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Kyle, 20
My exchange partner isSomeone with lots of patience
My learning goalsTo be able to speak German when traveling
My favorite topicsTravel, airplanes, and really just about anything else
Rick, 24
LearnsGerman, Zhuang, Chinese
Ideal language community partnerBruh anyones ok why does it matter lol?
My learning goalsJust wanna talk to people. Wanna get german and chinese to a decent level 🥺
My favorite topicsMusic, tech, travel and food ofc
Jethro, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Slovak
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Norwegian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerAnyone who’s down to earth & doesn’t take them too seriously.
My learning goalsPractice languages & form friendships.
My favorite topicsAnything really - travel, cultures, music, TV shows & movies, Marvel & DC comics, food, eurovision, business, social topics etc.
Darwin, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Indonesian
LearnsGerman, Dutch, Cantonese
Perfect language exchange partnerShould have a good knowledge of food :D
My learning goalsFluent in speaking Dutch
My favorite topicsTravel, photography, food
Jannik, 19
SpeaksGerman, English
My conversation partnerA polite person
My learning goalsLearning more Japanese, speak Japanese fluently
My favorite topics Life, Japan
David, 22
LearnsSpanish, Russian
My exchange partner isYou are good enough
My learning goalsOne day I will stand up, look out from my window throu the valley and shout out loud: "Soy fluido"
My favorite topicsWhat do you enjoy the most? instagram: rass__david
Vicente, 23
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
My exchange partner isDivertido, Comprometido
My learning goalsConocer gente
My favorite topicsMúsica, Vida, Arte, TV,
elena-katharina, 19
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsHungarian, Romanian
Ideal language community partnerpeople that like to teach me some new skills in other languages
My learning goalsgood skills in speaking and writing
My favorite topicssports, music, travelling
Bernadette, 24
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsFrench, Russian, Turkish
Ideal conversation exchange partnerMein perfekter Tandem-Partner ist entspannt, weiß viel und würde gern auf einen Kaffee/Tee gehen. My perfect tandem partner is chill, knowledgeable and likes to go for coffee/tea.
My learning goalsIch habe Russisch studiert und in Québec gelebt und möchte Russisch und Französisch nicht verlernen. I studied Russian and lived in Québec and I don’t want to lose my French and Russian.
My favorite topicsIch unterhalte mich gerne über Eishockey, Politik, Essen, Kultur und Segeln. I like talking about hockey, politics, food, culture and sailing.
caren, 26
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsJapanese, Korean
Perfect language exchange partneri like people who are open minded and people who are true with them selfs
My learning goalsto be fluent
My favorite topicsi like art and i like deep thoughts.
Abdelhamid, 26
SpeaksArabic, English
My conversation partnerI don't have a preference, I believe everyone has his/her interesting side, and if we get comfortable enough together he/she will unravel it
My learning goalsI work at a German company and I want to be able to speak german in a work context
My favorite topicsGender, nutrition, cinema, Music, art history, dating experiences, starups, user experience, spirtituality
Theresa, 22
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My exchange partner isSomeone who just wants to sit down and chat, preferably via texting or in person :)
My learning goalsTo increase my level of German, especially in conversation and to mantain my level of Spanish
My favorite topicsAnything and everything! Particularly politics, current events, outdoor activities, books, movies, and different cultures
Thomas, 22
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsFrench, Norwegian
Ideal language community partnerOpen-minded and easy going
My learning goalsSpeaking fluently
My favorite topicsMountains, Climbing, Culture and traveling
Zoeboey, 30
LearnsSpanish, Hindi, Yiddish
Ideal conversation exchange partner?
My learning goalsMein Englisch aufbessern und Spanisch
My favorite topicsZeit Geschehnisse, Umwelt , Politik
Stephanie, 28
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone who has the same interests as I do, like the ones I mentioned above. Someone who’s working full time as I do, meaning who’s not texting toooo much cause I’m not really available during the day.
My learning goalsI speak French, but I kinda need more vocabulary. And I also started learning Spanish last week. I just wanna be able to keep a conversion going.
My favorite topicssports, nature, baking, skateboarding, mountain biking, surfing, mountains, hiking, ocean, environment, crossfit, training, photography, filming, videos, fitness, healthy eating, Star Wars, skiing, banana bread, old school hip hop and reggae, running
Estera, 27
My conversation partnerCurious and involved into conversation
My learning goalsTo improve speaking skills
My favorite topicsI am sure we will find common topics to talk about :)
Joud, 26
My exchange partner isSomeone who is interested in the oriental culture and likes to have fun and live the life with its all different adventures and activities.
My learning goalsI intend to live for a long term in Austria, therefore I need German to my everyday life and for studying and for my career.
My favorite topicsEveryday activities, shopping, moda, cooking, studying, health, hobbies, multi-cultures, adventures.
Lucie, 27
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Swedish
Ideal language community partnerSomeone who likes teaching me and learning from me :)
My learning goalsBeing able to speak fluently German and Spanish
My favorite topicsAnything
Alberto, 27
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomeone that has patience and enjoys to learn and teach having a walk or a cup of coffee or a beer ;)
My learning goalsTry to improve understanding common situations and start to talk with less effort
My favorite topicsTravels, Movies, Series, Sports, Actual topics
Hessam, 34
Speaksckb, Persian
LearnsArabic, German, Hebrew
Perfect language exchange partnerJust be friendly :)
My learning goalsSpeaking fluently
My favorite topicsSport, politics, languages,...
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