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South Tangerang

1,472 language exchange partners in South Tangerang looking to learn languages

olivia, 22
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
My exchange partner iseasy going
My learning goalsadvanced
My favorite topicsmusic/travel
Wahdjoe, 32
South Tangerang
LearnsSpanish, Russian
Ideal language community partnerthey can understand what i mean
My learning goalsi can speak new languages that i learn fluently
My favorite topicsdaily activities, traveling, adventures, roadtrip, culinary
Ridwan, 34
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerAdvance in english
My learning goalsImprove myenglish
My favorite topicsMovie
Dewi, 40
South Tangerang
Perfect language exchange partnerNice talk and Polite.
My learning goalsSpeak Turkey fluently
My favorite topicsTraveling. Read. Cook. Baked
Rafif, 20
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
My conversation partnerFun
My learning goalsPpl can understand me, n i can understand them.
My favorite topicsGeopolitics, history, sports
Tirta, 19
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
LearnsFrench, Dutch
My exchange partner isFun to talk to and kind :)
My learning goalsbe able to talk to people from around the world
My favorite topicsAnimal, activities, world issues
Echi, 26
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
My exchange partner isEasy going, hamble, nice
My learning goalsadd vocabulary korean
My favorite topicsAbout hobby and favorite film
Jeffry, 34
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
Ideal language community partnerWho can speak freely with me
My learning goalsLearn culture and language
My favorite topicsI like film, photography, technology
Sinta, 31
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerPatient, friendly, nice
My learning goalsCan speak dutch well
My favorite topicsEverything
Marsha, 22
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
Perfect language exchange partnerInterested in movies, culture, travel, social issues, politics; curious; talkative; a good listener
My learning goalsI want to be fluent in Spanish
My favorite topicsMovies, travel, culture, social issues, politics
Janet, 22
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Chinese
My conversation partnerOpen minded and reliable
My learning goalsAt least I can speak comfortable with foreigner and they understand what I'm saying
My favorite topicsLife, Nature, Technology, Music, Politic and Fashion
Aina, 31
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
My exchange partner isFriendly, Polite, Open Minded, Giving Positive Each Other, Good Attitude and "NO PORN".
My learning goalsSpain, Korea, Arabic.
My favorite topicsHealth, Education, Poverty, Disease, WHO, UNICEF, Refugee, Women, Violent, Human Right, Climate Change, War, Culture.
Yana, 29
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Korean
LearnsJapanese, sgn-in
Ideal language community partnerSaya ingin mencari orang yang sopan
My learning goalsBisa berkomunikasi dengan baik
My favorite topicsMusic ,movie,traveling
Olivia, 40
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
LearnsJapanese, sgn-jp, Zhuang
Ideal conversation exchange partnerEnthusiast, talkative, cheerful and friendly
My learning goalsFluent in day to day language
My favorite topicsMundane topic than can beneficial for day to day need
Shafna, 18
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
LearnsSign language, sgn-gb
Perfect language exchange partnerCool and kind
My learning goalsEnglish
My favorite topicsHobby and traveling
Ista, 24
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partnerWho would love to exchange thoughts on a really fun topic!
My learning goalsi want to practice my japanese more. だから私が学ぶのを手伝ってください!
My favorite topicsi love talking about music, movies, TV series (anime too lol) and also art! but i am open to any kind of topic to be honest. if you like photography too, lets also talk about it ~
Arabella, 26
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
My exchange partner isAnyone! I like hearing about how your day is going and your life story ☺️
My learning goalsBe fluent in french in a year (travel purposes)
My favorite topicsUnicorns, silent films, the Byzantine era, tarsiers, puppies, cheese fondue, Gustav Klimt, houses, the weather in your city, why the sandals and socks combo will never work, Leia’s gold bikini, the French Revolution... Honestly anything interesting.
Camelya, 21
South Tangerang
Ideal language community partnerI dont know
My learning goalsI dont know
My favorite topicsI dont know
Bayu, 28
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
LearnsGerman, Chinese
Ideal conversation exchange partnerOpen minded, friendly, helpful
My learning goalsTo improve my language skills
My favorite topicsI love traveling and meet new people
Randy, 34
South Tangerang
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
LearnsFrench, Japanese
Perfect language exchange partner the chemistry due to talking and the topic and anyone who put interest to talk heart to heart
My learning goalsChinesse
My favorite topicsMusic, movies and recently news around the world..

Frequent city questions

How many people are available for language exchange in South Tangerang?

There are 1,472 members in South Tangerang on Tandem.

Which other locations in Indonesia other than South Tangerang are available for language exchange on Tandem?

Tandem is also available in locations such as Cilacap, Pekanbaru, and Palembang.

What is Tandem and what is language exchange?

Tandem is the language learning app where millions of people teach each other. More than 500,000 people visit Tandem each month and 1,472 do it in South Tangerang.