhol
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoOutgoing people who can teach me about fashion food and make up in their culture
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI would like to become fluent in different languages and I'd also like to learn as much as I can about different cultures
Meus tópicos favoritosFashion, food, and make up
David, 21
Virginia Beach
EstudaAlemão, Francês, Italiano
Meu parceiro de conversaSomeone who wants to help me learn Italian or someone who just wants to be friends and practice Italian or English
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo be able to speak fluently in Italian or at least hold a conversation
Meus tópicos favoritosI’m interested in sports, video games, and learning about other people
Shelby, 29
Virginia Beach
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaA person who enjoys random conversation
Minhas metas de aprendizadoSpeak italian well
Meus tópicos favoritosBooks, music, interesting facts, animals!
Dan, 26
Virginia Beach
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaSomeone who is patient with mistakes, responsive, and is willing to put up with simpler conversations in my early stages of italian would be fantastic!
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to initially reach a functioning level of italian, and practice speaking and writing with a native speaker to learn those tidbits you can't pick up from a book :) I would also gladly help someone learn English if they desired as well.
Meus tópicos favoritosAt this point in italian I'd love to talk about anything! But for now my first focus would be day to day common topics to become functional in italian faster. In english I will gladly talk about anything; music, tech, gaming, anything at all!
stuart, 53
Virginia Beach
EstudaEspanhol, Francês, Italiano
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éUpbeat, open minded, talkative, inquisitive, outgoing, intelligent, willing to learn and listen.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoImproved fluency; improved conversation skills; learn and discuss new topics with relative ease.
Meus tópicos favoritosLearning about foreign cultures; language learning; music; film; animals; environment; sports;; cooking; learning about art; fitness and healthy ways to live.
Theresa, 50
Virginia Beach
EstudaIslandês, Italiano
Parceiro ideal de conversasHonest and easy going
Minhas metas de aprendizadofor ease communication
Meus tópicos favoritosCareer, History, Investment, politics
Marie, 31
Virginia Beach
FalaAlemão, Inglês
EstudaFrancês, Italiano, Holandês
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoFun, open-minded, engaging
Minhas metas de aprendizadoImprove my very very basic Italian so that I can have a simple conversation, order food, ask for directions etc.
Meus tópicos favoritosFood, traveling, Berlin, start up industry, fashion, business
Aiko Christine, 29
Virginia Beach
FalaInglês, Tagalo
EstudaFrancês, Italiano
Meu parceiro de conversaSomeone easy going, funny, cheerful, and patient
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBe able to learn basics of a language
Meus tópicos favoritosTravel, Airplanes, Podcasting, Yoga, The Great Outdoors, Tech, Finance, STEM, Cuisine, Culture, Architecture, Tropics, Dogs
Zion, 20
Virginia Beach
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticapatient and consistent
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBeing able to speak fluently
Meus tópicos favoritosFamily, tv anything really
Rosy, 26
Virginia Beach
FalaInglês, Nepali
EstudaItaliano, Coreano
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éPatient, friendly, prompt, honest and available
Minhas metas de aprendizadoSpeak as a native.
Meus tópicos favoritosMovies, anime, food, culture, travel, art
Paul jeff, 55
Virginia Beach
FalaInglês, Espanhol
EstudaItaliano, Japonês, Chinês (simplificado)
Parceiro ideal de conversasA good friend, we can always talk about many other things
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo able to communicate with others
Meus tópicos favoritosI like to know about culture
Sophia, 23
Virginia Beach
EstudaFrancês, Italiano, sgn
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitofriendly, helpful.
Minhas metas de aprendizadofluency, understanding.
Meus tópicos favoritosfood, global warming, literature, movies, college/learning, hiking, camping, running.
