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Jamie, 31
Quezon City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My exchange partner isChill. Easy to talk to.
My learning goalsBe able to speak a full sentence in correct grammar.
My favorite topicsFood. Culture. Language
Ahgamy, 20
Davao City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsKorean, Thai
Ideal language community partnerSomeone who's not so strict while learning. Someone whom I can be friends with.
My learning goalsMy first goal is to learn korean, then japanese and then thai language
My favorite topicsMovies, music
Cleo, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsJapanese, Norwegian, Chinese
Ideal conversation exchange partnerPolite, good, willing to listen and has humor
My learning goalsTo learn to speak the languages fluently and communicate effectively
My favorite topicsBooks, stories and games
chai, 21
Cebu City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsSpanish, Korean, Thai
Perfect language exchange partnersomeone who can teach me korean
My learning goals123
My favorite topicsmusic, movies
Karla, 33
Quezon City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My conversation partnerPatient, understanding, has good sense of humor, friendly and approachable
My learning goalsBe able to converse using the new language/s I learned and understand the basics.
My favorite topicsTravel, food, life, photography, arts, sunsets
David, 18
Davao City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsJapanese, Russian, Chinese
My exchange partner issomeone who is kind, friendly, patient, and just fun to talk to.
My learning goalsTo experience a natural conversation with a person from another country and have fun!... and maybe reach HSK4 hehe :>
My favorite topicsVideo Games, Anime, Food, Travelling
Ethan, 36
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
My exchange partner isSomeone that is nice and easy to get along
My learning goalsTo perfect the language so that I can converse fluently
My favorite topicsI enjoy discussing life goals, knowing a person in-depth and exchange experiences
Sky, 32
Cebu City
Speaksceb, English
Ideal language community partnerPatient, Fun, Eloquent, Detailed, Intelligent, Kind, and Friendly people!
My learning goalsTo be fluent in Spanish
My favorite topicsLife, Travel, Fitness, Food, MMA
anj, 20
Quezon City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
Ideal conversation exchange partnerPatient, understanding and approachable
My learning goalsTo be able to speak Japanese fluently
My favorite topicsCulture, Art, and Any Random Things
Faye, 29
Davao City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsSpanish, French
Perfect language exchange partnerConversational
My learning goalsTo be able to speak basic conversations
My favorite topicsGreetings
Reese, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My conversation partnerOutgoing, friendly, positive, Initiator
My learning goalsLearn faster and become more fluent
My favorite topicsCulture, Relationships, Life
Unstoppable, 33
Cebu City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My exchange partner isVery Patient and Friendly
My learning goalsTo study svenska because i might be going there this december.
My favorite topicsTRAVEL
Usami, 18
Quezon City
LearnsJapanese, Korean
Ideal language community partnerPatient, fun, and Kind
My learning goalsSo I won't have a hard time talking to foreigners
My favorite topicsAnime, Music, Books, Cooking and Food
Cyprus Jan, 34
Davao City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
Ideal conversation exchange partnerIt depends.. Any good ideas would do.
My learning goalsJapanese, nehongo
My favorite topicsLife and love. Food and drinks. Business and works. How to build good relationships with other cultures.
Troy, 21
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsFrench, Japanese
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone that is patient and interesting.
My learning goalsI want to exercise and maintain my foreign language mastery/knowledge.
My favorite topicsI often enjoy discourse over politics and global issues. But moreover, I also fancy personal conversations about history and literature.
Joshua, 19
Cebu City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My conversation partnerArtist
My learning goalsTo learn something new
My favorite topicsDrawing, arts
victor, 29
Quezon City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsKorean, Thai, Chinese
My exchange partner isi'm not sure hahaha
My learning goalsprepare myself for overseas travel!
My favorite topicsmathematics, kdramas, thai drama
Karthik, 25
Davao City
SpeaksEnglish, Tamil
LearnsFrench, Hindi, Tagalog
Ideal language community partnerAnyone willing to share the languages I specified . Or anyone willing to Learn Tamil and English which I know . Any gender is fine.
My learning goalsJust wanted to have a productive time.
My favorite topicsPolitics ,medical science , humour, movies,
jennifer, 20
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsFrench, Italian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerAmazing
My learning goalsSpeak fluent
My favorite topicsAbout life
Chelsea, 28
Cebu City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsFrench, Japanese, Chinese
Perfect language exchange partnerPatient Helpful Friendly
My learning goalsTo actually try to learn by following through
My favorite topicsHobbies Movies Traveling