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Jesús, 28
LearnsGerman, Finnish, Japanese
My exchange partner isNo one is perfect (?)
My learning goalsSpeak those languages fluently... Someday
My favorite topicsVideogames, interesting books, movies, and random things.
Rodolfo, 26
LearnsSpanish, French
Ideal language community partnerAn open minded person who wants to improve language skills in a pleasing manner.
My learning goalsI hope to improve my language skills optimizing my free time.
My favorite topicsCulture, music, art, hobbies, sport, travelling, movies, geography, customs, people, history, politics, free time, gossip, cocktails, cities
Irene, 18
SpeaksCatalan, Italian
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Russian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomebody nice and clever, somebody who can surprise me
My learning goalsTravelling
My favorite topicsI can talk about everything, philosophy, art, music, life itself....
Mikkel Timm, 22
SpeaksDanish, Spanish
Perfect language exchange partnerSomehow someone you could think out loud to (or write) and help you see what you had missed while improving also some languaje.
My learning goalsBe able to think in another languaje than the ones I already carry with me. I have not decided yet witch to learn first, but I had thought about german, french and even maybe mandarin, any recomendation?
My favorite topicsAlmost anything, though I have no idea of art and music. I do have a solid base of economy and psychology, but I prefere to touch new subjects.
Carlos, 32
LearnsGerman, Portuguese
My conversation partnerSomeone able to listen and to empathize
My learning goalsI want to become fluent in german and reach got level of communication in Portuguese
My favorite topicsLife, society, inner life, future, dreams, history, funny facts
Ed, 29
My exchange partner isPatient, smart and with a lot of humor
My learning goalsFluent
My favorite topicsAmphibians vs reptiles
David, 20
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
My exchange partner isSomeone who help me learn german I guess. Someone I can talk with about any topic
My learning goalsI want to learn german so I can go on Erasmus to Austria next year
My favorite topicsSci-fi and action movies, travelling, roleplaying games...
Regina, 34
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
Ideal language community partnereasygoing and patient, likes to correct my grammar mistakes, wants to be corrected too :)
My learning goalsstart speaking german
My favorite topicsdiscussing everyday things, learning new facts, sharing different opinions
Laia, 24
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
LearnsGerman, French
Ideal conversation exchange partnerA person which is open minded, may be spiritual, respectful and that likes exchanging smiles. Wow
My learning goalsI would love to be able to have a informal regular conversation with people.
My favorite topicsI enjoy deep conversations, meditation, spirituality, travels, dance, animals, environmental warriors, nature and fun stories :)
Judit, 29
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
LearnsArabic, Italian
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone who wants to exchange opinions, openminded
My learning goalsBe able to understand and keep a basic conversation
My favorite topicsPolitics, art, social movements, culture
Mireia, 23
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
My conversation partnerSomeone who likes to talk and with whom I can have a good conversation.
My learning goalsI’m interested in learning new languages
My favorite topicsI can talk about a lot of things, but I like to talk about movies, tv series, travel, books, music...
Guillem, 25
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
My exchange partner isSomeone with a background and experiences different from mines, so that I can practice languages and learn interesting stuff at the same time.
My learning goalsUltimately I'd like to take the B2 exam in French. I'd love to be able to communicate fluently in French in the long run.
My favorite topicsBooks & TV series, cultures from here and there, a bit of science and engineering and world news (and memes).
Mia, 20
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
LearnsGerman, French, Japanese
Ideal language community partnerA talkative one ;)
My learning goalsSpeaking fluent french is my dream but also be able to stablish a natural dialogue in german. Also I’m trying to leatn now Japanese!
My favorite topicsInsta: @miaatorrs ART <3 Music. Travel. Books. FOOD and Netflix
Marina, 18
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
LearnsGerman, Japanese
Ideal conversation exchange partnersomeone patient, kind and friendly!
My learning goalsLearn basic things about japanese, italian and german
My favorite topicsSeries, travel, culture, music and photography
Alex, 28
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone willing to engage and learn. No need to have the same views, sometimes if there's disagreement is better to keep the conversation flowing
My learning goalsRefresh my French, I studied it and lived t
My favorite topicsBusiness, some politics, sports (motorbikes and fitness), the seventh art and life in general
Chacho, 30
SpeaksSpanish, Galician
LearnsFrench, Italian, Russian
My conversation partnerAnyone
My learning goalsWork
My favorite topicsAnimals, sea, traveling, philosophy
Rani, 29
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Hebrew
My exchange partner isCurious and talented
My learning goalsImprove my spanish and meet new friends
My favorite topicsArt,music, culture and hobbies
Jordi, 38
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
Ideal language community partnerI'm looking for a person who's really interested in learn what I can offer to her/him and she/he is willing to offer me the learning I need. Of course if the person is outgoing/open minded to talk about any topic, it helps.
My learning goalsI'm planning to move to Japan, Taiwan or South Korea in a year, to live there a couple of years and to really learn the language and the culture, for personal and professional reasons. So my goal is to have a first impression of these languages before.
My favorite topicsFood, culture, videogames and e-sports, travel, movies, music, boardgames, languages... and almost everything!
Putri, 35
SpeaksIndonesian, Javanese
LearnsCatalan, Basque, Irish
Ideal conversation exchange partnerOpen minded person
My learning goalsTo learn basic phrase of Irish, Basque and Catalan for daily conversation
My favorite topicsart, culture, language, nature, and photography
Nil, 21
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
LearnsArabic, Chinese
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone that is willing to engage in meaningful conversations while facilitating language learning. Barcelona
My learning goalsSpeak fluent Arabic and getting familiarized with Chinese
My favorite topicsSocial Issues, Cultures, Sports, Education and Life in general