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Sophie, 21
Saint Petersburg
My exchange partner isSomeone open and chatty like me who is up for a laugh and will be patient with me if I get things wrong 😂
My learning goalsI would like to improve my fluency / confidence and meet some great people from around the world ❤️
My favorite topicsMusic, Travel, feminism, food, fashion, ANYTHING!
A Jennese
A Jennese, 30
Saint Petersburg
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
Ideal language community partnerOutgoing
My learning goalsTo become fluent in multiple languages.
My favorite topicsMusic and culture.
Kanysha, 16
Saint Petersburg
Ideal conversation exchange partnerKind, respectful, determined
My learning goalsTo speak a language fluently within a year
My favorite topicsAnything really
Trey, 21
Saint Petersburg
Perfect language exchange partnerTalkative and Patient
My learning goalsI want to practice and be able to speak with people confidently
My favorite topicsSports, Family, Language
Samantha, 23
Saint Petersburg
My conversation partnerSomeone I could spend time talking about interesting things, but would also help me keep on track with the language
My learning goalsBe able to hold a basic conversation in French
My favorite topicsArt, music, television, celebrity news, fashion, travel
Monique, 31
Saint Petersburg
SpeaksEnglish, Portuguese
LearnsItalian, French, Spanish
My exchange partner isSomeone engaging, open-minded, and funny
My learning goalsI would like to learn about different countries, cultures, activities, and much more.
My favorite topicsTravel, food, spirits, life
Yingzhao Max
Yingzhao Max, 19
Saint Petersburg
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
My exchange partner isAnyone who would be enthusiastic and willing to chat. Even better if they would like to get to know me and become friends!
My learning goalsImprove on my Russian and learn more about other cultures
My favorite topicsMusic, politics, traveling, video games, culture, food, history, education, tennis, movies, photography, anything really.
Susan, 49
Saint Petersburg
Ideal language community partnerSmart, funny, patient
My learning goalsCasual/survival level
My favorite topicsLife, relationships and travel
Habib, 30
Saint Petersburg
LearnsRussian, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerI would like to speak with people from Brasil, Russia, China and Japan. Although I'm fluent in English, I wouldn't mind speaking with people from the UK.
My learning goalsI'd like to explore some languages of the BRIC countries, in particular Russian and Chinese. Japanese is also an interest I'd like to cultivate.
My favorite topicsFrom Toronto. I have always loved photography. I love to read, and thoroughly enjoy being immersed in the natural world, away from the city when I can be. I'm an avid diver, and a retired beach-bum. I would say my greatest passion is meeting new people.
Martin, 25
Saint Petersburg
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Russian
Perfect language exchange partnerInteresting and friendly people
My learning goalsImprove my Russian and German
My favorite topicsSports, cooking, food & drink, languages, travel, music, film, TV series
Sam, 22
Saint Petersburg
LearnsRussian, Swedish
My conversation partnerAny level of English, and any topic. I have lots of interests. I'm only a beginner in my target language, so anyone happy to practice simple phrases and conversation with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
My learning goalsPractice beginners phrases and conversation with a native speaker
My favorite topicsHistory, art, architecture, politics, geography, music, travel, languages
Chris, 30
Saint Petersburg
My exchange partner isSomeone who wants to learn and can communicate with ease!
My learning goalsImprove basic Brazilian Portuguese conversational skills. Traveling to Curitiba in June and need to brush up on my basic Portuguese!
My favorite topicsSports, politics, cooking, philosophy, meteorology, journalism, brazil
Simone, 25
Saint Petersburg
LearnsRussian, Tagalog
Ideal language community partnerSomeone who is really passionate about sharing language and likes to talk about all aspects of life.
My learning goalsTo maintain and strengthen my vocabulary and grammar skills, and to speak more fluently.
My favorite topicsI love talking about books and movies, among other things. Plus I have a baby boy on the way, so he's on my mind a lot too!
Rachael, 20
Saint Petersburg
LearnsSpanish, Arabic, French
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomeone I can help with English who is willing to help me with their native language
My learning goalsI want to improve my language skills
My favorite topicsAnything really
Keaton, 23
Saint Petersburg
Perfect language exchange partnerTalkative, friendly
My learning goalsI want to improve my Spanish
My favorite topicsSports, news, literature, pop culture
Fads, 34
Saint Petersburg
My conversation partnerKind, considerate and spontaneous🙂
My learning goalsLearn new languages, cultures and social experiences
My favorite topicsLife topics in general, philosophy, art in all forms and traveling 😍
Basil, 23
Saint Petersburg
LearnsFrench, Russian
My exchange partner isA good communicative person
My learning goalsLearn new languages and new culture
My favorite topicsNature, science, medicine, traveling, health, animals, culture, politics
Amber, 21
Saint Petersburg
Ideal language community partnerSomeone who is upbeat and has a good sense of humor. Someone who can pretty much talk about anything
My learning goalsI want to be able to speak Greek fluently and have good pronunciation.
My favorite topicsI like talking about hobbies, life, and friends. I also like talking about what's currently going on in the world and life.
Мелания, 18
Saint Petersburg
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerEveryone
My learning goalsTo be able to understand people and communicate with them
My favorite topicsMusic, culture, space, science, society
Donte, 21
Saint Petersburg
LearnsSpanish, German
Perfect language exchange partnerI am patience nice, i am a police officer so im able to talk to anyome or get along
My learning goalsI want to learn how to speak german or Spanish. Spanish because it would help me as a Law Enforcement officer. German because i was born in Wurzburg and live there for 14 years and never learn how to speak it
My favorite topicsSports, romance, action, learning a new language. Life