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20 falantes de português em Dabrowa Gornicza querem aprender idiomas

Hyun Jae Lee, 26
Dabrowa Gornicza
FalaEnglish, Korean
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaPositive, warm, open minded
Minhas metas de aprendizadoHave to live in Poland for 5years
Meus tópicos favoritosTattoos, travelling,photography,games etc
Hyuk Jun, 33
Dabrowa Gornicza
EstudaGerman, Russian
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éGoood
Minhas metas de aprendizadoFor my hobby
Meus tópicos favoritosTravel history
Jung Moon, 36
Dabrowa Gornicza
Parceiro ideal de conversas이해심
Minhas metas de aprendizado여행 가고싶어서
Meus tópicos favoritos취미/ 편한하게 이야기 나눌수 있는 공간
Patrycja, 23
Dabrowa Gornicza
EstudaGerman, English, Korean
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoThey should be helpful, kind and talkative
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI would like just talk to practise my languages
Meus tópicos favoritosI would like talk about travel, asian culture etc.
Sasha, 21
Dabrowa Gornicza
FalaRussian, Ukrainian
Meu parceiro de conversaSo, my main goal is to improve my English language abilities by the help of constant practice. Apart from that I’m looking for a French native speaker who would help me with the language.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoWant to overcome my fear of speaking English, maintain and improve the language abilities, start learning French.
Meus tópicos favoritosTraveling, politics, foreign cultures, sports. Anything what comes to your mind.
Szymon, 32
Dabrowa Gornicza
EstudaGerman, English, Italian
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaDunno, anyone who wants to talk.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoThere's not any goal honestly, just want to meet new people, know their culture and improve my De/En/It skills.
Meus tópicos favoritosTech, Comics, Self improvement, Travels, Sports particularly jogging.
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Isomiddinkhuja, 20
Dabrowa Gornicza
EstudaPolish, Turkish
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaTalktive, nice speaker
Minhas metas de aprendizadoDon't know
Meus tópicos favoritosReligion, daily life
Robert, 36
Dabrowa Gornicza
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éInteresting, insightful, intriguing
Minhas metas de aprendizadoBetter speaking in English. Learning Spanish
Meus tópicos favoritosNBA basketball, good TV series, chess, politics, and so on
Aleksandra, 19
Dabrowa Gornicza
EstudaGerman, French
Parceiro ideal de conversasI'm keen on talking to anyone:)
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to become fluent in french and german, because I'd like to move to one of those countries at one point in my life.
Meus tópicos favoritosI love to talk about travelling, movies and food
Ronnie, 23
Dabrowa Gornicza
EstudaGerman, English, Spanish
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeito...
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to practice actual speaking in English x
Meus tópicos favoritosfilm, literature, music, photography, traveling
Klaudia, 29
Dabrowa Gornicza
Meu parceiro de conversaes wäre gut, wenn wir per Whatsapp oder Skype reden können
Minhas metas de aprendizadoDeutschkenntnisse verbessern
Meus tópicos favoritoseigentlich über alles :)
Marcin, 21
Dabrowa Gornicza
EstudaCzech, Spanish, Russian
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticatha doesn’t really matter at all :D
Minhas metas de aprendizadonew languages, communication improvement
Meus tópicos favoritosPsychology, philosophy, poetry, sport and music
Roksana, 24
Dabrowa Gornicza
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éEasy-going, funny, understanding, kind
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to speak English fluently 😊
Meus tópicos favoritosSport, psychology, travelling
Wojtek, 38
Dabrowa Gornicza
Parceiro ideal de conversasAbout everything, maybe not about politics, it's boring :)
Minhas metas de aprendizadoEnglish C1
Meus tópicos favoritosMeeting new people and learning about their culture and customs
Anna, 28
Dabrowa Gornicza
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoNo se
Minhas metas de aprendizadoComunicarse en vacaciones
Meus tópicos favoritosTodos los temas
Ewa, 27
Dabrowa Gornicza
Meu parceiro de conversaIntelligent and interested in the same topics to share the opinions.
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo know how to communicate myself in the basist way in Danish.
Meus tópicos favoritosI love riding a bike 🚲, dancing salsa and bachata 💃, observing airplanes. I constantly talk about the food 😋. I really enjoy talking Spanish🇪🇸 and English🇬🇧.
Parvoz, 20
Dabrowa Gornicza
FalaEnglish, Russian
EstudaSpanish, Italian, Polish
Parceiro ideal da comunidade linguísticaTraveller)
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI am moving to España 🇪🇸 in SUMMER
Meus tópicos favoritosEvery interesting stuff🤙 Just chill N travel though...
Aygun, 24
Dabrowa Gornicza
EstudaEnglish, French, Polish
Meu parceiro de intercâmbio éSincere
Minhas metas de aprendizadoTo find a job To enlarge my outlook To discover new cultures To travel
Meus tópicos favoritosPhilosophy, Quantum Physics, Sports, Finance, Marketing, Cultures, theology, cooking
Anita, 23
Dabrowa Gornicza
Parceiro ideal de conversasI want to meet someone open-minded just like me. :)
Minhas metas de aprendizadoI want to be more fluent in English
Meus tópicos favoritosForeign cultures, personal development, positive stuff
Michal, 30
Dabrowa Gornicza
Parceiro de intercâmbio de idiomas perfeitoPositive energy person, kindly
Minhas metas de aprendizadoImprove a pronunciation
Meus tópicos favoritosTravel, technology