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20 falantes de português em Steinkjer querem aprender idiomas

Jason, 28
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaSympa
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBien apprendre
Meus tópicos favoritosTout
Jason, 28
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éBienveillance
Minhas metas de aprendizadoApprendre beaucoup
Meus tópicos favoritosEverything
Laet, 35
Parceiro ideal de conversasSomeone who can discuss about every thing and efficiently correct the mistakes I make
Minhas metas de aprendizadoSpeak fluently with my mother in law who is from Andalousia
Meus tópicos favoritosAll, I’m happy to discuss about all topics, may they be cultures, sports, politics, cooking, work...
Sara, 20
FalaAlemão, Inglês
EstudaCoreano, Norueguês
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoAnyone patient and willing to help me improve, I'll gladly do the same 😊
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo understand Norwegian
Meus tópicos favoritosVideo games, up for anything though really tbh
Stian Andre, 27
EstudaFrancês, Irlandês, sgn
Meu parceiro de conversaSomeone nice, and smart
Minhas metas de aprendizadoWant to learn as many languages as possible
Meus tópicos favoritosGames, food, technology, fashion
Millimani, 19
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaExtroverted and humorous. Someone who likes a broad spectrum of things
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to use french, so that I become fluent in it
Meus tópicos favoritosBooks, language, philosophy... plants? Anything really!
Mulla, 24
FalaInglês, Suaíli
EstudaAlemão, Francês
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaKind, joke and honesty
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo use it in my future and in letters pluss reading newspaper is my goal
Meus tópicos favoritosGreeting
Ansgar, 27
EstudaFrancês, Italiano, Norueguês
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éSomeone polite and understanding. :) And I could help you with German. You don't have to feel worried if you don't know a lot of German yet. We are all beginners and as native speaker noone should laugh at people trying their best to learn our language.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoImprove the languages i know, help others with German and maybe learn a completely new language. So every language is welcome, just send me a message. :)
Meus tópicos favoritosWould like to learn a new language. Would be perfect if you live close to Bochum. Then we could meet in person and practice face to face. 🤗
Lisa, 33
FalaInglês, Sueco
EstudaEspanhol, Francês, Português
Parceiro ideal de conversasSomeone who will help me me learn language and also teach me about life and culture
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo speak and understand
Meus tópicos favoritosI want to discuss life and music
Berit, 65
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoErwachsene jeder Alters.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoMein Deutsch behalten.
Meus tópicos favoritosPolitik, Tierschutz, das Leben auf dem Lande, lokale Gesvhichte.
Ruhullah, 19
Meu parceiro de conversaRuhullahshinwari12@gmail.com
Minhas metas de aprendizadoRuhullahshinwari12@gmail.com
Meus tópicos favoritosRuhullahshinwari12@gmail.com
Madelen, 19
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaAnyone😁
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo get fluent in both writing and reading
Meus tópicos favoritosMusic, dance, movies or just anything. Just send me a text:)
Halil, 27
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éEasygoing, fun, preferably likes video games, and a good talker (I'm not good at starting conversations)
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBecome fluent in Korean because I love Korea. Hopefully Chinese and Japanese too 1 day. :)
Meus tópicos favoritosReading, driving, video games
Daria, 28
FalaInglês, Russo
EstudaJaponês, Norueguês
Parceiro ideal de conversasCrazy girl that reads a lot and likes beautiful nails 🌸🥰
Minhas metas de aprendizadoSpeaking is number 1! Then reading.
Meus tópicos favoritosbooks, anime, manga, PC gaming, Nintendo switch, culture, nailart
Ådne, 23
EstudaJaponês, Coreano
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoI really love Japanese culture, and I really like the people! I’m also a big fan of asian culture generally!
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBasic beginner japanese language.
Meus tópicos favoritosI’m a regular guy who enjoys sports (especially football), music, training, gaming and hanging out with friends at parties😄
Alexandra, 33
Meu parceiro de conversaЧтоб умел слушать и ответить на вопросы
Minhas metas de aprendizadoВ идеале, говорить на уровне носителя
Meus tópicos favoritosСемья, природа, шопинг
Furkan, 38
EstudaInglês, Norueguês, Russo
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticalady, young, cheerful, reliable
Minhas metas de aprendizadoEnglish, russian, Norwegian
Meus tópicos favoritosSpor or travel or cooks
Ola, 29
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éTalkative
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo be able to hold a conversation in russian
Meus tópicos favoritosLitterature, music (accoustic guitar) and art (oil painting). Skiing, motorcycle and recreational SCUBA diving.
Vilde, 26
Parceiro ideal de conversasAnyone and everyone. I've heard I can be quiet at first but when I start talking apparently I don't shut up 💁🏻‍♀️
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI just wanna be able to speak without thinking about it. I suck at spelling but I'll try my best ✌️
Meus tópicos favoritosI'm into a lot of stuff: Travel, movies, music, literature, culture, languages, food, video games, philosophy, myths, history, art, trivia, etc. I'd love to hear about your interests!
Markus, 24
FalaInglês, Norueguês
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoHumor, life experience, and both eager to learn and give lessons in language is probably a good start.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to learn russian so that I can get a better understanding of the culture when traveling in the future. I would also really enjoy having a russian friend or two.
Meus tópicos favoritosI'm an eager outdoorsman and love training dogs. I read alot of classic novels aswell as mechanical engineering and business subjectsat the University. Also interested politics and history. IG markusambro