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Kira, 22
LearnsArabic, Spanish, French
My exchange partner isSomeone who can help me learn
My learning goalsTo speak the language fluently
My favorite topicsEverything
Jeffrey, 60
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsGerman, Turkish
Ideal language community partnerWhere can I easily find people to practice speaking and writing French online
My learning goalsJust trying to get an idea here of what are you guy's language learning goals
My favorite topicsRelationship business
Sophia, 18
LearnsCzech, French, Chinese
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomeone young and interesting!
My learning goals- learn to read Mandarin better - become more advanced in Czech
My favorite topicsTraveling, culture, books, writing
Douglas, 32
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone patient with a good sense of humor and a mellow personality.
My learning goalsMy final goal is to become fluent in Korean. My current goal is mastering Hangul alphabet.
My favorite topicsPolitics, web novels, exercise.
daniel, 24
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
My conversation partnerSpeak a different language but is trying or already know English
My learning goalsTo speak fluently in many languages
My favorite topicsI like discussing every topic anyone can think of honestly
Rita, 23
My exchange partner isFunny, patient, good conversationalists.
My learning goalsI want to improve my Spanish skills and learn colloquial/slang terms to make my words flow more naturally.
My favorite topicsFood, books, travel.
James, 42
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Cantonese
My exchange partner isA serious minded person, jovial, kind, caring and honest
My learning goalsTo be able to communicate freely in other languages
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about love, relationships, marriage, businesses, food, sports and health
Mission, 24
LearnsSpanish, French
Ideal language community partnerFriendly and reliable
My learning goalsBecome fluent in Spanish and French
My favorite topicsPolitics and animals
Allison, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
Ideal conversation exchange partnerFriendly, would prefer someone around my age. Liked to discuss books or movies or any artistic field.
My learning goalsI want to become fluent in Portuguese
My favorite topicsArt, music, books, movies, running
Nathan, 34
LearnsGerman, Portuguese
Perfect language exchange partnerFriendly, patient
My learning goalsLive in Portugal
My favorite topicsMovies, art, politics
Doug, 24
My conversation partnerUnderstanding and an good listener
My learning goalsTo be able to be proficient enough to visit and be able to hold a conversation
My favorite topicsTechnology, video and tabletop games, music, instruments
Mills, 41
LearnsZhuang, Chinese, Cantonese
My exchange partner isSomeone who has a great understanding about communication and cultural differences
My learning goalsTo be able to understand the basic of the language u choose to learn
My favorite topicsLove going fishing, Enjoy cooking and playing baseball
Layla, 18
LearnsSpanish, Korean
Ideal language community partnerSomeone who is chill and funny. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing just have have fun with me !!
My learning goalsI want to become more fluent in these languages so I can travel there and have good conversations 😎 I want to make friends too so text me and let’s be friends
My favorite topicsI like movies and I want to travel. I watch YouTube and Netflix all the time when I’m not in school. What’s your favorite things to do?💕
Brey, 23
Ideal conversation exchange partnersomeone willing to teach that has patience
My learning goalsbecoming fluent in spanish
My favorite topicsmovies, music, business, pop culture, food & drinks, traveling, etc
Amber, 27
LearnsGerman, Sign language, Swedish
Perfect language exchange partnerAble to talk about anything
My learning goalsTo know more than I did the day before
My favorite topicsCrafts and learning. But mostly anything
Kyle, 27
My conversation partnerfun, interesting and chill
My learning goalsTo be comfortable having various conversations in multiple languages
My favorite topicsSports, Lifestyle, Fashion, Music, Movies
Dorothea, 25
SpeaksEnglish, exx
My exchange partner isSomeone talkative and fun
My learning goalsI want to gain korean skills I can only learn through conversation with native speakers.
My favorite topicsMusic, video games, movies / television, food.
Catherine, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Portuguese
Ideal language community partnerSomeone that is around my age, friendly, and can work with my crazy class schedule since I’m still not done with the semester. I also enjoy messaging and not always face to face conversation.
My learning goalsMy goal is to practice my Italian, specifically written, so I don’t lose it. I sometimes confuse Italian with Portuguese when writing. I also hope to become fluent so I would like to learn some of the day to day language or slang Italian use.
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about music, movies, superhero comics and the day to day stuff like food, activities, etc.
Rob, 27
LearnsSpanish, Russian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerMy perfect Tandem partner would be someone who is patient, is willing to go into detail about meaning, and is excited about language learning.
My learning goalsMy language learning goals are to advance my abilities in the languages that I’ve already started learning, learn more about the cultures associated with those languages, and begin diving into new languages as time goes on.
My favorite topicsI enjoy discussing sports, current events, TV shows, and some video games like Minecraft and League of Legends!
Grace, 21
LearnsFrench, Korean
Perfect language exchange partnerlooking for someone to be long term friends with that’s easy to talk to
My learning goalsbecome more comfortable reading and typing in my target languages
My favorite topicsmusic, tv shows, animals, culture, food

Frequent city questions

How many people are available for language exchange in Newark?

There are 366 members in Newark on Tandem.

Which other locations in United States other than Newark are available for language exchange on Tandem?

Tandem is also available in locations such as Knik-Fairview, Akron, and Hialeah.

What is Tandem and what is language exchange?

Tandem is the language learning app where millions of people teach each other. More than 500,000 people visit Tandem each month and 366 do it in Newark.