Arianny, 18
Virginia Beach
FalaInglês, Espanhol
EstudaÁrabe, Italiano, Português
Meu parceiro de conversaFunny out going caring 💕
Minhas metas de aprendizadoWhat want to learn more then what I have to
Meus tópicos favoritosCar 🚘,music 🎶,fashion 💕
Kim, 51
Virginia Beach
EstudaItaliano, Chinês (simplificado)
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaSome who will be patient with my pronunciations.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoMandarin Chinese, to improve my pronunciation and communication in Chinese.
Meus tópicos favoritosFamily, pets, Korean and Chinese drama shows, and faith
Brenna, 22
Virginia Beach
EstudaEspanhol, Italiano
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éSomeone who is patient in teaching me and correcting me, but also someone who can hold a conversation well. Also I have random side talks before I get to the point
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to be able to fluently speak a language and talk to multiple people and still be able to communicate with all of them
Meus tópicos favoritosHow people are and their everyday life I’m not much into sports but I really like nature and animals
Kimberly, 23
Virginia Beach
EstudaInglês, Francês, Italiano
Parceiro ideal de conversasSomeone patient and fun!
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to improve my speaking/pronunciation
Meus tópicos favoritosI like talking about art and traveling!
Alejandra, 19
Virginia Beach
EstudaInglês, Italiano
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoUna persona ojos claros, de buen tema de conversación
Minhas metas de aprendizadoPoder viajar por el mundo
Meus tópicos favoritosSeries, películas, viajes, estudios
Ava, 19
Virginia Beach
EstudaÁrabe, Espanhol
Meu parceiro de conversasomeone cool and funny who i can talk to easily
Minhas metas de aprendizadoi would love to become fluent in spanish and arabic and meet people from different countries! instagram: @avakgrubb // snapchat: @ava_grubb
Meus tópicos favoritosi love talking about anything!
killian, 33
Virginia Beach
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaNot sure
Minhas metas de aprendizadoEffectively learn sign language
Meus tópicos favoritosAsl
Peter, 26
Virginia Beach
FalaÁrabe, Inglês
EstudaEspanhol, Persa, Francês
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éSomeone who is here teach and learn. But also have the patience to deal with a slow learner like me
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo acquire the language. I don’t really care much for grammar and rules. As long as I can speak the language, maybe later I will learn the reading and writing.
Meus tópicos favoritosHistory stories, something that you cannot find easily on Google
Arynn, 25
Virginia Beach
EstudaPersa, Francês
Parceiro ideal de conversasNative speakers if possible
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI can help you practice English 😊
Meus tópicos favoritos Please be patient with messages thank you! 💃🏼
Jonni, 23
Virginia Beach
EstudaEspanhol, sgn
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoHelps me get through saying somthing and not get frustrated
Minhas metas de aprendizadoSpeak fluently
Meus tópicos favoritosSkating, dogs, outdoors pretty much anything I’m an open book!
Emily, 34
Virginia Beach
Meu parceiro de conversaOpen minded with a good sense of humor
Minhas metas de aprendizadoHelp others with English
Meus tópicos favoritosRunning, hiking, movies, books, travel
Luis, 58
Virginia Beach
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaTengo 56 años , creo que puedo tratar de comunicarme con cualquier persona.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoHablar y escuchar el INGLES con fluidez para poder comunicarme con facilidad.
Meus tópicos favoritosPelículas, música,deportes,historia y acontecimientos mundiales.
niya, 18
Virginia Beach
EstudaCoreano, Chinês (simplificado)
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éeasy to talk to and funny
Minhas metas de aprendizadoi want learn at least basic communication skills in a month or two
Meus tópicos favoritosdancing crafts art singing gaming music funny things
Shaunta, 51
Virginia Beach
EstudaEspanhol, Francês
Parceiro ideal de conversasNot really
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo be conversational beyond small talk
Meus tópicos favoritosFamily, shopping, travel and the weather
Amy Jo, 51
Virginia Beach
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitofriendly, funny, pleasant, motivated to learn
Minhas metas de aprendizadoimprove my conversation abilities
Meus tópicos favoritosbooks, movies, food, outdoor activities, sewing, travel