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Kansas City

260 language exchange partners in Kansas City looking to learn languages

Alex, 31
Kansas City
My exchange partner isSomeone who is enthusiastic about it learning a new language
My learning goalsPractice speaking a little bit everyday
My favorite topicsTravel, sports, movies, tv
Madeline, 24
Kansas City
LearnsSpanish, Korean, Sign language
Ideal language community partnerKind, helpful
My learning goalsI would love to learn as much as possible so that I will be able to travel the world and speak with ease, I want to communicate and foster relations with people around the world. I aim to engage in the greater global community!
My favorite topicsArt, music celebrities, LGBT+
Caleb, 24
Kansas City
LearnsGerman, Spanish, French
Ideal conversation exchange partnerAnyone who likes Soccer and Science
My learning goalsTo become familiar with the language
My favorite topicsSports Books Politics Science
Tristie, 24
Kansas City
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone who is a native speaker, patient, clear and easy to understand.
My learning goalsTo be fluent in Spanish!
My favorite topicsDaily conversation
, 21
Kansas City
My conversation partnerSomeone that can speak Spanish who wants to help teach someone who is learning
My learning goalsGrammar, Vocabulary, intonation
My favorite topicsfood, pets, hobbies,
Samuel, 23
Kansas City
My exchange partner isCapable of speaking both English and Levantine Arabic. Down to talk regularly.
My learning goalsLearn the basics then move on to more and more advanced language learning.
My favorite topicsCulture, religion, history.
Amber, 23
Kansas City
My exchange partner isanyone
My learning goalsI want to lean spanish
My favorite topicsVideo Games Eating Movies
mary, 36
Kansas City
Ideal language community partnerA good to go tutor
My learning goalsA fluent deutch teacher
My favorite topicsPolitics,music and lifestyle
Mike, 28
Kansas City
LearnsHindi, Urdu
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSouth Asian men that are native Hindi or Urdu speakers and that I can help with English in return.
My learning goalsI would like to advance my proficiency in Hindi and Urdu.
My favorite topicsTravel, history, and interesting experiences.
Rachel, 24
Kansas City
Perfect language exchange partnerSomeone who I can talk to daily
My learning goalsTo become better at speaking and learn more grammar
My favorite topicsCooking, music, movies/tv dramas, fitness
Jack, 43
Kansas City
LearnsSpanish, French, Luxembourgish
My conversation partnerI don’t know but I think it will be awesome
My learning goalsI will start from beginning
My favorite topicsRelationship talks
Jason, 34
Kansas City
My exchange partner isSomeone who is patient, nice, likes to joke around.
My learning goalsI want to be able to have a full conversation with someone that speaks the language I'm learning.
My favorite topicsGeneral, movies, comics
Jade, 25
Kansas City
LearnsSpanish, Thai
Ideal language community partnerI'm open to all possibilities!
My learning goalsTo gain knowledge in my fathers native language in Thailand, and refresh my Spanish.
My favorite topicsI like discuss and admire art of all mediums.
Kia, 30
Kansas City
LearnsFrench, Korean
Ideal conversation exchange partnerAcademic intellectual or an everyday around the way person
My learning goalsLanguage pronunciation and getting my mind to think in another language through conversation
My favorite topicsFinance, business, film, world events, music, art, life, health, food.
Jay, 22
Kansas City
LearnsThai, Vietnamese
Perfect language exchange partner🇹🇭🇻🇳🏳️‍🌈💙🤓 Will talk to anyone. Learning Thai and providing my knowledge/helping others is my only goal here.
My learning goalsWhatever can be learned! There is no limit. Very interested in learning more classic and pop Thai music
My favorite topicsI do my best to learn Thai language, food, music, culture, values, and tradition everyday !! I will do my best to help you learn English if you wish to learn
Abby, 25
Kansas City
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My conversation partnerSomeone who is patient with my language skills and very friendly.
My learning goalsPractice Spanish and learn basic German.
My favorite topicsTravel, culture, life, books, nature
Elaine, 26
Kansas City
LearnsSpanish, French
My exchange partner isPositive, funny, and encouraging people
My learning goalsI’m moving to France this fall and need to practice beaucoup !
My favorite topicsBooks, ideas, daily life, philosophy, travel, and cooking
Heron, 34
Kansas City
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
Ideal language community partnerSmiles and wants to teach and learn.
My learning goalsConversational ability so that I can visit French speaking countries
My favorite topicsPositive thinking, enjoying life and traveling
mason, 21
Kansas City
Ideal conversation exchange partnerSomeone who is kind, has patience, and a passion to learn.
My learning goalsI want to be fluent in Spanish one day. My intentions are solely to learn about different cultures and to practice my Spanish. Im open to calls as well:)
My favorite topicsTravel, surfing, skateboarding, music, culture, art
Christian, 28
Kansas City
Perfect language exchange partnerMy perfect Tandem partner would be someone who is open and willing to have a conversation.
My learning goalsMy learning goal is to learn something new relating the language and culture
My favorite topicsI enjoy learning about people’s life in other parts of the world

Frequent city questions

How many people are available for language exchange in Kansas City?

There are 260 members in Kansas City on Tandem.

Which other locations in United States other than Kansas City are available for language exchange on Tandem?

Tandem is also available in locations such as Provo, Mount Laurel, and Tacoma.

What is Tandem and what is language exchange?

Tandem is the language learning app where millions of people teach each other. More than 500,000 people visit Tandem each month and 260 do it in Kansas City.